British nations cup team chosen for Spruce Meadows

  • The British team selected for the Spruce Meadows CSIO5* Nations Cup in Canada on Saturday, 11 September, has been announced.

    Performance manager Rob Hoekstra has chosen Geoff Billington (Rosinus), Guy Williams (Torinto Van De Middelstede), Philip Spivey (Romanov II) and Robert Smith (Talan).

    Both Robert Smith with the Cornishes’ 10-year-old stallion Talan and Guy Williams with his own 14-year-old Torinto Van De Middelstede were in the winning five-star Nations Cup team in Abu Dhabi at the start of the year. And Philip Spivey and Tracey Forrest’s 12-year-old stallion Romanov were in the winning four-star Nations Cup team in Austria in May.

    Don’t miss next week’s Horse & Hound for a full report from the Spruce Meadows Masters which runs until Sunday.

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