Dog owners warned over Christmas

  • Dog owners have been urged to keep an eye on their pets during the Christmas festivities

    It may be a time of fun and festivity for the rest of the family, but Christmas Day for dogs often means a disruption of their routine.

    Liz Bulbrook, a nutritionist with Baileys Feeds, warns that dogs can become ill from the trappings of Christmas, such as leftovers, tinsel, chocolates and mistletoe.

    Liz suggests the following tips:

  • Ensure all sweets and chocolates are placed high enough up the Christmas tree and put edible presents in place at the last minute.

  • Watch out for puppies eating and playing with larger decorations, which they could mistake for toys – they could lead to digestive obstructions.

  • Ensure plants and decorations such as Poinsettias, mistletoe and holly are out of a dog’s reach – many have poisonous leaves.

  • Never feed chocolates to your dogs – choose manufactured treats instead.
  • Avoid giving table scraps – Christmas dinners may contain bones, be too rich and high in salt. Sudden changes in diet can also cause digestive upsets.

    Some dogs will want to stay out of the celebrations so make sure they can get to their own “quiet area” and be particularly careful with crackers and party poppers.

    “No one wants to spoil the fun for people or dogs alike, but consideration to these tips will make for a healthy, happier Christmas for all, ” says Liz.