Ireland out of Super League

  • The Irish team has been relegated from the Samsung Super League following a disappointing performance in the final leg in Barcelona this weekend. Germany won in style, winning the Barcelona leg as well as the Samsung Super League itself. The Dutch team finished second with Great Britain in sixth.
    Germany’s team, Marcus Ehning and Christian Ahlmann (both members of the bronze medal winning WEG team), Rene Tebbel and Marco Kutscher, looked determined to trump the reigning world champions, the formidable Dutch team, a feat it achieved with flair.
    In the end, Germany’s impressive score of just 4 penalties left the Dutch team – gold medallists at the 2006 World Equestrian Games – in second place. The result put the Germans nearly 20 points ahead of their nearest rival on the Samsung Super League scoreboard. John and Michael Whitaker, Tim Gredley and William Funnell, representing Great Britain, took seventh place on a score of 33 penalties, leaving them in sixth place on the Samsung Super League leader board.  

    The final stage of the world’s most prestigious show jumping series became a tense contest, as the Irish and Swedish teams struggled to avoid relegation. Ireland started off in good style with Captain Shane Carey producing the first clear of the competition. At the halfway stage Ireland was in equal third place– four faults ahead of the Swedes.

    But in the second round their luck came to an abrupt end. Although Cameron Hanley jumped clear, Billy Twomey, Marie Burke and Carey all clocked up penalties, pushing Ireland into equal fifth place with Sweden in fourth. The result left Ireland at the bottom of the Super League leaderboard, demoting them to the standard Nations Cup for 2007.

    Samsung Super League with FEI 2006
    Germany          65.125
    USA                46
    Netherlands     35.125
    France             35
    Switzerland     32.125
    Great Britain   30
    Sweden           27
    Ireland             22

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