Blue Sky EC, 7 October

  • BLUE SKY EC Morpeth, Northumberland, 7 October

    jnr starter 1, Minehead Beauty (T Brown). jnr welcome 1, Ordhino Mountain Magic (Z Manson); 2, Jumping Jack Flash (N Bryant); 3, Potlands Goody Two Shoes (J Coulson). 128/138cm 1 & 2, Spiders Dance & Arctic Polar Bear (D Thompson). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m 1, First And Last (D Thompson); 2 & 3, Ocean Breeze & Ellenn (A Davidson). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Spiders Dance; 2, Jack Be Nimble (C Cameron). 14 Oct: jnr welcome 1, Potlands Double Trouble (J Coulson); 2, Smarty (J Slaughter); 3, Minehead Beauty. jnr starter 1, Potlands Goody Two Shoes; 2, Black Abbacus (M Waugh); 3, Minehead Beauty. jnr British novice 1, Findra De La Luna (S Smith); 2, Mad Michigan (D Moiser); 3, Vanilla Sky V (L Mennell). jnr open 1, Mad Michigan; 2, Carramore Champ (D Thompson); 3, Silver Cherokee (K Pickering). 90cm jnr 1, Arctic Polar Bear; 2, Bamalonga Ding Dong (D Moiser); 3, Black Abbacus. 128/138cm 1, Spiders Dance. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, First And Last; 2, Irish Platinum Pleasure. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Spiders Dance. 21 Oct: 80cm 1, Sovereign Ruler (H Critchlow); 2, Miss Katie Brown (R Smith). THB British Equestrian 90cm amateur 1, Lady Java (A Whitehead); 2, R Koh I Noor (L Lewis); 3, Connells Lux Special (S Pitt). Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice 1, Lady Java; 2, R Koh I Noor; 3, Connells Lux Lady (S Pitt).

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