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    Peter Charles, now based in Alton, Hampshire, has built up an impressive catalogue of show jumping successes throughout his career.

    A major highlight was his three consecutive wins at the famous Hickstead Derby in 2001, 2002, 2003 with Corrada.

    Born in Liverpool on 18 January 1960, but with an Irish mother, Peter was a commanding force behind the success of the Irish team for many years after taking up Irish nationality prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

    In 1995 Peter rode La Ina to victory at the European Championships in Switzerland, taking the individual gold medal to secure Ireland’s first equestrian medal in over 30 years. He was also on the winning team at three of the most prestigious Nations Cups in the world during 1995 – Aachen, Dublin and Spruce Meadows.

    His success continued into 1996 when he finished 8th individually at the Atlanta Olympic Games, as well as winning the coveted 230,000 Canadian dollar Du Maurier Grand Prix in Calgary.

    Peter was a member of Ireland’s European gold medal-winning team in 2003.

    The Irish team regular suffered a serious fall in 2006, when he ruptured his spinal sheath, shattered three ribs and broke a vertebrae, but he was determined to get back in the saddle.

    After his recovery, reasoning that he had British owners, lived in Britain and paid British taxes, Peter set into motion plans to change his nationality again. He was given clearance by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in 2008 and has ridden under the union flag in the Nations Cup ever since.

    Peter was selected for the British Olympic team for London 2012 and rode a brilliant clear round on Vindicat W to secure the Olympic gold medal.

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    Major achievements


    • RIHS: 1st King George V Gold Cup, (Murkas Pall Mall H)

    • Wellington: 2nd Nations Cup team (Murkas Pom D’Ami)

    • Dublin: =2nd Nations Cup team (Murkas Pom D’Ami)


    • Madrid: 3rd Nations Cup team (Rubert R)

    • Super League Nations Cup final: team 6th (Rubert R)


    • Hickstead Show: 2nd Speed Derby, 2nd Derby 2 Phase Challenge (Rockstar III)


    • British Open: 3rd Grandstand Classic (Pershing)

    • La Baule: =4th Nations Cup team (Corrada)

    • Aachen: 1st Nations Cup team (Pershing)

    • Falsterbo: 4th Nations Cup team (Carnavelly)

    • Hickstead: 2nd Nations Cup team (Corrada)

    • Hickstead Derby Meeting: 1st The Derby (Corrada)


    • Hickstead: 2nd Nations Cup team (Corrada)

    • New Forest: 2nd Daewoo Grand Prix (Mulligan)

    • Dublin: 3rd Nations Cup team (Corrada), 1st Kerrygold Speed Stakes (Mulligan)

    • Hickstead Derby Meeting: 1st The Derby (Corrada)


    • La Baule: 1st Derby (Corrada), 2nd GP (Carnavelly), 2nd Small GP (Amber Du Montois)

    • RIHS: 3rd Grand Prix (Carnavelly)

    • Hickstead Derby Meeting: 1st The Derby (Corrada)

    • Modena: 2nd Nations Cup team (Corrada)

    • Olympia: 1st World Cup Qualifier (Carnavelly), 1st Puissance (Sagrat)


    • Las Vegas World Cup Final: 6th overall (Amber Du Montois)

    • Lucerne: 3rd Nations Cup team (Amber Du Montois)

    • Modena: 1st Nations Cup team (Amber Du Montois)

    • Dublin: 1st Nations Cup team (Amber Du Montois)


    • Liege: 3rd Grand Prix (Amber Du Montois)

    • Olympia: =2nd Puissance (Loughnavally)

    • Royal Windsor: 1st Grand Prix (Nustria)

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