Brutal attack on defenceless pup

  • An eight-week-old pup was multilated earlier this week when his ears were cut off with a blunt instrument.

    The black and white Border Collie pup was handed to a woman walking along a street in Harehills, Leeds on Wednesday by some teenagers, who asked her if she had lost a dog.

    The woman, distressed by the dog’s appearance, contacted the local council who arranged for a dog warden to come and collect him.

    The pup has been named Berkely, after the street in which he was found. The council has made special arrangements for him to be fostered in a home environment while he recovers from his ordeal, he will then be re-homed by the National Canine Defence League.

    Amanda Sands, manager of NCDL Leeds says: “At the moment he seems to be doing OK but we want to keep a very close eye on him as he could easily have picked up an infection.

    “Whoever did this obviously did it because they thought it was funny, but sadly I don’t think we will ever find out who is responsible.”

    Normally, strays are collected by council dog wardens and then stay in kennels for at least eight days in case they are claimed, but the council has made an exception for Berkley, who will be cared for by one of the NCDL’s veterinary nurses.

    Once he has fully recovered, Berkley will be re-homed by the NCDL

    “At the moment he looks like a cute puppy with no ears, but he will grow in to a Collie needing plenty of exercise and mental stimulation,” says Amanda. “We have had literally thousands of enquiries about rehoming him and ideally he will go to someone has previous experience with the breed.”

    For more information on the NCDL visit: www.ncdl.org.uk

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