Win a lesson with Tim Stockdale [Promotion]

  • It’s not just top professionals using Activo-Med’s unique and highly effective products — serious amateurs are now feeling the benefits and getting the same improved results. FMBs is celebrating this great news by launching a celebrity training series. The first session will be with Tim Stockdale for showjumping and eventing riders. The lucky winner’s horse will be treated to a unique ‘pre-warm up’ and ‘recovery’ therapy session with an Activo-Med Combi Pro rug (pulsed electromagnetic and massage), just like Tim’s horses are, to maximise your experience.

    win-a-lessonTop international showjumper Tim Stockdale first represented Great Britain in 1988. He has now represented his country on more than 50 occasions in Nations’ Cup teams including the 2002 World Equestrian Games, the 2008 Olympic Games in China and the 2009 European Championships. In early 2010, he served as chef d’equipe for the victorious Great Britain team in Nations’ Cup contest in Abu Dhabi. Tim is well known for enjoying training really keen riders at all levels.

    “It is very rewarding to take a rider for a training session who has a real drive and ambition,” says Tim. “In one hour you can often impart lots of knowledge and find new ways to improve the jump and the rider’s results. Then it’s down to them to practice your techniques. The use of the Activo-Med products will make all riders feel a improved ride, that will enhance their overall experience.”

    The Activo-Med ‘Impulse Line’ Combi Pro is a unique rug that provides sequenced pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and massage therapy to the horse from poll to tail as well as covering the shoulders and hindquarters. This highly advanced equine therapy system comes with preset programs for everyday use, plus the ability to change the time, frequency and intensity to offer individual horses the most effective and suitable combination of therapies. It can enhance the performance of sports horses and is used by many top riders including William Fox-Pitt, Zara Phillips, Laura Collett, Carl Hester, Peter Storr, William and Pippa Funnell, Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Tim Stockdale, Laura Renwick and Paul Nicholls.


    Members of Olympic teams competing in London last year used the Activo-Med products and some team members are currently in negotiations for being our next ‘Summer Celebrity Trainer’. Watch out on the Horse & Hound website to find out who is choosen and how you can enter for the chance to win a lesson. You can also find out how to enter on the FMBs facebook page.

    What competitive amateurs say

    “Just to let you know I’ve been getting on really well with the rug, he feels looser and more forward to ride. The week before it came he was backing off, especially on right small circles to the point he felt un-level at times. Three days after the rug arrived he won an advanced medium class and got an 8 for the right 10m circle!! I’ve been really taken back by the difference it has made, well worth the investment!”

    Becky James, Haygain director and advanced medium dressage competitor.

    becky james

    “We use FMBS products on a daily basis whether for helping to promote general health and well-being or specifically for treating an injury or muscular issue.

    “The Activo-Med rug undoubtedly loosens and softens muscles enabling horses to work much more freely and easily. Having a combination of the two therapies (pulsed electromagnetic and massage) in one rug is a perfect tool which is invaluable for us generally but particular for our rehab work as both therapies serve to improve the blood supply; an improved blood supply increases oxygen pressure which in turn activates and regenerates cells thereby promoting healing.

    “The leg wraps, which can be used alone or with the rug, are equally invaluable in treating tendon and suspensory ligament injuries as well as a preventative measure to help keep our horses’ legs in the best possible condition. “

    Fred and Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training and elementary dressage competitor

    equine rehab rug-wraps

    Stretching the technology for more benefits

    The Activo-Med Combi Pro has the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic and massage therapy now supporting the shoulders and thighs because we have stretched the new design to offer more therapy in one session. The rugs also have a more efficient control box and are much more breathable in their mesh design. They come with a full two year guarantee.


    Jayne Gingell saw the benefits from her upgrade and says:

    “I traded in and traded up. I bought second hand rug initially to reduce the cost and check it was going to work for me. After buy a new young horse I decided that I should trade in and trade up to offer more support towards her legs – it just seemed logical, I knew the product was going to work, and it has allowed me to spread the payments of the total system, whilst also enabling me to treat my horses daily.”


    More details on Trade in and Trade up

    For more information see the following studies:



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