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Promotional Feature with NAF

The summer season will soon be drawing to a close, which means one thing only – championships!

Whether you received your rug and sash at the NAF Five Star British Riding Clubs Championships, are strutting your stuff at the British Dressage nationals, have your coveted ticket to Horse of the Year or you’re off to your local qualifier, you’ll want to be ready for your big day. Make sure you’ve got these championship essentials to hand so you and your horse can be a winner.

We need to make sure that our horses stay fit and sound and it’s likely that your horse’s work load will increase in the weeks before the championships. With our unseasonable weather this year, many of us are facing challenging ground, where joints may come under additional stress. Support sound, flexible joints with NAF Superflex and Superflex Senior to provide unique synergistic blends of the key nutrients required to help maintain soundness in healthy joints.


Magic championship moments

Championship shows can prove to be all a bit too much for some horses, particularly youngsters, or those prone to stress reactions. Even if your horse is quite chilled at his local, smaller show, he may benefit from targeted nutritional support of the nervous system when he’s facing a championship event.

NAF Magic is a unique equine calmer, independently trialled with published results, proven to support calm concentration and focused cognition. NAF Instant Magic delivers all the bio-actives of Magic in an instant, for when it’s most needed.


Stand out from the crowd

We’re sure that you’ll be stocking up your grooming kit with all the essentials such as Plait it Up and Razzle Dazzle Them, to a refreshing post-class rinse with Cooling Wash. Don’t forget the power of Muck Off for removing those last minute, annoying stains, Brighter Than White for ‘look at me’ markings and a final flourish of Paint it Black or Clear for elegant shiny hooves that last.


Do the right thing

To ensure your horse performs at his best, it’s important to replace what is lost through sweat. Feed NAF Electrosalts daily through the championships, and for horses with several classes we recommend adding them to a small, well-soaked fibre feed during a suitable break. Don’t forget to always offer clean, fresh water alongside to help your horse stay hydrated throughout the day.

Whether you’re competing over several days, riding more at home or looking forward to the next challenge, it’s important to support your horse’s own natural recovery. NAF Recover is a unique, concentrated antioxidant formula, ideal for use following strenuous exercise and competition. Feed as a five day course to ensure athletic potential and natural recovery are maintained.


Stay hydrated

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