Show pony (Mr Aldred, Miss Aitken) LR.— 1, Mrs Dear’s Pennygale Queen Of Hearts; 2, Mrs Foster’s Chinook Eclipse; 3, E Jones’ Moschatel Sugarchat. FR.— 1 & ch, F Parr’s Westfield Twilight Rose; 2 & res, Mrs Guy’s Highlawn Penny Royal. 128cm.— 1 & res, Hollings & Smalley’s Barkway Frivolity; 2, Mrs Cragg’s Basford Romeo; 3, C Mason’s Bracon Toytown. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Mr Borrowdale’s Colbeach Elegance; 2, Mrs McClusky’s Willowhill Forget Me Not; 3, Mrs Baybutt’s Pickmere Will O The Wisp. 148cm.— 1, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, Mrs Cochrane’s Courtvale Dark Secret; 3, Mrs Slight’s Poppyfield Pirouette. novice SP (Mr P Aldred) 128cm.— 1, Moynihan’s Labylands Cover Girl; 2, Mrs O’Neill’s Mybella Filatina; 3, Mrs Angus’ Fofsway Concord. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Hunt’s Rotherwood Pepys; 2 & res, Mrs Horsfall’s Ninfield Replica. CS (Mrs H Park-Johnson).— 1, Mrs Graves’ Glanymor Giesha; 2, Mr Seymour’s Busland Masterpiece; 3, Mrs Mcbain’s Gizmo Little Man. RIHS WHP (Mrs Aitken, Mrs Outram) NS.— 1 & ch, Mrs Lowther’s Not Quite Perfect; 2 & res, Mr Seymour’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 3, Mrs Tinson’s Bunbury Czar. 133cm.— 1, Mrs Melville’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 2, Mrs Mundell’s Crojbeian Go Lightly; 3, Mr Heginbotham’s Wrayton Monty. 143cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Ward’s Stambrook Pavorotti; 2, G Corteeen’s Amazing Grace IV; Mrs Sloan’s Rocky B. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Sloan’s Highgrove Valentino; 2, Mrs Plasvic’s Noble Millionairess; 3, Mrs Weir’s Otto. int WH.— 1, Mr Brewster’s Freckleton Maximus; 2, Miss Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Meath Busy Body. mixed open WHP.— 1, Stambrook Pavorotti; 2, Mrs Clark’s Border Spice; 3, Mrs Robinson’s Little Storm. nov WHP (Mrs H Park-Johnson) NS.— 1, Mrs Barnes’ Purdy; 2, Mrs Graves’ Glanymor Giesha. 133cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Prickett’s My Man Dan; 2, Mrs Ward’s Noble Toreen Lass; 3, Mrs Pye’s Westhill Pocket Money. 143cm.— 1, Mrs Lowther’s Buddy’s Boys Dream; 2, Mrs Norton’s Buachaill Maith; 3, Mrs Hodgson’s Croniath Cover Girl. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Brobyn’s Pebbly Limited Edition; 2, Mrs Butterworth’s The Wee Man; 3, Mrs Deighton’s Bryneshill Lady. nov int.— 1, Mrs Mecalf’s Wyonna; 2, C Orr’s Plain Bob Doubles; 3, Border Spice. SHP (Mrs K Smith, Mr J Bradley) LR.— 1, Mrs Dennison’s Coombehill Laguna; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Rohey Master Harry; 3, Mrs Cooper’s Lyndeth Idlel Fancy. 122cm.— 1, Mrs Harvey’s Superted II; 2, Mrs Dennison’s Coombehill Laguna; 3, Mrs Rudd’s Rillaton Fair Trade. 133cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs McClusky’s Trelawn Kingfisher; 2, Mrs Horne’s Parkhill Beckham; 3, Mrs Dennison’s Duntarvie Queen Of Hearts. 143cm.— 1, Mrs Findlow’s Ellenbrook Masterplan; 2, Mrs Baybutt’s Tindip Highmoon; 3, Mrs Rudd’s Yealand Pilgrim. 153cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Commin’s Santana; 2, Mrs Dalton’s Noble Diamond; 3, Mrs Bott’s Supernatural. mixed nov SHP.