Correct tack and turnout for show jumping


  • Must be worn
  • Stirrup irons and leathers must hang freely from the bar of the saddle and outside the saddle flap


  • Ponies may only wear running or standing martingales anywhere on the show site
  • Only running and standing martingales are permitted in the arena
  • Standing martingales may only be attached to the cavesson part of the noseband fitted above the bit
  • A Market Harborough rein may be used, but only with a plain snaffle
  • All other running or check reins, and reins acting through sheaves or pulleys are prohibited in the arena

Pony restrictions

  • May only wear standing or running martingales
  • No Market Harborough reins, bitless bridles, hackamores or combination bits may be used anywhere in the immediate vicinity of the showground


  • No to be longer than 75cms or shorter than 45cms
  • Weighted whips and those with a hard point at the end are not permitted

Other rules

  • Tongue guards are permitted as long as they are properly constructed and detached from the reins and bit
  • Blinkers and any other attachments that might affect the horse’s vision, are not allowed
  • Sheepskin may be used on the cheekpieces as long as it does not exceed 3cms in diameter (measured from the animal’s face)
  • String, fine wire, twine or cord are not to be used in or around the horse’s mouth

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