Celebrity Jumping Exercises

  • This compilation of jumping exercises is well worth dipping into, whether you are an aspiring novice or an experienced rider.

    What makes this book stand out above others of its kind are its high-profile contributors. From Olympic show jumping silver medallist and present day American chef d’equipe George Morris and eventing trainer Pat Burgess, through to today’s stars such as Pippa Funnell and William Fox-Pitt, this collection of exercises encompasses an enormous breadth of expertise.

    Through a selection of their favourite jumping exercises, from how to adjust a horse’s stride to tackling arrowheads or angled doubles, each celebrity gives a clear insight into their different approaches and training philosophies. The exercises vary in difficulty and clearly state which level of horse to which they are most suited.

    There are several recurring themes, most notably the importance of confidence, suppleness and rideability. It also stresses that the way you ride an exercise is more important than the level of difficulty.

    A clear structure and useful illustrations will ensure that it earns its place on the shelf for years to come.

    Published by David & Charles, ISBN 0715322532

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