Great deals on summer equine essentials [Promotion]

The sun is out, the sky is blue — when it’s not raining of course — and the horse flies are most certainly biting! Summer is here.

So we have negotiated some special deals on summer supplements and lotions from H&H partners, which are designed to make the summer months more comfortable for your horses.


Nupafeed-MAH-SyringesMAH concentrated syringes from Nupafeed

MAH is a superior form of magnesium, specially formulated to help your horse to manage stress. MAH syringes allow your horse to stay settled, relaxed and able to concentrate, without any drowsy action. The only calmer containing, MAH, MAH syringes are ideal for any stressful situation including competition, travel, shoeing etc. Strictly no herbs or L-tryptophan. Fully competition legal.

H&H reader offer: Get 20% off MAH syringes when you order 2 or more. Does not apply to boxes of 10. Use code: HHMAH20. Offer ends 17 August 2014

Contact: 01438 861 900; email: info@nupafeed.net; visit: www.nupafeed.co.uk

from Science Supplements

An innovation in managing stress and anxiety in horses, allowing them to perform to their potential, and supported by two independent clinical studies. Fast acting and effective calming supplement with results in as little as 30 minutes from feeding. A unique combination of herb extracts and amino acids and does not contain valerian, magnesium or tryptophan. ProKalm is fast and easy to administer, ideal for competition. Available in a 1.1kg tub, 192g pouch and 60g syringe.

H&H reader offer: 20% off all online orders with FREE next day delivery. Enter code hh06 on checkout. Offer ends 1 August 2014.

Contact: 0845 680 0606; email: info@sciencesupplements.co.uk; visit: www.sciencesupplements.co.uk

TEN-PostiveCalmT.E.N. Positive Calm Behaviour from T.E.N. Supplements

Feed T.E.N. Positive Calm Behaviour with two sources of magnesium and the herbs chamomile, hops, passiflora and lemon balm to help promote the calm behaviour you need. £29.99 for a 30 day supply.

H&H reader offer: Receive 20% off any of the supplements from the T.E.N. range with the code ‘TRY TEN’. Offer ends 31 July 2014.

Contact: 01908 311010; email: info@tensupplements.co.uk; visit: www.tensupplements.co.uk

Feed balancers

everyday_balancerEveryday Feed Balancer from Horse and Pony Direct

Horse and Pony Direct’s Everyday Feed Balancer is ideal for horses and ponies in light-medium work. The Everyday Feed Balancer is the best way to ensure that your horse or pony is getting all that they need to ensure that they lead a healthy, happy, active life and look as good as they possibly can. All Horse and Pony Direct feed balancers contain NO whole-cereals or molasses. All the products in the Horse and Pony Direct’s range are 100% British made and offer the highest quality ingredients at the lowest possible prices.

H&H reader offer: 10% off Everyday Feed Balancer. Buy 1 bag from £17.99. Buy 3 bags from £16.20. Enter offer code: summer10. Offer ends Friday 4 July 2014.

Contact: 0203 0111 567; email: info@horseandponydirect.com; visit: www.horseandponydirect.com

Fly control

Think_Fly_TubThink Fly from Brinicombe Equine

The original nutritional fly deterrent which works from the inside to create an invisible shield-like effect all over the horse. This unique natural formula combines 14 specially selected herbs and spices with added nicotinamide (vitamin B3) and nutrients to maintain healthy skin. Trusted for more than 9 years, Think Fly is a palatable supplement which provides overall natural protection from flies and midges.

H&H reader offer: Save 15% on Think Fly now. Offer ends Monday 14 July, 2014.

Contact: 08700 606206; email: info@brinicombe-equine.co.uk; visit: www.brinicombe.co.uk

Pegasus-GarlicGarlic Solution 1litre from Pegasus Health

Garlic Solution contains over twice the amount of garlic oil than garlic granules. The concentration of disulfides, the compound with the highest insect repelling effect, is 10 times higher in Garlic Solution than in garlic granules. The concentration of trisulfides is 20% higher in Garlic Solution than in garlic granules. The oil present in garlic granules contains a poorer concentration of active compounds and therefore requires a greater amount to obtain the same insect repelling properties as Garlic Solution. Pegasus Garlic Solution gives your horse much more of the active constituents of garlic than dried garlic granules.

