The College EC, 20 October

  • THE COLLEGE EC Keysoe, Beds, 20 October

    80cm1, Streetwise Sienna (A Clarkson); 2, Ratina H (R Harwood); 3, Velocity (C O’Brien). KBIS 90cm Amateur 2nd round 1, Laughtons Dream (K Grimster); 2 & 3, Casper III & Calypso Causeway (M Eagles). Equenox Novice 1, Parsonspiece Gold Plated (J Smith); 2, Whinnie II (A Duncan); 3, Over To Oscar (E Magee). 1m 1, Airborne (S Burr); 2, Thanique (A Nuth); 3, Sibolt (R Collins). KBIS 1m Amateur 2nd round 1, Carnaval Chance (C Wilson); 2, Kiss Me Of Ricou (S Lundh); 3, Calypso Causeway.

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