WORCESTER LODGE Badminton, Glos, 23 July

ridden hunter (L Szutowicz) local 1, HRH Prince of Wales’ Talisman; 2, L Killingbeck’s Canterbury Tales; 3, A Lewis’ Oliver Thornton. l’wt 1, L Cooke’s William Bonney. h’wt 1& res, L Cooke’s Monteprey; 2, R Stanley’s McCoy. sml 1 & ch, J Lockwood’s Diamond Grove; 2, F Hick’s Bartholomew; 3, L Bowld’s Cobweb III. ladies 1, C Chugg’s Atlantic Traveller; 2, N Roncoroni’s Time And Again; 3, B Cole’s Buster Prince. cob 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Clonbannin Cross; 2, C Mackness’ Uncle Bob; 3, S Few’s Southill Antigua. hunter breeding (H Knight) y’ling 1 & res, M Lawrence’s & I Adsett’s Secret Wish. 2-y-o 1, S Meadow’s Mobee. 3-y-o 1 & ch, M Lawrence’s and I Adsett’s Dare To Dream. RH (R King) sml 1 & res, C Guise’s Sandhill Amber Moon. lge 1 & ch, M Gordon-Watson’s Stormhill Michael; 2, Mrs and Mrs K Richard’s Wexford; 3, P Freegard’s Orion. WH (J Holderness Roddam & L Killingbeck) nov 1, R Curtis’ Marco Gladiator; 2, W Bartlett’s and P William’s Amazing Grace; 3, D Tatlow’s Ambush. l’wt 1 & res, L Cooke’s William Bonney; 2, C Clark’s Pipers Farm Outlaw; 3, N Roncoroni’s Time and Again. h’wt 1 & ch, C Clark’s Pipers Ovation; 2, C John’s Sky; 3, C Morgan’s Colour Of Money. ladies 1, B Cole’s Hot Tip. side saddle equitation Q (L Szutowicz) 1, B Cole’s Prince Buster; 2, P Hutton’s Treasure Tom; 3, C Wickens’ Saker B. coloureds BSPA Q (M Thomas) best marked 1, C Janaway’s Midnight Magic II; 2, K Dayer’s Centre Of Attention; 3, S Peeke’s Bandit. in hand 153cm 1, C Janaway’s Midnight Magic II; 2, L Lockyear’s Sorocco Blue; 3, S Peeke’s Bandit. exc 153cm 1, D Wilkins Lancaster Maine; 2, R Hammond’s Jack-Sun; 3, S Few’s Honeypot Trilby. sport horse & pony 1, D Wilkins Lancaster Maine; 2, S Walkers’s Ircos Moonlight Surprise; 3, K Dayer’s Centre of Attention. y’stck 1 & ch, M Gordon Watson’s Blagdon Maybe; 2, S Pearce’s Llanidian Cheavlier; 3, J Jone’s Ircos Little Lady. ridden 153cm 1 & res, S Few’s Honeypot Right On Target; 2, V Crew’s Cool Gordon; 3, K Kinnerley’s Billy Bob Bob. exc 153cm 1, S Few’s Honeypot Trilby; 2, L Morgan’s Sonora Sunrise; 3, S Few’s Southill Antigua. Burghley young event horse (S Wilton, M Beaufort, R Jones, G Cann, C Landolt) 4-y-o 1, Rocket Science (N Gauntlett); 2, Centurio (E Shoesmith); 3, Lebowski (B Hughes). 5-y-o 1, Chuckleberry (J Geddes); 2, Sylvester (A Peternell); 3, Irish Jester (A Tucker).