Cheeky BSJA ball poster causes a stir in Cornwall

  • An eye-catching poster promoting a “Riders’ Ball” has caused quite a stir in Cornwall.

    Locals are trying to work out the identity of the mystery models in the Jilly Cooper-inspired advert for the ball being organised by the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) area 51 committee.

    “We wanted to draw attention to our ball and this poster has created quite a buzz,” said co-organiser Andrew James.

    “Newquay is a fantastic venue and well known for its party atmosphere and our aim is to sell tickets to a wide audience.

    “The two riders were hand-picked for the job and it’s been great fun listening to suggestions as to who they could be. All I can reveal is that both are BSJA members, but do not live in Cornwall!”

    The Riders’ Ball takes place on Friday, 25 September at the Esplanade Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall. For more details call 07966 173541.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (16 July, ’09)

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