New showjumping syndicate approved by BSJA

  • A new-style showjumping syndicate promises to make ownership of a top horse
    more affordable.

    The BSJA-approved scheme is being run by Heart of the South, a company that has run racing syndicates since 1993.

    Two horses have been bought so far, although Heart of the South hopes to have six by the end of the year. Querido II, aged six, was bought before the launch of the scheme on 6 February and newest addition White Star, aged four, by Captain Paul, was bought on 11 February.

    Both horses will be aimed at young horse classes and ultimately the Horse of the Year Show, and will be based in Devon with rider Justin Tuff.

    Each showjumper can have up to 20 shareholders who will enjoy owner benefits including complimentary entry to all UK based shows at which Justin and the horse jump. They will take a share of the prize-money and a share of the profits if the horse is sold, as well as having unlimited access to Justin Tuff’s yard.

    The BSJA’s Maria Clayton told H&H: “Syndicate purchase of horses can only be seen as positive for our sport. The interest in this scheme proves how overdue this has been.”

    A number of partners have been found for Querido II.

    Justin Tuff, a member of the BSJA talent scheme, the Evolution Squad, said: “It’s a fantastic idea and I am thrilled to be involved. Querido II arrived on 23 February and he’s going well so far.”

    The idea came about when the company became aware of a trend of good horses being sold abroad — leaving UK riders short of horsepower.

    Heart of the South owner Leon Penny told H&H: “Many racehorse owners use our partnerships as a ‘foot on the ladder’ before going on to own horses outright.

    “If we can emulate this success in showjumping it has to be great for the sport.”

    Shares start at £1,600 for 5% plus £150 monthly fees.

    For more information visit: www.hotsr.co.uk

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (6 March, ’08)

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