Discover a stress free summer with Dog’Skin *Promotion*

  • Promotional feature with NAF

    Spring is upon us and the dread of having to manage our dog’s skin issues can really put a dampener on things as we look forward to the nicest seasons of the year. Sadly many dogs suffer an acute flare up of skin issues when the first signs of spring start to appear.

    What wouldn’t we give to make our itchy, ear problem-prone, paw chewing doggies feel good and able to enjoy this spring and summer…


    So how can we help our dogs feel good again?

    The good news is that feeding your dog the right supportive nutrition will help them cope with allergy season, especially if you maintain a skin supportive diet year round.

    So what if we told you there’s a feed supplement, completely natural AND tasty, that could help your dog’s skin return to a healthy, itch-free state and you have the chance to trial it for FREE!?

    To help your dog enjoy this spring and summer and for your chance to trial Dog’Skin for FREE, all you need to do is fill in this simple questionnaire and you could receive one of 50 one-month supplies of Dog’Skin to try for your dog.


    Canine skin problems are very common. Many itchy dogs, dogs with ear issues, dogs that are losing hair, scurfy dogs and foot chewers are living among us. Treating these skin issues is costly and can be very frustrating, with many owners reporting that they struggle to find a suitable long term management plan.

    In fact, over 20% of dogs attending veterinary practices do so because of skin issues. With a whopping 12 million dogs now sharing our homes here in the UK, that is a staggering 2.4 million dogs potentially needing help for their skin problems.


    Discover what a stress-free summer feels like for you and your dog with Natural VetCare Dog’Skin

    All about Dog’Skin

    NAF’s sister company, Natural VetCare has developed a supplement called Dog’Skin which offers 360ᵒ premium nutritional skin support for your dog.

    Dog’Skin is a blend of many unique active ingredients combined into easy to feed pellets that you can offer as a treat or mix in with the food. It is great for any dog with itchy sensitive skin, a dry dull coat or other skin related issues. Dog’Skin, like all Natural VetCare products, contains very carefully selected and unique ingredients in a carefully balanced blend, so we don’t just rely on a single ingredient to bring benefit. These synergistic ingredients are stronger together.

    1. Reduces itching and scratching
    • Those all-important omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, provided by fish oil, chlorella and linseed oil in Dog’Skin, replenish the skin barrier and bring it back to a naturally calm state.

    2. A broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals provide a great nutritional base for skin, coat and nail health
    • This includes biotin for strong nails, zinc for its vital role in skin health and niacinamide which helps build a strong, hydrated skin barrier.

    3. Liver and digestion support to help those dogs that may also be on prescribed medication or have concurrent gut sensitivities
    • Artichoke, fenugreek and vitamin E all provide liver protection while licorice is included to soothe the digestive system.

    4. Balanced immunity and anti-inflammatory support
    • Packed full of antioxidants such as MSM, vitamin E and selenium alongside natural herbal extracts such as yam root. Those omega 3 essential fatty acids are a great natural anti-inflammatory while zinc will contribute to that strong immune system.

    For your chance to trial Dog’Skin for FREE, all you need to do is fill in this simple questionnaire and you could receive one of 50 one-month supplies of Dog’Skin to try for your dog.

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