KBIS Festival of the Hunter riding club results, 30-31 May

  • Snr open (team).— 1, Huntingdon and District (J Potts, A Brookman, K Murdoch, A Newman); 2, Bourne Valley (A Mead, M Bowe, R Jacobson, F Hargreaves); 3 Evenlode (L Graham, T Schultz, M Seldon Truss, K Elliott). (ind).— 1, Richmondlea Sable (J Eeley, Buckingham); 2, Nickel Challenger (C Pearson, Darlington and District); 3, High Five (S Butchart, Foresters). snr nov (team).— 1, Meon (F Rogers, R Walker, B Wood, H Vernon); 2, Cheltenham and District (S Evans, R Fennell, V Stinchcombe, L Kitson); 3, Bradbourne (G Cufley, C Cook, L Bright, M Turner).(ind).— 1, Charlie Farasi (R Mackie, Aspley Guise and District); 2, Farriers Brown Bear (J Cleal, New Forest Pony Enthusiasts); 3, Borneo Jackman (P Mellor, Holme Valley RC). snr pairs.— 1, Longton: Basil Fox (S Rippon) & Lightburn Sonny Boy (H Chorley); 2, Huntingdon and District: Lady B (A Brookman) & Skip Along (A Newman); 3, Shrewsbury and District: Jack (H Ratcliffe) & Daywell Silver Gilt (L Roberts). jnr open (team).— 1, Selby and District (A Walker, J Hardwick, C Alderidge); 2, Saffron Walden and District (R Barker, B Brown, T Olley, L Birch); 3, Isle of Wight (S Holmes, A Beere, V Leabeater, Y Brown). (ind).— 1, Pittoresque (A Beere, Isle of Wight); 2, Indian Sueno (V G Hart, Huntingdon and District); 3, State Supreme (J Hardwick, Selby and District). jnr nov (team).— 1, Radnorshire (E Jones, M Powell, F Powell, E Owens); 2, Finn Valley (S Stagg, L Prowse, E Blew, C Turner); 3, Berkshire County (H Carter, A Chamberlain, S Hardy, M Floyd). (ind).— 1, Houdini’s Odyssey (J McKay, West Oxon); 2, Squiggles Pride (E Owens, Radnorshire); 3, Ardville Diamond Girl (C Turner, Finn Valley). jnr pairs.— 1, Elstead Riding Club: It’s B’cos (S Flourendzou) & Bunowen Jewel (F Lawes); 2, Beccles and Bungay: All Patched Up (G Kidner) & Tyrons Pride (C Cattermole); 3, South Warwickshire: Blackey (L Vincent) & Cracker Jack (L Wilkes). snr combined comp.— 1, Naphtalia De Layne (H Forster, Stoneleigh); 2, Stormray (S-J Gannie) Bay; 3, Charlie Farasi (R MacKie, Aspley Guise and District. jnr combined comp.— 1, Tinkerman (J Stokes, Rugby); 2, Fusilier II (V Leabeater, Isle of Wight); 3, Downland Gungadin (K Hills, Shipton). WH.— 1, King’s Fiddler (N Williams, New Forest); 2, Just A Fluke (P Thompson, Darlington and District); 3, Mosstown Marz (V Littlewood, High Fen). WHP.— 1, Brookshill Morning Glory (A Sanderson, Bay); 2, Catch Fantastic (C Walton, North Mymms; 3, Abbey Bosco (P Woodbine, Llandudno). hunter (lwt).— 1 & res, Mosstown Marz (V Littlewood, High Fen); 2, Yelwols Seattle (R Slowley, North Lincs); 3, Krazee (H Jefferies, West Oxon). (mwt).— 1 & ch, Kings Cruise (S Woolley, Malvern Hills); 2, Little Gunnar II (S Thain, Carleton); 3, Crown Imperial (P Newman, Frampton Valley). (nov).— 1, Kings Cruise; other placings not available. working cob.— 1, My Fair Lady VII (C Watts, Deben); 2, Molly XI (G Wheeler, West Oxon); 3, The Other One (R Harvie, Abinger Forest). ridden cob.— 1, Collier (N Reeder, Aspley Guise and District; 2, Lord Brocket (V Littlewood, High Fen); 3, Tom O’Hawk (D Ellerton, Maelor).

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