Ryan Prater banned from BSJA competition for three months

  • Ryan Prater, 22, has been banned from British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) competition for three months and his father, Vin, from attending BSJA competitions for a year.

    The disciplinary action follows an incident in November 2008 where Mr Prater snr punched Addington director Tim Price.

    The case against Ryan Prater and his father was heard by the BSJA on 13 October.

    Both were accused of bringing the BSJA into disrepute after the incident at Addington. They had until 20 October to make an appeal.

    Mr Prater said his son’s treatment by the BSJA had been “disgraceful”, but did not want to discuss the case further.

    The BSJA also refused to discuss Mr Prater’s case.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (22 October, ’09)

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