Belgium joins Samsung Super League

Belgium has been promoted to the Samsung Super League after earning the most points in this year’s FEI Nations Cup series. At the FEI Nations Cup final in Argentina last weekend, Belgium finished with a total of 79.5 points, ahead of Denmark on 73 and Italy with 71.5 points.

Steady form, rather than dramatic victories ensured Belgium’s promotion. The team only enjoyed one victory in 2006, at Ypaja in Finland, but were runners-up in Copenhagen, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Greece and accumulated many other good placings.

Belgium’s team was relegated from the Samsung Super League in September 2005 following a fiercely-fought final battle in Barcelona, Spain. This year it was the Irish who bowed out of the Super League, but interestingly Ireland’s developmental teams completed the 2006 FEI Nations Cup series with more points than Belgium. However as Samsung Super League participants they are only permitted to count their points from the higher-level league.

2006 FEI Samsung Nations Cup Series

Belgium 79.5
Denmark 83
Italy 71.5
Austria 51
Brazil 45
Norway 43.5
Hungary 42
Poland 38
Spain 31
Czech Republic 25

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