British Open SJ Championships results

24 April

Thomas Bates & Son Welcome Stakes

1, Royal Charmer (Marcus Fuchs) SUI; 2, Haddon House Carlson (Michael Whitaker) GBR; 3, Phin Phin (Roelof Bril) NED.

Yorkshire Post Stakes

1, Quinten (Robert Whitaker) GBR; 2, Lord Z (John Whitaker) GBR; 3, Kasting Horses Gavi (Helena Weinburg) GER.

The Unex Corporation British Young Rider Classic

1, Medrano (Tim Gredley); 2, Adventrine (Lindsay Babes); 3, Hopes are High (Matthew Broome).

The Grandstand Classic

1, Lactic Two (John Whitaker) GBR; 2, Russell (Nick Skelton) GBR; 3, Pershing (Peter Charles).

25 April

The Accumulator

1, Cajano (Hauke Luther) GER; 2, Lord Z (John Whitaker) GBR; 3, Cushty (John Renwick) GBR.

The Squibb & Davies Speed Classic

1, Karina (Robert Whitaker); 2, Lady Carthago (Angelique Hoorn); 3, Lactic Two (John Whitaker).

The Sheffield Masters

1, Its Magic Max (Keith Shore) GBR; 2, Abbervail Dream (Di Lampard); 3, Luidam (Billy Twomey) IRE.

The Britsh Home International Challenge

1, Chain Reaction (Derek Moreton) SCOTLAND; 2, Carantina (Gemma Cranton) WALES; 3, True Braveheart) SCOTLAND.

26 April

The Easter Egg Stakes

1, Pandur (Nick Skelton) GBR; 2, Ramiro (Jaime Guerra) MEX; 3, Space Flight (Stein Endresen) NOR.

The Meadowhall Classic

1, Carmen (John Whitaker) GBR; 2, Elise (Mark Armstrong) GBR; 3, Cantate (Hauke Luther) GER.

Anastasia III (Billy Twomey) IRE; 2, Lucky Sky (Robert Smith) GBR; 3, Albfuhren’s Ramonus (Helena Weinberg) GER.

The Puissance

=1, Teddy Bear (Andrew Hamilton) GBR; =1, Amanda Lear (Scott Smith) GBR; =1, Decapo (Michael Whitaker) GBR; =1,Lactic Two (John Whitaker) GBR.

27 April>

1, Pakko (Keith Shore) GBR; 2, Lord Rudi (Grant Cashmore) NZ; =3, Adamo Ameriga (Tom Davin) IRE; =3, Space Flight (Stein Endreson) NOR.

The British Speed Stakes

1, Flesh Direct Glenwood Springs (Tim Stockdale) GBR; 2, Haddon House Carlson (Michael Whitaker) GBR; 3, Phin Phin (Roelof Bril) NED.

The British Home International Challenge (Final)

1, England (Halifax (Corinne Collins); Kansellier (Ellen Whitaker); Tornado (Stuart Neads); Laura’s Choice)); 2, Scotland (Chain reaction (Derek Moreton); Adventurine (Lindsay Babes); Try Braveheart (Moira Young); Silvano Van Texel Bos (Andrew Hamilton)); 3, Wales (Carantina (Gemma Cranton); Britney (Matthew Broome); Rambo III (Sian Price); Calibra II (Lee Williams)).

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