BSJA embraces new technology

  • Show jumping enthusiasts will soon be able to watch video streaming of recent competitions, access extensive information about the breeding and performance of affilated jumping horses and become BSJA members via the BSJA website: www.bsja.co.uk

    The BSJA recently unveiled its new-look site, which carries show jumping news, information on forthcoming shows, qualifying competitions, membership information, training opportunities and rider rankings, within its pages.

    An improved navigation system has made it easier for users to find the information they are looking for, and the redesigned site is just the first step in the association’s ambitious new technology plans, which will see a massive growth in the information available online.

    “The BSJA is currently at stage one of a huge on-going project, outsourced to Networks Newmedia, which will revolutionise the way in which we manage all our information,” explains the BSJA’s Jacky Knightley.

    As well as redesigning the external appearance of its website, the BSJA is moving its entire computer system on to a new platform, which will enable the integration of information between its different departments.

    “The new system will help keep everyone informed and remove the current duplication of effort,” continues Jacky. “All documents will be centralised so when one person makes a change to a record it will change everywhere, instead of things having to be updated manually in many different places.

    “The new system should make us more efficient and enable us to offer a better service to our membership. For example, the phone system will ultimately be linked to the computers, so when a member calls us the system will automatically bring up that individual’s details.”

    The cost of the new development has been kept to a minimum due to a superb partnership between in-house personnel and external development company Networks Newmedia.

    The BSJA is not the only association to have recently improved its online offering, with a slicker, faster and more visually appealing site. British Dressage (www.britishdressage.co.uk) has also redesigned its site recently, while an increasing number of competition riders, dealers and yards are realising the benefits of having a presence online.

    Jacky agrees that the attitude of the equestrian world towards the internet is changing and becoming increasingly positive.

    “Historically, British people do not embrace change,” she says. “However, I believe the development of the Internet is the greatest technological advance that has ever happened. It is vital that every industry comes online, including the equestrian industry.

    “It is my dream to have the email address of every BSJA member so we can pass on information, such as rule changes, at the touch of a button. Currently I have about 2,500 email addresses from around 15,000 active members so we have some way to go, but I believe we will get there.”

    To view the new-look BSJA website visit: www.bsja.co.uk

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