Heating your country home effectively [PROMOTION]

  • Country houses steeped with history are arguably among the most desirable properties on the market. Whether it’s a large, Georgian fronted manor you’re after, or something with a more cottage-like feel, then you’ll know how rewarding it can be when you finally make a country house your home. There is one problem with older country houses though, and that’s their often inefficient heating methods that can prove really expensive. Why not bring a touch of contemporary to your home with features such as modern living room stoves?

    Your living room is the heart of the home, and with all this dreadful weather we’ve been having you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot more time inside. In fact, these past few weeks have felt more like the start of winter than the height of summer. As much as we hate to have the heating on during the summer months, these weeks we’ve needed it. And if you’re in a country home then it call still feel chilly. A modern stove in a lounge can be just what your living space is craving. Modern stove burners can lower the heating costs of an average household of up to £400 a year. As well as being cheap, and powerfully warm, modern stoves have now become a lifestyle choice – if you want your country home to be contemporary, this is the heating choice for you.

    If a stove isn’t really your thing then how about a modern fireplace? Check out Direct Fireplaces range of contemporary fireplaces for inspiration and to see the latest styles that can modernise your country pad. A modern fireplace with, for example, a stylish silver effect will look gorgeous with cream walls, and exposed timber beams. It’s that clash of old and new which will give your home a doubly stylish effect.

    It’s not just your living space that can be affected by ineffective heating in a country cottage. Your bathroom can also suffer from bad heating, especially if your home was built without wall cavity insulation. If you really want to fuse contemporary with traditional then why not install an electric wall heater in your bathroom; it will not only offer warmth when you most need it, but will give your bathroom a trendy feel. It’s definitely worth checking out electric wall heaters from Heaters UK to see what styles they can offer your home.

    If there’s a specific area of your home that you know is a key offender in your extortionate heating bills — perhaps your front door — then it’s worth investing in a trusty draught excluder. Gone are the days of ugly, unfashionable draught excluders, you can now find them in an array of gorgeous, kitsch prints to match the theme of your home. They are a traditional and an effective quick fix for those unexpected summer draughts!

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