BSHA Southern Spring Showing Show results, 12 April

  • BSHA SOUTHERN SPRING SHOWING SHOW, Royal Leisure, Sussex, 12 April
    RIHS cob, lwt.— 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Blue Moon VII; 2, J Howell’s Brian Boru; 3, Mr & Mrs R Bartolomy’s Benetton II. hwt.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs R Bartolomy’s Clantara Shadow Play; 2 & res, R Powles’ Ballysheil Quintin; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Zenith. RIHS riding horse, sml.— 1 & res, Massey Group’s Intuition II; 2, N Burgess’ Comberton Crusader; 3, S Prior’s Daisy II. lge.— 1 & ch, K Marfleet’s Captain Hastings; 2, G Oliver’s Beaurepaire Alys; 3, L Marsh’s Executive Decision. amateur owner/rider, cob.— 1, L Saunters’ Quasar; 2, E Sylvester-Bradley’s Gryffindor; 3, Mr & Mrs R Bartolomy’s Marble Arch VI. do, riding horse.— 1, P Russell Wood’s Catherston Gold Eagle; 2, B Cole’s Marike; 3, Executive Decision. do, hack.— 1, C Palmer’s Sahereca Gracious Gift; 2, J Heasman’s Belle Vue Highlander. novice cob.— 1, Blue Moon VII; 2, Ballysheil Quintin; 3, L Saunters’ Maybe V. do riding horse.— 1, Marike; 2, S Sharp’s Elusive II; 3, S Murdoch’s Five Alive. do hack.— 1, K Hounsom’s Classictop Totty. home-produced, hack.— 1, K Marfleet’s Under The Stars; 2, Sahereca Gracious Gift; 3, M Jarnet’s Pendley Sir Gayle. do riding horse.— 1, Catherston Gold Eagle; 2, Marike; 3, J Hallett’s Ascendancy. do cob.— 1, Benetton II; 2, N Padmore’s Louis II; 3, K Botting’s Bristol Blue. RIHS hack, sml.— 1 & ch, Pendley Sir Gayle; 2, Sahereca Gracious Gift; 3, Belle Vue Highlander. lge.— 1 & res, D Bacchus’ Amezola; 2, K Healy’s Abbeys Fair Breeze; 3, K Marfleet’s Catherston Square Dancer. maxi cob.— 1, R Rogers’ Stromboli; 2, D Daniels’ Dyson; 3, M Oldham’s Mickey Finn. ridden coloured.— 1, Zenith; 2, A Stewart’s Tapestry; 3, L Saunters’ Janus. RoR Tattersalls ridden show horse.— 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Lin D’Estuval; 2, Amezola; 3, S Clutton’s Lunar Exit. ladies side-saddle.— 1, P Saxby’s Hannington; 2, R Chadwick’s Way Out Yonder; 3, A Rains’ Finders Keepers. Nupafeed RC cob.— 1, C Allen’s Her Grace; 2, Stromboli; 3, Gryffindor. do riding horse.— 1, Ascendancy; 2, R Hill’s Quench The Thirst; 3, Way Out Yonder. Anglo/part-bred Arab Cherif.— 1, Belle Vue Highlander.

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