Osborne Refrigerators Hackney type (T Teague) 1 & res sup, A Hamilton-Rhodes & J Hollister’s Brookeborough Duke (A Hamilton Rhodes); 2, J Claydon’s Glenshane Prince; 3, J Rowe’s Acro Adventure. Osborne Refrigerators non-Hackney type over 13.2hh (H Noad) 1, M Woolley’s Striker (G Docking); 2, J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture; 3, T Howard’s Spider. Osborne Refrigerators non-Hackney type 13.2hh & under (C Douglas) 1, D Charlesworth’s Starting General (M Salter); 2, L MacKenzie’s Charlie Boy. Osborne Refrigerators country turnout 1, M Berrow & M Travers’s Dalcrest Jessie (C Mouland); 2, N, M & O Fuller’s Annod Zola (M Fuller); 3, N Brown’s Rosehall Tara Maiden (A Presho). Osborne Refrigerators Welsh sec D (A Sinclair) 1, R Howitt’s Thorndon Park Telynor (K Moreau); 2, M & J Edmonds’s Parkton Unique (L Edmonds); 3, S McBride’s Grayswood John Boy (R Page). Osborne Refrigerators Welsh sec C (T Teague) 1, M, N & O Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur (O Fuller); 2, A & E Morris’s Ceristan Barnfield Boy (V Morris); 3, G Schofield’s Blaencila Sebastian (L Jones). Osborne Refrigerators Welsh sec A/B (H Noad) 1 & sup, O Salter’s Thistledown Eric (N Salter); 2, J Ralls’s Oakhase McClintock; 3, D M Howman’s Wotfield Satisfaction. Osborne Refrigerators m&m (G Mitchell) 1, V Hampton’s Northcousburgh Carlas (A Hampton); 2, H Stinson’s Firsedge Zircon; 3, S Walrond’s Murvey Dunhill. Osborne Refrigerators pairs & tandems 1, J Hartland’s Metts & Star; 2, M Kesan’s Poike & Talis; 3, P & J Clough’s Halloughton Hallmark & Camorland Just Right. Osborne Refrigerators two-wheel light trade (T Teague) 1 & res, T Thomas’s Sunbeam The Guvnor; 2, Annod Zola; 3, W McDermott’s Colonel Tom. Osborne Refrigerators four-wheel light trade (H Noad) 1 & ch, Smith Bros’ Baldwins John Boy (E Smith); 2, J Hyatt’s Action Man; 3, J Osborne’s Charlie Naylor. Osborne Refrigerators costers/trolleys (T Teague) 1, S Brown’s Drumbo Great Expectations; 2, M S Burgess’s Brimstone The Fenman; 3, C Gregory’s Knockholt Express. Osborne Refrigerators two-wheel exercise vehicle (A McNinch) 1 & ch, Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2 & res, M Ward’s Fronarth Cardi Express (E Kelly); 3, J Bennett’s Gwarcoed Black Henry. Osborne Refrigerators four-wheel exercise vehicle 1, F Gordon-Clarke’s State Secret (G Docking); 2, P Mills’s Thomas; 3, Mr & Mrs Le Marquand’s Staines Ap-Pip (B A Le Marquand). Osborne Refrigerators four-wheel exercise vehicles pair 1, E Thompson’s Cortaflex Benny & Cortaflex Norris (W Leslie); 2, S Page’s Grayswood Buccs Fizz & Grayswood Guinevere (S McBride); 3, W Mason’s Brooklyn & Robbie. Osborne Refrigerators young driver 10-14yrs trad (R James) 1 & ch, M, N & O Fuller’s Trehwyd Brenin Arthur (O Fuller); 2, Ceristan Barnfield Boy; 3, Charlie Boy. Osborne Refrigerators young driver 15-17yrs trad (R James) 1 & res, Royal Sunshine; 2, C Green’s Aghaderg Something Different (E Lee); 3, Starting General (O Salter). Osborne Refrigerators young driver 10-14yrs ex (C Douglas) 1, Mr & Mrs Snowdon’s Rex Of Larkrise (A Turner); 2, B & T Ball & S Fahey’s Trehelig Luck Omen (S Fahey). Osborne Refrigerators young driver 15-17yrs ex 1, E McCarthy’s Minnie Cooper (C McCarthy); 2, E Millen’s Eastway Coral (H Seymour). Balanced Horse Feeds m&m 13.2hh & under (A Sixsmith) 1 & ch, V Hampton’s Makalan Mac (A Hampton); 2, Firsedge Zircon; 3, Rex Of Larkrise (J L Snowdon). Balanced Horse Feeds m&m over 13.2hh 1, Murvey Dunhill; 2, P & C Bassett’s Chalmadale Na Dailach (C Bassett); 3, S Winney’s Guardsman Of Sunneyneuk. Balanced Horse Feeds Welsh sec A/B (G Mitchell) 1, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardnal; 2, Oakhase McClintok; 3, A Lewis’s Kingsmead Gatekeeper (M Winn). Balanced Horse Feeds Welsh sec C 1, Mr & Mrs Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette (N Pritchard); 2, L Fenlon’s Rangeview Riddle; 3, R Neale’s Tycwm Sebastian. Balanced Horse Feeds Welsh sec D 1, Parkton Unique; 2, J Randall’s Wotfield Quickstep. non-Hackney type 13.2hh & under (T Teague) 1, R Bownes’s Ovington Hermes (T Robinson); 2, Kingsmead Gatekeeper. over 13.2hh 1, Striker; 2, Mr & Mrs Elliot’s Duchess Of Monico (J Elliot); 3, Parkton Unique. Hackey type (A Sixsmith) 1, Glenshane Prince; 2, B M Lewis & W Isaac’s Stapleford Harry (E Edwards). Siemens lady whip 1, T Reeve’s Waveny Cabaletta (H Sharp); 2, Fronarth Carid Express; 3, Spider. gentleman whip (H Noad) 1, Ovington Hermes; 2, The Queen’s Mary Tudor & Concord (M Hargreaves); 3, T Reeve’s Sealmasters Fantasia (P Shackleton). four-in-hand (R James) 1, F Warrender’s Laurel, Hardy, Jeeves & Wooster (H Webb); 2, Kelvin KBB Ltd’s Reggie, Jack, Simon & Tyree (R Lanni); 3, Household Cavalry’s Neils, Marko, Norman & Eldmen (D Kendle). multiples (C Douglas) 1, C Alexander’s team of Gelderlanders (B Alexander); 2, Neils, Marko, Norman & Eldmen; 3, Reggie, Jack, Simon & Tyree. Karel Doyle pairs 1, Simon & Tyree (C Ruston Green); 2, Mr & Mrs Le Marquand Staines Minstrel & Staines Ap-Pip (B A Le Marquand); 3, R Bownes’s Ovington Hermes & Marbon M’Lord. T Cribb & Sons nov 13.2hh & under 1, Kingsmead Gatekeeper; 2, Wotfield Satisfaction; 3, M, N & O Fuller’s Twink (N Fuller). T Cribb & Sons nov over 13.2hh (A McNinch) 1 & ch, D Matthews’s Tom; 2 & res, J Rowe’s Brookeborough Stepping Star; 3, Wotfield Quickstep. Carriage Driving Magazine coloured trad 1, Northcousburgh Carlas; 2, C Moreau’s Rayner; 3, J Light’s Fistful Of Dollars. Carriage Driving Magazine coloured non-trad 1 & ch, Rosehall Tara Maiden; 2& res, J Halnan-Blackwell’s Soan-Ge-Taha; 3, K Pearson-Miller’s JD’s El Diablo. country vehicles 13.2hh & under (A Sixsmith) 1, Rex Of Larkrise (J Snowdon); 2, Ceristan Barnfield Boy; 3, L Kirby’s Just William. over 13,2hh 1, Grayswood John Boy; 2, Fistful Of Dollars. veteran (A Sinclair) 1, Marbon M’Lord; 2, J Howell’s Leyeswick Benross & Triad; 3, Northleach Roulette (D G Pritchard). pleasure driving 13.2hh & under (H Noad) 1, Just William; 2, Mrs Marilyn’s Larapinta Reokite (M Hussey); 3, J Lair’s Jackson (A Finney). over 13.2hh 1, Mr & Mrs Saunders’s Rocking Rolo (M Saunders); 2, Mr & Mrs Siviter’s Synod Jaguar (D Siviter); 3, J Hartland’s Taggart & Tyson (M Hartland). ride & drive 14.2hh & under (R James) 1, Dalcrest Jessie; 2, Annod Zola (M Fuller/O Fuller); 3, Thorndon Park Telynor. over 14.2hh 1, Spider; 2, W Mason’s Brooklyn; 3, V Francis’s Cotchford Ozzy. jubilles drivers obstacle comp (A Sinclair & A Sixsmith) 1, D Bownes’s Laurtom Gold Spark (R Vautier); 2, Trehelig Luck Omen (B Ball); 3, Mr & Mrs Morris’s Ladbury Mac & Lakehead Stalite. Carriagehouse Insurance concours d’elegance (S Garrett) 1, Halloughton Hallmark & Camorland Just Right; 2, W Wybrew’s Parroack Thatchers Tuppenny Bit & Parrack Thatchers Sweet William (M Winn); 3, Glenshane Prince. long reining (G Mitchell) 1, M Fox’s Bureside Sunset; 2, The Queen’s Hampton Court Ensign (S Wilson); 3, Concord (A Parry). Seimens vintage
vehicles (A Sixsmith)
1, The Queen’s Ensign & Lahore (M Hargreaves); 2, Mr & Mrs Snowdon’s Peanuts, Gometra Halyard & Elson Firebird (J L Snowdon); 3, Chalmadale Na Dailach. donkeys & mules open 1 & ch, D Capps’s Jeeves; 2, A Larner’s Barnaby Of Romanhill; 3, P Clark’s Barley & Rye. best whip 1 & res, J Oliver’s Mix & Match; 2, Barley & Rye; 3, Barnaby Of Romanhill. young driver (A Sinclair) 1, Fronarth Cardi Express (K Kelly). best shod horse (R Clark) 1, T Burgess’s Cranfield Park Dark; 2, D Hewer’s Rosecrown Billy Boy; 3, J Edwards’s Stapleford Meteor. world & rare breeds (T Teague) 1, Monnington Overture; 2, GWM Duchess Of Monico; 3, Sealmasters Fantasia.