Jessica Kurten says she has lost ride on all Lady Forbes’ horses

  • Irish showjumper Jessica Kurten announced this morning that she will no longer compete Lady Georgina Forbes’ horses.

    H&H has not been able to confirm the news with Lady Forbes but Jessica said in a statement that the owner has decided that the horses, which include the highly successful mare Castle Forbes Libertina, will no longer compete.

    Jessica has five horses owned by Lady Forbes at her yard in Huenxe, Germany.

    And the pair have had a business relationship for more than eight years.

    Jessica said: “I have been very fortunate to have celebrated many great victories with the horses from Lady Forbes and I am very grateful for this time.

    “Both parties have profited from this relationship.”

    Jessica said she does not know what will happen to the horses or when they will return to their owner.

    A spokesman for Jessica said: “There are financial commitments which need to be cleared up between the owner and Kurtens, as well as third parties.

    “There are diverse details also for the German tax authorities which need to be sorted out due to the fact that Lady Georgina Forbes is Irish and lives in Switzerland.

    “It goes without saying that the horses from Lady Georgina Forbes will continue to be provided for and cared for while they are at Jessica Kurten’s facility in Rhineland.”

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