H&H reader offer: 1litre for £14.95 includes FREE 3 kg Minty-licious horse treats with each bottle and FREE UK mainland shipping. Offer ends midnight, 11 July 2014

Contact: 0800 080 7770; email: hello@pegasushealth.com; Visit: www.pegasushealth.com

Gut health

SS-GutBalancerGut Balancer from Science Supplements

Winner of the BETA International Innovation Award 2014, Gut Balancer is ideal for horses with gut or digestive problems, or for use to help prevent the onset of gut problems caused by recovery from surgery, change of diet, stress, travelling etc. It contains a unique protected live yeast which ensures that high enough numbers of live yeast cells reach the hindgut to beneficially influence hindgut function. It delivers the highest amount of yeast compared to any other product on the market and also contains a source of mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) and betaglucans, which help stimulate the growth of good bacteria and bind mycotoxins produced by fungal contamination of feed. In two studies of over 30 horses with loose droppings and diarrhoea, results were seen in just 7 days.

H&H reader offer: 20% off all online orders with FREE next day delivery. Enter code hh06 on checkout. Offer ends 1 August 2014.

Contact: 0845 680 0606; email: info@sciencesupplements.co.uk; visit: www.sciencesupplements.co.uk

Happy-TummyHappy Tummy Charcoal from Fine Fettle Products

The world’s best gastric conditioner that helps prevent all gut related problems. Natural, effective and economic. Very quick results in dealing with gut issues like scouring, wind sucking and crib biting. lmproves condition, behaviour and performance. BHRA & FEI compliant. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!

H&H reader offer: 0.9kg tub of Happy Tummy @ £32 (inc p&p). Offer ends 31 July 2014

Contact: 01600 712496; email: enquiries@finefettlefeed.com; visit: www.finefettlefeed.com

Hard ground/joints

joint_RLF_2012_highresBlue Chip Joint RLF from Blue Chip Feeds

Blue Chip Joint RLF is the only joint supplement on the market that contains glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic acid, Yucca and Manganese, which all help to nourish the joints, alongside the rosehip extract, Rosa canina which has been proven to be 40% more effective than glucosamine. Joint RLF is ideal for this competition season, helping to protect your horse’s joints from the stresses of hard ground and increased workload. *Reported in the Daily Telegraph 19/05/09

H&H reader offer: Buy 1 get 1 FREE. SAVE £44.95. Step 1. Add 2 bottles of Joint RLF to your shopping cart at www.bluechipfeed.com. Step 2. Enter offer coupon ‘freerlf’ in shopping cart. Step 3. Select apply coupon to claim your discount.

Contact: 0114 266 6200; email: info@bluechipfeed.com; visit: www.bluechipfeed.com

SS-FlexFlexAbility from Science Supplements

FlexAbility is the only joint supplement on the market with two clinical and scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects and results. The findings of the latest study were accepted and presented at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in 2013. A high specification supplement that provides declared levels of key nutrients involved in cartilage synthesis and protection using a unique combination and optimal levels of scientifically proven ingredients, including glucosamine, low molecular weight chondroitin, MSM, omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA and vitamin C. Results can be seen in as little as 14 days from feeding.

H&H reader offer: 20% off all online orders with FREE next day delivery. Enter code hh06 on checkout. Offer ends 1 August 2014.

Contact: 0845 680 0606; email: info@sciencesupplements.co.uk; visit: www.sciencesupplements.co.uk

Maxavita-maxaflexMaxaFlex from Maxavita

MaxaFlex is a fast acting joint care supplement for horses that suffer from stiff, sore, aching joints. MaxaFlex contains Green Lipped Mussel alongside Glucosamine, MSM and HA for both short and long-term joint care. The high strength Green Lipped Mussel extract in MaxaFlex contains unique Omega-3 fatty acids which have potent soothing properties. Glucosamine, MSM and HA help with the long term maintenance of joints for healthy, flexible mobility. MaxaFlex is designed for you to see results in as little as 7-10 days. It contains no listed banned substances and has an alfalfa base which makes it palatable for horses.

H&H reader offer: 3 months for the price of 2. Offer ends 31 July 2014.

Contact: 08450 752754; email: info@maxavita.com; visit: www.maxavita.com

Pegasus_NatureButeNatureBute Solution 1litre from Pegasus Health

NatureBute Solution is a fast-acting herbal tincture to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/ responses. Active ingredients/liquid extracts of Boswellia serrata, turmeric root and ginger root are more readily available in the gut so will work faster than giving dry herbs. NatureBute Solution supports the musculoskeletal system and maintains optimum mobility and flexibility. NatureBute Solution offers a gentle but effective natural solution for hard-working joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

H&H reader offer: 1 L £36.70 includes FREE 3 kg Minty-licious horse treats with each bottle and FREE UK mainland shipping. Offer ends midnight 11 July 2014.

