Peppermill will not jump in Olympic show jumping competition

  • John Whitaker and Peppermill have not been allowed to compete for the British team in today’s second round of the Olympic team jumping competition in Hong Kong.

    Following the horse’s withdrawal from the first round, due to the horse having come out of the stable extremely stiff, the British team requested that the horse be allowed to run today. The ground jury agreed.

    However, 7 out of the 9 teams competing today — only Germany abstained — lodged a protest. The ground jury upheld its original decision to allow Peppermill to run.

    The 7 nations then launched a formal appeal to the appeal committee. The appeal committee decided that the horse was not eligible to compete.

    Had he just been cantered through the start in the first round, he would have been eligible, but the team decided it was neither in the horse’s nor the sport’s interest to do that.

    Article 264.4 in the Rules for Jumping Events (nations cups) states:

    4.1 A full Nations Cup team comprises four competitors, each riding the same horse throughout the competition. All members of each team must take part in the first round, except as stated in paragraph 4.2 below and in apragraph 7.2.

    4.2 If a team, comprising four competitors, cannot improve its placing in the first or second round after its third competitor has completed his course, the fourth competitor may be withdrawn.

    Because they have not competed in the team competition, John and Peppermill will not be eligible for the individual competition.

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