— 1, Mrs Rudd’s Duntarvie Yogi; 2, Mrs Hemsworth’s Orley Wishful Joker; 3, Mrs Wood’s Hermione. SRT (Mrs J J Dean) sml.— 1, Mrs Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Highland Fling; 2, Mrs Bott’s Whalton Wolf Whistle; 3, Miss Cross’ Faranella Valencia. large.— 1, Miss Cross’ Shauvais Taurean Spirit; 2, Mrs Bott’s Dexter II; 3, W Hankey’s Classic Coincidence. int.— 1 & ch, Mrs Moyers Trefeinon Glen, 2, Rosettes Direct’s In Tune; 3, Mr Ahern’s VIP II. Heritage (Mrs A Hawkins, Mrs B Mcgrath) LR.— 1, Mrs Rudd’s Lanaway Razzle Dazzle; 2, Mrs Barr’s Gleniant Dandy; 3, Mrs Curbishley Vandas Golden Pride. FR.— 1 & ch, Mrs Tansey-Nicholson’s Uppacott Marjosse, 2 & res, Shuttleworth/Leeming’s Waxwing Thumps Up; 3, Mrs Moore’s Swinford Parriot. sml.— 1 & res, Starkie/Hinde’s Pumphill Bennett; 2, Mrs Robinson’s Veritiay Vilia; 3, Mrs Southworth’s Mynyddtarren The Maverick. Welsh sec B/C.— 1, Miss Thompson’s Glanaber Lady Man; 2, Mrs Jones’ Yarty Dragon Fly; 3, Mrs Hodgson’s Coronation Cover Girl. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, Mrs Baybutt’s Carracastle Barney; 2, Mrs Cox’s Clogher Valley Gold; 3, Mr Ahern’s Kippure Jethro. fells, dales, Highland.— 1 & ch, Mr Reeves’ Fflosas Ceredig; 2, K Pitt’s Roxanne Von Schonberg; 3, E Boardman’s Lyndvale Jacob. Heritage mx open.— 1, Mrs Vines’ Waxwing Prince Hal; 2, C Wade’s Sunglow Peregrine; 3, I Gawith’s Kerrishill The Duchess. Heritage WHP 122cm.— 1, Mrs Allen’s Stoak Song; 2, Mrs Murtagh’s Gryngalt Panache; 3, Mrs Watson’s Brether. 138cm.— 1, Mrs Cox’s Davdor Alyn; 2, Mrs Seedhouse’s Springfield Park Razzle; 3, E Drake’s Townsend Gypsy Rose. exc 138cm.— 1, Mrs Seedhouse’s Riverside Ritzy Nix; 2, Mrs Butterworth Skyline Ranger. Anglo/part-bred Arab 148cm (Mrs J J Dean).— 1, Miss Boardman’s Hanny; Mrs Kent’s Sunberry Golden Tribute; 3, Mr Kempley’s Trelawn Cococabanna. exc 148cm.— 1, Mrs Peill’s Helsington Taylor Made; C Miller’s Saxen Master Hardy; 3,Mrs Hall’s Stemster Millenium Bug. Pretty Polly LR.— 1, Mrs Curbishley’s West Leake Quaver; 2, Mrs Foster’s Chinook Eclipse. FR.— 1, Mrs Foster’s Chinook Eclipse; 2, Mrs Guy’s Highlawn Penny Royal. SP.— 1, Miss Mackay’s Rotherwood Peeptoes; 2, M Wyn-Jones’ Rivenhall Height Fashion; 3, Mrs Mcculloch’s Strinesdale Golden Minstral. SHP 133cm.— 1, Mrs Hodgson’s Tithecroft Tarragon; 2, Mrs Carney’s Colbeach Autumn Song. exc 133cm.— 1, Mrs Brewster’s Marshbrook Autumn Song; 2, Mr Dickinson’s Just A Gem; 3, Mrs Thompson’s Déjà vu. cob (Miss J Owen, Mr J Maynard) lwt.— 1, Mr Cooper’s The Gigalo II; 2, S Emmerson’s Aussie Time; 3, A Kirkby’s Tully’s Brady. hwt.— 1, J Hume’s Tom Cream Of Antartic; 2, Mrs Goostery’s Rafferty; 3, A Dervish’s Jumminy Cricket. riding horse sml.— 1, Shuvais Taurean Spirit; 2, K Parkinson’s Burnden Park; 3, R Walker’s Fleetsmoor Star Attraction. lge.— 1, H Grime’s Craigmanchie Flyer; 2, F Clarke’s Safari Tiger; 3, S Ambler’s Intrepid. hack, sml.— 1, R Brown’s Regency Park; 2, L Kelbie’s Classic Chauvinist; 3, E Cross’ Faranella Valencia. lge.— 1, Mrs Fenwick’s Baydale Venus; 2, C Wareing’s Whalton Pearly Queen; 3, A White’s Kavannaghs High Society.