Camborne Show 19 July ’03

  • CAMBORNE Cornwall, 19 July

    in-hand hunters (F Dymond) y’ling 1, Miss K Miller’s Kelly’s Hero; 2, Miss V Honess’ Armani; 3, Mrs A Brewer’s Master Tomboy. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, F Keat’s Master Lucky; 2, K Downie’s Queen Bee; 3, Mrs E Keeling’s Rinsey Pride. b’mare 1 & res, Mrs A Brewer’s Kiwi; 2, A Clemens’ Liberty Bay; 3, K Gason’s Nenagh. foal 1, K Gason; 2, Mrs A Brewer’s Bit Of A Devil; 3, J Carne’s Trevarren Bay. SP (Mr C Yates) BSPS 148cm 1, Mrs J Williamson’s Colbeach Sabre; 2 & res, G & Mrs Semmens’ Hope; 3, Mrs Francis’ Martina Parry. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs T Harvey & Mrs E Empson’s Tyrdulais Miss Marple; 2, J & Mrs Stokes’ Overdale Vanity Fair. 128cm 1, Mrs A Hawken’s Abingdons Reagal Beagle; 2, J Deadman’s Private Ryan; 3, Mrs S Rase’s Ockley Miss Tittlemouse. BSPS mixed ht SRT 1 & ch, Miss A Sanders’ Top Of The Bill II; 2, Miss K Saggers’ Audene Blue Disciplin; 3, J Challacombe’s Lowelms Seventh Heaven. BSPS LR 1 & ch, Mrs R M Brown’s Toya Tortella; 2, Mrs F Vincent’s Master Titch; 3, Mrs G Vincent’s Little Hadley Lothario. FR 1 & res, A & Mrs D Cosgrove’s Cosford Suzette. SHP (Mr C Yates) 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs M Barbery’s Newoaks Celebration; 2, Mrs A Hawken’s Abingdons Reagal Beagle; 3, R Keast’s Mr Pickwick. 143cm 1 & res, Mrs Berwick’s Yealand Moonshadow; 2, Mrs Francis’ Martina Parry. 153cm 1, Mr & Mrs Semmens’ Hope; 2, Miss B Short’s Miss Jones II; 3, Mrs James’ Foxtrot Freddie. open int SHT 1 & res, Miss K Andrews & Mrs J Nicholls’ Lucky Strike; 2, J Challacombe’s Lowelms Seventh Heaven. ridden horses (Miss A Collins) local hunter 1, Miss C A Edwards’ Blue Alvin; 2, S Hayward’s Kerryoak Cavalier; 3, R Campbell’s Step Aside. sml hunter 1 & res, Mrs James’ Waterford II; 2, J Martin’s Lady Demelza of Tremethick. lge hunter 1, R Campbell’s Step Aside; 2, Miss C A Edwards’ Blue Alvin; 3, S Hayward’s Kerryoak Cavalier. riding horse 1 & ch, S Butler’s Omega; 2, D Curnow’s Roland Spring; 3, Z Gwennap’s Golden Halo. HOYS open WH 1, Messrs Jerram & Moore’s Noble Clover; 2, Miss M Hennah’s Le Pointe D’Or; 3, H Cooper’s Penlanganol Red Kite. local nov WH 1, Mrs James’ Waterford II; 2, Mrs M Stead’s Bridie; 3, Miss A Buckingham’s Tally Ho. Cornish WH qual 1, Mrs M Stead’s Polsue Brenna; 2, K Hancock’s Bugsy; 3, Mrs J Bennetts’ Jacobee. WHP (Mrs J Stephens) BSPS 153cm 1 & ch, S J Carpenter’s Billy Bob Bob; 2, A Ottaway’s Hillside Drummer Boy; 3, Mrs James’ Foxtrot Freddie. 143cm 1 & ch, S Carpenter’s Herr Varagnac; 2, J Collard’s Trevarth Baccarat; 3, S Vincent’s Jesters Mystic Meg. 133cm 1, S Carpenter’s Kildare Playboy. M&M in-hand (Mrs S Hore) sml breeds y’ling 1, D Cook’s Old Mill Majestic; 2, J Knight’s Little Hadley Lional. lge breeds do 1, L A & L E Booth’s Wootton Jubilee; 2, Mrs Curtis’ Tycapel; 3, J A Webb’s Grayson’s Magic Girl. sml breed 2/3-y-o 1, F Kellow’s Chywoon Scrumpy Jack. lge breeds do 1, L A & L E Booth’s Wootton Tansy; 2, G Taylor’s Rundales Garry; 3, Mrs S Wills’ Connerton Earl Grey. sml breed 4yr & over 1 & res, F Kellow’s Carveth Pebbles; 2, J Knight’s Little Hadley Dolores; 3, L & H Lake’s Newhill Delphine. lge breeds do 1 & ch, Mrs B Hall’s Graysons Lucky Robbie; 2, L A & L E Booth’s Burley Touch Of Gold; 3, S James’ Belowda Pendragon. in-hand Shetland 1, Miss A Leach’s Tamilla Of Hutton; 2, Mrs V K Bennett’s Tawna Bolero Boy; 3, Mrs V K Bennett’s Tawna Mr Frizby. M&M ridden (Mrs S Hore) LR 1 & ch, S Butler’s Wyedean Aaron; 2, Mrs Harris’ Barkla Heloise; 3, A Jones’ Meadow Rose Skylark. lge breeds 1 & res, L Booth’s Farriers New Flame; 2, Mrs K Berwick’s Ventura Shining Sapphire; 3, J Collard’s Trevarth Baccarat. sml breeds 1, L & H Lake’s Bureside Autumn Mist; 2, Mrs A Hawken’s Lockspit Whispering Dream; 3, Mrs S Harris’ Barkla Heloise. best combinations (Mr C Richmond) LR 1, Barkla Heloise; 2, M Rase’s Ockley Miss Tittlemouse; 3, J Vincent’s Little Hadley Lothario. rider 12yr & under 1, R Keast’s Mr Pickwick; 2, Ockley Miss Tittlemouse; 3, H Pratt’s Meg. do 16yr & under 1, C Cook’s Dresden Rose; 2, L Andrews’ Smartie. do 17yr & over 1, A Elsworth’s Prince Of Delphi; 2, J Braddon’s Woodrow Larkhill; 3, H Martin’s Brighter Future. coloured horse/pony (Mrs J Nicholls) in-hand 1 & ch, Mrs E Thomas’ Merlin’s Magic; 2, L Howell’s Star Magic. ridden 1 & res, Miss V Thomas’ Southill Royal Miss; 2, H Martin’s Bright Future; 3, Smartie.