Charlotte Platt’s blog: embryo transfer for top horse Paulien

  • I’ve enjoyed a slightly quieter week at home after returning from our disappointment in La Baule.

    On a brighter note I jumped the baby horses at a local show at Pycombe and they were all super. This weekend, I am taking five horses up to Towerlands Park in Essex for the young horse show there.

    My plan at the moment is to get my up-and-coming horses really going well so in the next few months we can get them to a few bigger shows later in the summer.

    The news on Paulien after La Baule is that she will need a bit of time off now — it’s nothing too serious — but we will use this time to try and get some embryos from her which is very exciting. After this break she should come back and be back on top-form. That is horses for you, unfortunately.

    A couple more foals have been born to our mares at home. They are all stunning of course, but will they become top show jumpers? I’m looking forward to finding out!


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