Dog bolts after fireworks scare

  • Dog bolts after being terrified by fireworks

    An 11-year-old crossbreed dog called Megan was left with red raw feet after she chewed through a wooden door and fled in fear on Bonfire Night last year.

    Already nervous of loud noises, Megan became terrified by the sounds of fireworks exploding. She gnawed through a door at her owner’s home in Shipley, West Yorkshire, and bolted when she could no longer stand the noise.

    She was missing for 12 hours before her owner found her a mile away from home. Disorientated and whimpering with fear, Megan was taken to theher vet who prescribed tranquillisers.

    David MacCuish, of Avenue Vet Group, Bingley Road, Shipley, said: “Megan became so scared, she just ran and lostall sense of direction. When she arrived at Avenue Vets, it took quite a while to calm her down. The noise of the fireworks terrified her. I think she ran and just kept on going. The pads on her paws were virtually worn off.”