Contact: 0800 080 7770; email: hello@pegasushealth.com; visit: www.pegasushealth.com

TEN-ChallengedJointsT.E.N. Challenged Joints from T.E.N. Supplements

It contains high levels of the iconic ingredients glucosamine, MSM, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate as well as rosehips, boswellia and omega 3. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their properties, which may help support joint health. T.E.N. Challenged Joints can be fed to horses competing under competition and racing rules. £33.99 for a 30 day supply or £163.99 for a 180 day supply

H&H reader offer: Receive 20% off any of the supplements from the T.E.N. range with the code ‘TRY TEN’. Offer ends 31 July 2014.

Contact: 01908 311010; email: info@tensupplements.co.uk; visit: www.tensupplements.co.uk

Healthy hooves

AloerideAloeride from Santé Franglais

If your horse or pony suffers from poor hoof growth or crumbling/split hooves, then this can make it difficult to keep shoes on during the summer months. Aloeride is a pure organic and natural aloe vera supplement, which with its unique blend of nutrients could help improve your horses’ feet. By rebuilding hoof wall integrity, unwanted water ingress is halted whilst beneficial hydration that should stay in, stays in. Ideal for problem shoeing, as well as for barefoot horses. Aloeride is an easy to feed ‘taste-free’ supplement, which offers horse owners additional support. Clinical trials have shown that aloe vera can boost hoof growth by more than 50% over a 4-month period – and the unique spectrum of nutrients within Aloeride can bring even better results.

H&H reader offer: Get an exclusive 10% off and freepost on a single carton of Aloeride by using coupon HHH14. Offer expires 31 July 2014.

Contact: 01858 464550; email:han@aloeride.com; visit: www.aloeride.co.uk/hoof-health/

Pegasus_Hoof_PowerHoof Power Xtra 2.5kg from Pegasus Health

The ultimate hoof supplement combining high levels of biotin with essential minerals zinc and copper, essential amino acids methionine and lysine, and natural alfalfa, to help your horse grow strong hoof walls and have excellent coat quality. Hoof Power Xtra – a concentrated supplement supplying high levels of active ingredients without large or loading servings. One daily serving (25 g) supplies 40 mg of biotin, which is necessary for optimal results in even the most challenged hooves. 5 g of methionine and 4 g of lysine are included per 25 g serving, along with zinc and copper in a balanced ratio.

H&H reader offer: 2.5 kg £46.10 includes FREE 3 kg Minty-licious horse treats with each tub and FREE UK mainland shipping. Offer ends midnight 11 July 2014.

Contact: 0800 080 7770; email: hello@pegasushealth.com; visit: www.pegasushealth.com


DengieDengie Natural Vitality Performance Vits & Mins from Dengie

A high specification vitamin & mineral supplement for working horses & ponies.  A full range of B vitamins are included as they are involved in energy utilisation and other metabolic functions that affect performance and therefore are vital for working horses and ponies.  Generous levels of vitamin E and selenium are also included. Yea-Sacc1026 is included to maintain a healthy hind gut and aid fibre digestion.

H&H reader offer: Save 10% on 2kg – Natural Vitality Performance Vits & Mins. Order via www.thehorsefeedshop.com, using promo code: H&HSupps. One offer per household while stocks last. Offer ends 11 July 2014, although we reserve the rights to withdraw this offer at any time.

Contact: 0845 345 5115; emai: feeds@dengie.com; visit: www.horsefeedshop.com

Nupafeed-SP-SyringesStaying Power Syringes from Nupafeed

The healthy way to boost stamina. Staying Power is formulated to improve energy efficiency, helping your horse to work harder for longer and recover more quickly. Perfect for horses that tire easily, travel and heat fatigue. Suitable for young horses. Non-heating. Ideal for horses with feed intolerances or those prone to laminitis. Use Staying Power Syringes for an ‘on the day’ boost to performance and stamina without causing ‘fizz’

H&H reader offer: Save 20% off Staying Power Syringes when you buy two or more. Use code: HHSP20. Offer ends 1 September 2014.

Contact: 01438 861 900; email: info@nupafeed.net; visit: www.nupafeed.co.uk

Storm-supplementSTORM from Racing Blue

STORM is a professional performance supplement which promotes buffering against muscle acidosis arising from lactic acid production during strenuous exercise. This allows the equine athlete to perform with maximum effort for longer during training and competition and aids recovery of muscles after exercise. The product’s active ingredient has been shown conclusively to be effective in numerous independent scientific trials in both horses and humans, and STORM is enjoying ever wider use in racing, eventing and endurance as it spreads into every area of equestrian sports. £195 for a 100 day supply (3kg), which works out at less than £14 per week.

H&H reader offer: Quote promotional code HAH/RO714 to receive a 10% introductory discount.

