Experimental schedule is a hit for BSJA Area 40

  • A really good entry enjoyed wonderful sunshine at the BSJA Area 40 show held at Unex Towerlands, Essex, on 11 May.
    The committee experimented with an innovative schedule offering Scope qualifiers for ponies and horses, plus an East of England grade C qualifier and a 1.25m open.
    Allan Clutterbuck won both the 1.20m and 1.25m opens with the Temple Stud’s Temple Bonte Lola and Julie McFarling’s Lorca de Caryan, while Annette Lewis and the home-bred My Romeo led the grade C qualifiers.
    Maggie Lockhart won the Foxhunter on Ruth Dowie’s Ubatsja and the Newcomers on Nanci Cannon’s Jules Cavalier.
    Melissa Brewer headed 56 starters in the 1.15m Smart Builders Members Cup Qualifier while Michaela Russell recovered from a crashing fall in the first class with a win in the 1.05m A4 on the evergreen Zerro II.
    Stephen Cooper proved that a real amateur can still come out on top with True Saying by taking the 58-starter Katherine James novice qualifier.
    The second ring started with a win in the British novice for a delighted Sian Nicholas and her own Craddocks Andromeda before the pony riders took over and Harry Bateman headed the junior equivalent with Mr Bamboozle.
    Jennifer Brummitt took the junior discovery with Captains Glory and the Scope junior progressive with Pepper Pot, and Chloe Aston opened a busy day with a win in the 90cms open with Dream Seeker.
    Ballysid and Leah Purkiss won the 1m open and the Sport Action TV junior adventurer saw Pippa Goddard take first on Mr Rojo and second on Miracle de Linaro as darkness fell. Sadly gremlins into the electricity supply, and a lengthy wait following a rider’s fall in the second ring meant that the show was unable to run the 1.15m members cup qualifier. The committee is apologetic to all those junior competitors that waited for it, but these problems were out of its control.
    The show had many sponsors including; CK Equine, William Claridge Ltd, The Pinchen family, Norton Heath Equitation Products, Forest Casual Wear, to whom the show is indebted, along with volunteers and officials.
    Class winners received a BSJA area 40 coat, plus a goody bag containing an electrical gadget or an umbrella, kindly supplied by LCA Wholesale.


    Derby House Senior British Novice
    1, Craddocks Andromeda (Sian Nicholas)
    2, Risky Business (Sean Cubitt)
    3, Wicarlos (Jonathon Allinson)

    Junior British novice
    1, Mr Bamboozle (Harry Bateman)
    2, Herbie’s Double Trouble (Georgie Roadnight)
    3, Celton Q (Alicia Wilkinson)

    Junior discovery
    1, Captains Glory (Jennifer Brummitt)
    2, Queensdale Fascano (Harrietta Willett)
    3, Bonito Van De Westport (Becky Padgett)

    90cms open
    1, Dream Seeker (Chloe Aston)
    2, Spot Noodle (Bonnie Townsend)
    3, Beechpark Molly (Lorraine Dick)

    Scope junior progressive
    1, Pepper Pot (Jennifer Brummit)
    2, Lishmar Stormy Boy (Megan James)
    3, Rohnan Benit (Georgie Roadnight)

    1m open
    1, Bally Sid (Leah Purkiss)
    2, Mr Hip Hop Herbie (Amy Mcdonald)
    3, Got To Be Cash (Amy Zelos)

    Sport Action TV junior adventurer
    1, Mr Rojo (Pippa Goddard)
    2, Miracle De Linaro (Pippa Goddard)
    3, Rushington Boaz (Chloe Aston)

    Katherine James 1m novice
    1, True Saying (Stephen Cooper)
    2, Wonderful Look (Andrew Hanson)
    3, Widar M (Michael Fursdonn)

    1, Zerro II (Michaela Russell)
    2, Snowstorm (Terry Gosling)
    3, It’s Billy The Kid (Sean Cubitt)

    Tri-Zone newcomers
    1, Jules Cavalier (Margaret Lockhart)
    2, Temple Claudius (Allan Clutterbuck)
    3, Robbie The Robster (Sean Cubitt)

    Smarter Builders 1.15m members cup
    1, Carnaval Dance (Melissa Brewer)
    2, It’s Billy The Kid (Sean Cubitt)
    3, Nucleaire De Montsec (Blair Fleming)

    Horse & Hound Foxhunter
    1, Ubatsja (Margaret Lockhart)
    2, Action Z (Laura Tinto)
    3, Cosmos (Barry Dove)

    1, Temple Bonte Lola (Allan Clutterbuck)
    2, Mirco Ii (Holly Hensler)
    3, Rinaldo II (Annette Lewis)

    East Of England grade C/1.25m
    1, Lorca De Caryan (Allan Clutterbuck)
    2, Another Jackson (William Taylor)
    3, Temple Bonte Lola (Allan Clutterbuck)

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