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As I write, it is exactly 14 days until the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials trot-up. I have my drawn order number which is 55 if we get in, which will sit me bang in the middle so hopefully we’ll get a Friday dressage or late Thursday. I sort of hope for late Thursday as then I get to have one more glass of champagne on Thursday evening!

Bouncer (Cossan Lad) has been shod ready for Badminton and my farrier Fiddie will come back to check them before we go if we get in.


Earlier this week we also did something different — I had offered Polly Jackson Griffin up for auction at our Pony Club ball (Puckeridge Western Hunt) back at Christmas. All the proceeds went to the Hannah Francis Willberry Wonder Pony charity. Our pony club made a fantastic £4,500 and I think it was a little more in the end. The lovely Ashley and her daughter Kitty came for the day that they won the bidding on and had lessons and a lunch (which I prepared — domestic goddess!) with us and picked everyone’s brains for the day.

We have had another busy week although I have been going through the motions and it took me ages to get over my cold. We had a lovely Easter and even though it wasn’t much of a break I managed to have a few roast dinners!

We took the boys showjumping to Field House where Cortage jumped a super round in the 1.10m and Bouncer jumped a fab round in the 1.20m. They both had an unlucky pole. Bouncer had the last but I think this was rider error — the distance came up quite quickly and I had it down. Bouncer was very displeased with his mother as he enjoys jump-offs.

We do need rain I can’t believe how hard the ground has become so quickly. We are at Kelsall Hill Horse Trials this weekend and I’m hoping for lots of grass coverage. If the ground is hard it is very likely we will only run Bouncer half-way round the cross-country course to preserve him for Badminton, but we will make a decision on the day.

I have also managed to break in one of my lovely Monart Sale purchase babies this week. He was so well behaved and he is now trotting around like a grown-up, which is very exciting. Each step with a young one is just so pleasing and I find myself smiling the whole time. As I own mine, I get to take my time with the breaking process and I do this quietly and calmly. My secret weapon has to be treats — my horses will do anything for food!

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Bouncer is feeling on fantastic form and he has had his last gallop. I tend not to do any excessive fast work now we are into the last few weeks prior to a three-day. The horses are either fit now or they would never be ready in time. Obviously each horse is an individual and you need to work out the correct programme for them, but I work on this general rule.

Bouncer will still be cantering every four days, but just not as strenuous as I have done the past week. Catch up next week and I will let you know if I make it in — so near, yet so far away.