Born: 4 May, 1974

Lives: Warwickshire

School: Solihull School

Strengths: My calm, easy-going nature

Weaknesses: I’m easily misled

Hobbies: Golf [14 handicap]

Favourite food: Indian, mainly because they’re the only restaurants open when the pubs shut

Favourite drink: A pint of Caffreys in the local pub

Favourite holiday: Anywhere hot, with at least one golf course

Favourite music: Anything loud like Bon Jovi. In my car, I prefer Celine Dion

Favourite clothes: Anything comfy and casual

Hero/heroine: David Broome and Liz Edgar for their style and professionalism

Pet hate: I love all my pets! Seriously, I never did like snakes and when one slithered out from under the jumps I was moving in the paddock last summer, I decided that I liked them even less

Ambition: To jump on a championship team