Horse of the Year Show 2007: Woof Wear Accumulator, Puissance

  • This year’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) is turning into the Robert Whitaker Show.

    The young Yorkshireman claimed his third win of the show — and added another £4,000 to his bank balance — with a fantastic round to head Saturday evening’s Woof Wear Accumulator on Lacroix.

    This was the final round of the show for this consistent gelding.

    “He’ll have tomorrow off and I’ll depend on Prima Vera in the grand prix,” explained Robert, 24.

    But Robert’s bid for a major class double in the same evening came to naught when Finbarr V lowered the triple bar in round three of the puissance.

    The big red wall reached 7ft 1in and, for once, there was an outright winner.

    Kent-based Guy Williams cleared it on Mark Williams’s 10-year-old Darco mare Una II — a horse in her first puissance — defeating the challenge from north of the Border by Douglas Duffin and Jackie Kemp’s scopey grey Wonder van Het Rosshoeve.

    “Una wondered what on earth this big red thing I wanted her to jump was, but as she got used to the class she got better and better,” said a delighted Guy.

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