Contact Racing Blue at www.racingblue.com

TEN-EnergyBoostT.E.N. Energy Boost from T.E.N. Supplements

If your horse needs a little extra oomph during the competition season then feed T.E.N. Energy Boost. It encourages more energy and focus without causing weight gain. It includes the feel-good herbs ginseng and ginkgo, a selection of mixed energy sources and B vitamins from yeast. £37.99 for a 30 day supply (£1.27 a day)

H&H reader offer: Receive 20% off any of the supplements from the T.E.N. range with the code ‘TRY TEN’. Offer ends 31 July 2014.

Contact: 01908 311010; email: info@tensupplements.co.uk; visit: www.tensupplements.co.uk


Maxavita-maxabreatheMaxaBreathe from Maxavita

MaxaBreathe is a fast acting respiratory supplement for horses that are prone to coughing, wheezing and nasal discharge. It contains a high strength Green Lipped Mussel extract alongside key antioxidant ingredients to maintain a healthy respiratory system. MaxaBreathe is designed to soothe airways, ease irritation and clear congestion, helping to maintain healthy breathing in the field, stable or during exercise. Results are often seen in as little as 7-10 days. MaxaBreathe contains no listed banned substances and has an alfalfa base which makes it palatable to horses.

H&H reader offer: Buy one, get one free. Offer ends 31 July, 2014.

Contact: 08450 752754; email: info@maxavita.com; visit: www.maxavita.com

hilton-herbs-2Shake No More Gold from Hilton Herbs

With the reduction in air quality and the increased cultivation of certain crops — particularly oil seed plants — many horses and ponies are failing to maintain a healthy resistance to summer irritants such as pollen.  Shake No More, from leading herbal supplement manufacturer Hilton Herbs, is a unique tried-and-tested formulation of medicinal-grade tinctures to support your horse or pony and increase their natural resistance to the airborne allergens that may lead to head-shaking and respiratory irritations.  In palatable liquid form, it is easily added to normal feed.  Daily cost from 75p based on 30mls per day.

H&H reader offer: buy any size of Shake No More Gold and get a FREE 500ml bottle of Blossom Conditioning Shampoo and FREE SHIPPING! Use code HH2014. Offer expires 31 July 2014.

Contact: 0800 294 1250; email: helpline@hiltonherbs.com; visit: www.hiltonherbs.com

Other summer essentials

These items do not have a discount available, but still have plenty to offer your horse during the summer months.

NAF-SuperflexSuperflex from NAF

Five Star Superflex has been developed by vets using guaranteed ingredients, including nutrients proven to support joint health and flexibility, a unique balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful antioxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess toxin build up around the joint. Superflex is the right combination and it is the choice of many British Team riders, so follow their lead and give your horse’s joints the five star treatment he deserves. RRP: from £21.95

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-magic-instantMagic from NAF

Five Star Magic is a magnesium-based calmer with a difference.  Magic contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration. There are no tricks behind Magic, just sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with the highest grade ingredients. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to a horse’s wellbeing and among its many roles is the regulation of nervous tension, however, Magic is more than just magnesium; it also contains a blend of herbs chosen for their traditional use in supporting confidence and concentration. The unique blend of magnesium and herbal support of Magic enables the horse to tackle all that is asked of it, calmly and confidently.  Available in three forms, Powder, Liquid and Instant.  Instant Magic uses bio-available magnesium combined with a fast acting herbal base for an effective instant calming effect. Instant Magic is recommended for horses who only require the use of a calmer on an immediate, short term basis for specific potentially stressful situations; such as competition, clipping, travelling or a visit from the farrier or dentist.  RRP: from £21.95. Instant Magic: £12.50

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-GastriAidGastriAid from NAF

GastriAid is designed to naturally support the stomach, by defending the stomach wall from acid build up and help maintain the pH balance in the gut, and thereby providing daily protection from stress related gastric problems. GastriAid’s advanced formulation has been created by world leading veterinary nutritionists. It contains natural antacids, which help defend the stomach wall from acid attack, while pre and probiotics help balance the pH levels within the gut environment. These ingredients, together with herbal support, work to provide daily protection and maintenance of the gut. RRP: from £29.95

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-Pink-PowderIn The Pink Powder from NAF

In The Pink Powder is a concentrated feed balancer with live probiotic yeast for perfect condition. The modern equine life of processed diets, regular competition, work and travel can lead to both nervous and metabolic stress, seen as a lack of condition. In The Pink Powder is one of the most advanced nutritional preparations available today to improve the diet of sport and leisure horses. It is a unique, concentrated feed balancer, formulated using live yeasts and probiotics and designed to optimise gut function and the natural digestive process. This enables the horse to fully utilize his diet and maintain perfect condition. Plus, because it contains high quality vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, it supports perfect health, vitality and performance. RRP: from £17.95

