Annual endurance horse sale

  • The annual French sale of endurance horses will be held at Uzes on 9 November

    Endurance riders looking to add to their string should note that an annual sale of endurance horses is taking place in Uzes, France, on 9 November at 7pm.

    There will be around 40 horses in the auction, aged from four- to 10-years-old. The horses will be various stages in their training, up to international level. They have been chosen to be included in the sale based on their pedigree, conformation and performance. They will also need to produce a current vet’s report, including x-rays as well as the clinical report.

    A 90km race for six-year-olds will be held the day after the sale. A 60km classfor five-year-olds and a 40km section for four-year-olds will take place on 11 November.

    These are national finals, for which the horses need to qualify, and are run by the Haras National.

    Contact Candy Cameron for more information (tel: 01463 751251) or e-mail: candycameron@hotmail.com