Scans show Tim Stockdale’s broken neck is healing well

  • Tim Stockdale is upbeat after his latest sets of scans revealed his neck is healing well.

    Tim, 47, who broke three vertebrae in his neck in a fall from a young horse in October, has had his collar taken off after a full set of scans yesterday (Wednesday 11 January) and is looking forward to beginning physiotherapy.

    “The fractures haven’t healed completely but it’s going well,” Tim told H&H. “They said I had very good range of movement in my neck – much better than they were expecting.”

    The only sticking point in Tim’s recovery has been the C5 vertebra, which was fractured on both sides.

    “It means there’s still no running or bouncing up and down, which also rules out riding,” said Tim. “But I hope the ride date will come in about three or four weeks’ time.”

    Tim has his first physio session on Monday and he’ll be working with a neck specialist in Aylesbury as well as Team GB physio Andy Thomas and doctor Peter Whitehead.

    “It’s a bit like climbing a mountain – we’ve got to base camp and, although you’re always aiming for the summit, you’ve got to get there in stages,” said Tim. “But overall, it was good news and I feel a lot better now that I know I can move around a bit more.”

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