British Breeding awards winners

  • South Essex Insurance Brokers/Racehorses to Riding Horses Awards

    Endurance: Maiden Ray (Gildoran x Croix Val Mer) owned and ridden by Karen Whittington
    Show jumping: The Vicarene (Roscoe Blake x Hayburnwyke) owned and ridden by Kate Searby
    Showing: Amezola (Northern Park x Yamamah) owned and ridden by Dawn Bacchus
    Dressage: Off the Latch (Mandalus x Candora) owned and ridden by Karen Mathers
    Eventing: Billy Bird (Blue Bird x Classic Dilemma) owned by Sarah Gallagher and ridden by Michael Jackson
    Unaffilliated competition: Impetus (Lomitas x Ile de Re) owned and ridden by Kay Coxhead

    South Essex Insurance Brokers/British Breeding Young Horse Evaluations Awards

    Dressage: Flayne Don Daiquiri (Don Gregory x Moet Bewes) bred by Richard Stiles (Yorkshire)
    Show jumping: Vacinimo (Animo x Facility) bred by Old Lodge (London)
    Eventing: Treason (Hand in Glove x Welton Lady) bred by Preci Spark (Leics)
    Pony: Tynycae Sandmartin (Sheepcote Wurlitzer x Tynycae Goldfinch) bred by Mrs M Morgan and Serena Pincus (Hereford)

    Baileys Horse Feeds/British Breeding Futurity Awards

    Top sires: Helen Lowe’s Longdean Westminster (Derbys), The Sporting Horse Stud’s Devil’s Jump (Cornwall), Trevoulter Barton Stud’s Gorsfaith Brenin (Cornwall) and Witcham House Farm Stud’s Classic Juan (Cambs).
    Foal: Millfield Ballyhoo (Balou de Rouet x Hortense) bred by Millfield Stud (Yorks)
    Yearling: Red Harriet Rose (Red Harvey Rose x Arizona) bred by Mrs V Redbart (Bucks).
    Two year old: Deli Maestro (Devils Jump x Deki Landgirl) bred by Mrs P Edwards (Devon).
    Three year old: Red Arturo’s Song (Arturo Z x Red Sonnet) bred by Mrs V Redbart (Bucks).
    Four year old: Cotton King (Mill Law x Royal Gem II) bred by Mrs H Bramley (Yorks).

    British Eventing Breeding Awards

    Four year old: Cotton King (Mill Law x Royal Gem II) bred by Mrs H Bramley (Yorks).
    Five year old: Mopani (Sylvan Express x Gorgeous Idea) bred by Katie Scott Gall (Berks).
    Six year old: Granntevka Prince (Grannex x Showgirl Ditton Peace) bred by Geraldine Mills (Devon).

    Ponies UK Pony Perfromance Awards

    Dressage: Synod Magnus (Synod William x Synod Maggie May) bred by Synod Stud (Wales).
    Show jumping: Sakama Chezni (Caerberllan Tywysog Coch x Parkton Victoria) bred by Sakama Stud (Wales).
    Eventing: Welton Jazz (Welton Apollo x Crystal Clear) bred by Limbury Stud (Glos).

    Sports Pony Studbook Society Top Native Pony Sire of Performance Ponies.

    Winner: Caerberllan Tywysog Coch (Paith Tywysog Coch x Garnfach Shan) bred by W T Jones (Wales).

    BEF Groom’s Award

    1. Jackie Potts (William Fox Pitt).
    2. Lynne Parkinson (ILPH).
    3. Catherine Owen (Zara Phillips).

    Dodson and Horrell Young Horse Awards

    Dressage: ShowTime (Contango x Demokraat) owned by Mrs P Green (Berks).
    Show jumping: Limelight de Breve (Allegreto x Une Passion) owned by Laura Renwick (Essex).
    Eventing: Kings Gem (Rock King x Kings Mistress) owned and bred by Mary King (Devon).

    Dodson and Horrell World Equestrian Games award

    Flint Curtis (William Curtis x Zircon) bred by Edward and Robert Nicholson (Lincs).

    British Breeding Scroll of Honour

    Laurie’s Crusador (Welsh Pageant x mare by High Top) bred by Three Ashes Stud

    Merial Meritoire lifetime achievement award

    John Rawding

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