Meet Horse of the Year Show Grade C champion Tim Davies

  • Showjumper Tim Davies achieved a lifetime ambition by gaining his first ever Horse of the Year Show win in the Grade C championship on Sunday morning. Tim also rode in the international classes at HOYS.

    Name: Tim Davies

    Age: 47

    Lives: Suffolk

    Job: showjumper

    Horsey relatives: my father breeds horses and has had good winners in all the disciplines

    Alternative career: I would really have loved to be able to sing. I don’t mean doing karaoke but singing professionally at a high level. What a wonderful gift it would be to have a good singing voice

    Tell us about your winning horse Allure III: he’s lovely to ride but a total pain at every other time. If he were human he’d be one of those naughty little boys who always gets sent to sit in the corner. He’s also very goodl looking, so when he grew up he would be a player, probably a man with more than one girlfriend!

    What’s on your iPod? I didn’t have one until my nephew gave me an iPod last Christmas and loaded it with lots of tracks, so I listen to his choice in the lorry at the moment. My own favourites include Adele. I could listen to her all day. I love the powerful diva singers

    Have you got any ambitions? I have always dreamed about trotting down the HOYS arena under the spotlights and I achieved it today. I was so excited that I almost missed the way out and came close to falling off, but the whole experience gave me goosebumps

    Which horse has impressed you most during HOYS? I would love to take home Anthony Condon’s ride Special Lux. He’s a horse with everything. He’s careful and scopey and I love to watch him jump

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