Tim Stockdale given the all-clear to jump by consultant

  • Tim Stockdale has been given the all-clear to jump again by his consultant, following a fall from a young horse in October, when he broke three vertebrae in his neck.

    The showjumper was officially given the go-ahead to get back in the saddle today after a visit to his specialist – Aheed Osman – at the Midlands Spinal Injury Unit in Oswestry.

    Tim told H&H: “I have to be really careful – it’s not like a broken arm or leg, where it will just hurt if you go too far. If I re-fracture the bone I’m in deep trouble.

    “But I feel really well in myself.”

    Last week Tim told H&H that he’d had a few quiet rides on sensible horses, just walking and trotting.

    He spent six weeks in the spinal injuries clinic immediately after the fall on 17 October, taking his first steps again at the end of November.

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