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  • Horses from the King’s Troop regularly play an important role in official state events before heading home to their purpose-built stables in Woolwich. Monarch Equestrian created, designed and installed 100 stables and stalls (pictured above) for the King’s Troop in 2011. The planning began in spring 2010, an ideal time of the year for developing your plans for a new or improved stable yard.

    Not everyone has the luxury of being able to plan and build a bespoke yard from scratch, but there is much that can been done to maximise the use of existing buildings. Additions can be made to make life more comfortable for horses and easier for those looking after them, as well as giving owners the chance to place their own stamp on a yard.

    Monarch has the experience and expertise to help you decide the best place to start and here are some suggestions for things to prioritise when making plans for either a new yard, or improvements to an existing yard, to improve the well-being for horses and grooms alike.


    Gainsborough Stud Top Door

    Stable size – 12’ x 12 ‘ (3.6m x 3.6m) minimum.
    Inside – no protrusions for horses to get cast against
    Ventilation – a free flow of air through the building
    Aspect – Facing away from cold prevailing winds
    Outlook – Some thing to see to prevent boredom


    Country File at Stallion AI  Monarch StablesAs seen on BBC’s Countryfile, these specially designed recycled plastic stables (pictured right) were created by Monarch’s team for Twemlows Stud. The stables offer superior hygiene, which is important for vets and studs, and a superior infection control material for top competition horses.

    Monarch also offers a choice of hardwood or bamboo, with all products produced with the environment in mind. All of Monarch doors feature the patented safety easy push close door feature.


    Monarch is often the first choice supplier for people who are wanting a slightly unusual solution for a particular requirement. For example, The Blue Cross took delivery of a specially designed horse exerciser for Shetlands from the company.

    Shetland inside HW at Blue Cross

    Monarch Equestrian’s range of stabling solutions enable you to convert existing buildings or stalls into new homes for your horses. There are a variety of designs available that will to fit into different environments. Alternatively why not simply change your stable doors for a new fresh look to your yard? Monarch’s selection of external doors are suitable for brick, block or timber buildings and are now available to buy now online.

    Monarch External Door Set

    Convenience/time-saving products

    Monarch has a range of features and products that save time and improve convenience from incorporated tack and feed rooms, swivel feed manages to aisle fed hay racks.

    External view with horse

    The portable paddock pens offer safe restricted grazing during recovery from injury, and available to buy now online.

    Lightweight  Monarch Paddock Pen with Horse

    The Monarch range now includes a portable lightweight paddock pen for easy handling, which is also available to buy now online.

    Handling stocks for studs, vets and general handling are designed to compliment Monarch’s solariums perfectly and also feature the easy push close door. Stocks and solariums can be used for show preparation, as well as handling youngstock and mares, and can be bought separately or together online.


    Lifestyle improvements for horses and grooms

    Over the years, technical developments at Monarch have given owners and grooms many time-saving pieces equipment, including horse exercisers. Monarch has a world-wide reputation for excellent build, high-quality safety features and fully patented designs.

    Clients use walkers in a varierty of different ways:

    • Warm up and cool down their competition horses
    • Offer an alternative to standing in on freezing days in winter
    • Make life safer with a ‘hot’ horse and replace lunging prior to riding

    Monarch horse exercisers offer a robust, practical and safety way to exercise your horse whatever the weather. A wide range of exercisers are available from the basic Royal 36’0” diameter model, through to our professional models 54 Consort Plus with roof available in both 54’0” or 66’0” diameter with rubber-lined fences for extra protection. They are all built to last with safety and quality being of paramount importance. All exercisers are available with an option of a roof made of various materials.


    Alternatively, if you wish to spread the cost you could add a roof as an upgrade at a later date. For added protection and safety we also supply rubber pavers for the track way. A fully installed and working Monarch horse exerciser will be yours in just a day — all Monarch asks if that you provide the concrete base and an electrician to make the final connection. All exercisers come with up to four years warranty, and the after-sales service provides you with a service engineer who will provide periodic services when required.

    For more information on all Monarch Equestrian products visit www.monarch-equestrian.co.uk or call on 01952 605566.

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