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-optimumNAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer from NAF

NAF Five Star OPTIMUM will restore and maintain five star condition, topline and health, maximise the nutritional value of the daily feed ration, and optimise the health and efficiency of the digestive system. Concentrated and easy to feed, OPTIMUM comes in a highly palatable pellet form. It is of the highest supplement specification and has a great sugar free flavour. OPTIMUM is formulated to complement either a high fibre low concentrate or performance diet. When a daily feed is not necessary, the great news is that OPTIMUM can be simply given on its own, direct from your hand. OPTIMUM, designed to optimise every horse’s diet from family pony to performance athlete, is the optimum choice for all. RRP: from £27.50

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-oestressOestress from NAF

Your mare’s seasons might make her moody, aggressive or miserable, or simply cause tension and oversensitivity.  However, badly affected she becomes her reasons generally stem from her oestrus cycle being irregular and her hormones out of balance. Oestress offers a totally natural approach, and largely addresses the issue in a similar way to how she would help herself if left in her wild native environment, where she would have had access to unlimited plants, herbs and roots.  Importantly nothing is forced or masked. Unique in formulation and action, Oestress helps to encourage healthy regularity of the oestrus cycle, which in doing so, allows the hormones to naturally rebalance. RRP: £21.95

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-LoveSkin-rangeLove the Skin from NAF

The ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ products are all totally natural and have been formulated to complement each other in their actions.  Working from the inside and outside to address the increasing number of skin problems that affect our horses, including seasonal skin reactions, lumps, bumps and irritations. ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ offers a skin care program that every horse deserves. The range comprises of external support in the form of Skin Wash, Skin Salve and Skin Spray which is then supported internally by the Skin Supplement each to directly target seasonal skin problems. RRP: from £14.95

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAF-respiratorRespirator Boost from NAF

Respirator Boost provides unrivalled, fast acting, nutritional support to help keep your horse’s airways clear, and, support the integrity and normal function of the capillary blood vessels surrounding the lungs. Respirator Boost is a powerful liquid supplement formulated from tinctures of ingredients particularly beneficial to the respiratory system.  Utilising tinctures enables the product to work very quickly, they are combined with Echinacea to support the immune system, highly concentrated antioxidant nutrients – to mop up and flush away toxins, essential oils of clove and eucalyptus to help clear the airways and soothing ingredients for the airways, offering natural support for optimum function. RRP: from £16.95.

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAFOFF_citronellaNAF OFF Citronella from NAF

The NAF Off Citronella range provides a traditional fragrance for the summer months, now available in a Spray, Wash, Tag and Wristband!

NAF Off Citronella Coat Spray – this is a sweet smelling summer coat spray for your horse that is totally natural and kind to your horses gorgeous summer coat. RRP £10.99

NAF Off Citronella Wash – a refreshing, naturally scented, no-rinse body wash for horses.  Dilute in water for a refreshing summer wash. RRP £6.95

NAF Off Citronella Tag – this summer’s must have accessory for horses… how will you ‘Tag’ your horse?  on his bridle? his head collar? … plaited into his mane? … attached to his rug?   The good news is NAF Off Tags come in twin packs, so you can Tag him in two different ways if you can’t decide.  RRP £9.99

NAF OFF Citronella Wristband for Riders – the trendy acid green Wristband contains pure citronella oil.  It is waterproof and has an adjustable control of level of fragrance, which remains effective for four to six weeks.   RRP £2.99

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NAFOFF_deetNAF OFF Deet from NAF

NAF Off Deet Power provides the ultimate repelling action against flies and insect menace.  Be prepared this summer with NAF Off Deet Power. RRP: from £16.99

Contact: 0800 373106 or visit: www.naf-equine.eu/uk

NEW: fleximunch from Equilibrium Products

FleximunchNEW fleximunch is a healthy, tasty, high-fibre, cereal-free snack with built in joint support. Made from top quality Timothy grass and enriched with Glucosamine, MSM and Rosehips, Ginger and Boswellia – well known for their joint supporting properties, fleximunch is designed to work in conjunction with the existing diet to provide an extra top up to the horse’s joint supplement regime as and when its needed most. fleximunch is a perfect addition over summer months when the ground is hard or in preparation for a competition, pony club camp or during busy show periods. In stores now at £3.95 RRP per block. Feed in the munch net (£2.95 RRP) to extend eating time.

Contact: 01442 879115; email: info@equilibriumproducts.com; visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

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