Do you struggle to communicate with your horse effectively? [Promotion]

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Does your horse have a bitting problem? Would you like to know more about bitting; how to stop your horse resisting; and how to make your signals as clear and effective as possible?

Myler Bits were developed by three American brothers, who were looking for a gentler, more effective way of communicating with horses. The Myler Bitting Philosophy is based on making the horse as comfortable as possible in its mouth, so it can be relaxed and concentrate on what its rider is asking it.

Dale Myler, one of the famous Myler Brothers and one of the most knowledgeable and skilled bitting experts in the world, will be holding bitting clinics around the UK 13-19 AUGUST.

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Would you like to bring your horse to Dale for his help and advice, or just come to watch him work?

For further details please contact:

T: 01335 370737