Meet Michael Whitaker

  • Horse: Insul Tech Portofino 63, 12yo 16.3 KWPN bay mare by Habsburg or Mozart des Hayettes, 10yo Belgium-bred bay stallion by Papillon Rouge

    Age: 46

    Championship experience: Michael has represented Britain on numerous international championship teams including four Olympic Games. He has won 13 medals at international championships including three individual European medals.

    Recent form

    Michael Whitaker is in the enviable position of having two horses to choose from for the World Equestrian Games. Portofino is the older and more established of his two rides, but the up-and-coming Mozart has been demonstrating his considerable talent in Super League nations cups this year. Both horses are demonstrating form and the final decision will be made by British chef d’equipe Derek Ricketts and his selectors.

    Major results with Insul Tech Portofino 63

    • 3rd World Cup Qualifier: CSI-W s’Hertogenbosh 2006
    • 1st Zinc Management Classic, 5th British Open Championship: CSI****Sheffield 2006
    • 8th World Cup qualifier: CSI-W Goteborg 2006
    • 6th World Cup Final: CSI-W Kuala Lumpur 2006
    • 4th World Cup qualifier: CSI-W Bordeaux 2005
    • 2nd: CSIO Wellington (USA) Nations Cup 2005
    • 1st World Cup qualifier: CSI-W Tampa 2005
    • 2nd: FEI World Cup Final 2005
    • 3rd Grand Prix: CSI-A Aachen 2005
    • 1st Grand Prix: CSI St Gallen 2005
    • 6th: European Championship 2005, San Patrignano
    • 4th World Invitational Grand Prix: Las Vegas 2005
    • 3rd Christmas Stakes: CSI-W Olympia 2005

    Major results with Mozart des Hayettes

    • 3rd A4: CSI-A Geesteren 2006
    • 4th grand prix: CSIO Rotterdam 2006
    • 2nd grand prix, 3rd A4; CSIO Rome 2006
    • 2nd grade A: Royal Windsor 2006
    • 2nd accumulator: CSI-A Zurich 2006
    • 2nd World Cup qualifier: CSI-W Geneva 2005


    Michael became the youngest ever winner of the Hickstead Derby at the age of 20 in 1980. He has been ranked as a world’s number one show jumper and was third in the World Cup final with Handel II in 2001. Michael lives in Nottinghamshire with her partner Melissa. He has three children; Jack, Molly and Katie Jane.

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