Gonnerclub Pferdesport Basel 1.40m speed.— 1, Constantin B (HD Dreher) GER; 2, Billy Bianca (R Spooner) USA; 3, Naiade D’Auvers (P Estermann) SUI; 10, Abbervail Van Het Dingeshof (D Lynch) IRL. Thermoplan AG 1.45m speed.— 1, Aristo Z (B Maher) GBR; 2, VDL Groep Eureka (M van der Vleuten) NED; 3, Colore (HD Dreher) GER; 6, Roller Coaster III (L Renwick) GBR. Golden Drum of Basel 1.55m.— 1, Lacrimoso 3 HDC (P Delaveau) FRA; 2, Hello Sanctos (S Brash) GBR; 3, Sterrehof’s Tamino (M Houtzager) NED. Garage Nepple AG 1.45m speed.— 1, Constantin B; 2, Castle Forbes Cosma (RY Bost) FRA; 3, Dassino (E Gaudiano) ITA; 5, Wild Rose (M Whitaker) GBR; 6, Bon Ami (S Brash) GBR; 7, Roller Coaster III. Emil Frey AG 1.50m accumulator with joker.— 1,
Little Lady Z (C Ahlmann) GER; 2, Antello Z (M Whitaker) GBR; 3, Sterrehof’s Uppity (M Houtzager) NED. LGT 1.55m.— 1, Chaman (L Beerbaum) GER; 2, Viking (M Whitaker) GBR; 3, All Star 5 (D Lynch) IRL; 4, Ursula XII (S Brash) GBR; 12, Billy Angelo (W Funnell) GBR. Grand Show Jumping Competition of Solbau GMBH 1.45m speed.— 1, Ulysse (P Schwizer) SUI; 2, Billy Bianca; 3, Una Traviatta (B Mandli) SUI; 6, Beluga (L Renwick) GBR; 8, Twister S (D Lynch) IRL. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois.— 1, Asca Z (C Ahlmann) GER; 2, Lacrimoso 3 HDC; 3, Sterrehof’s Uppity; 7, Oz De Breve (L Renwick) GBR; 10, Ursula XII. Canton Basel-Landschaft 1.45m speed.— 1, Constantin B; 2, Bon Ami; 3, JL’s Komparse (J Sprunger) SUI; 6, Roller Coaster; 9, Antello Z. H Moser & Cie 1.60m GP.— 1, Lennox (L Diniz) POR; 2, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois (RY Bost) FRA; 3, Cevo Itot Du Chateau (E Tops-Alexander) AUS; 8, Hello Sanctos;
12, All Star 5.