Three Counties, Malvern, Worcs, 16-18 June ’06

  • Three Counties, Malvern, Worcs, 16-18 June ’06

    hunter, lwt 1 & ch, Mrs A Smurfitt’s Bow River; 2, G Landau’s Kilmore Quay; 3, Mrs S Hookham’s Reverie. mwt 1, Integrated Packaging Ltd’s Symphony Hall; 2, Mr Oseman’s Fred Willey; 3, Jethro Bloodstock’s Sir Winston. hwt 1 & res & 2, Jethro Bloodstock’s Grand Tavern & The Fieldmaster II; 3, Mrs Walters’ Drynllwyn Keltic Princess. small 1, Jethro Bloodstock’s Bakewell; 2, Mrs Harwich’s Banjo II; 3, Mrs Y J P Withey’s Mr Knightley. ladies 1, Mr A Fradley’s Togher Princess; 2, Mr S Norris’ Snap Judgement; 3, Mrs Glasgow’s Rosscarbarys Royal Flush. cob, lwt 1 & ch, Mr G Phillips’ Goldburg; 2 & res, Miss D Heath’s Lord Of The Rings; 3, Mrs Day’s Maxwell. hwt 1, Miss E Bury’s Waterford; 2, Mr R Walker’s So Smart; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Zenith. amateur 1, Goldburg; 2, Ms Davey’s Lexington II; 3, Mrs Richardson’s Scorpus. 4-y-o hunter 1 & res, Miss Gill’s Lucky Prince; 2, Miss S Chapman’s Vincent; 3, D Tatlow’s Jimmy Mac. novice 1 & ch, Mrs A Southern’s Corbally Man; 2, Messrs Slater’s Majestic; 3, D Tatlow’s Barnadown. lwt amateur hunter 1, Mrs N Moon’s Larkhill; 2, Mrs & Miss W J & E Gibson’s South Pacific; 3, Mrs V Ramm’s The Star. hwt 1, Mrs & Miss W J & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, Mrs N Moon’s Schooner Point; 3, Mrs W Ryle’s Lowry. riding horse small 1, Mr R Walker’s Silken Story; 2, Mrs A S Lobb & Mr P J Lobb’s Gypsy Joan; 3, Mrs J Pope’s Alice Through The Looking Glass. large 1 & ch, Mrs Blissit’s Romeo III; 2 & res, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; Miss Turner’s Kensington Times. hack breeding, b’mare sml 1, Miss V Russell-Wood’s Stage Whisper; 2, M Bedford & S Harding’s Stemar Precious Gem. foal 1, Miss V Russell-Wood’s; 2, M Bedford & S Harding’s. b’mare lge 1, Ms C Wood & Ms M Boyles’ Woodlander Ilena; 2, Mrs L Patrick’s Polly’s Game; 3, Mrs Bourne’s Shortwood To The Manor Born. foal 1, Ms C Wood & Ms M Boyles’ Indigo; 2, Mrs L Patrick’s Highdale Happiness; 3, Mrs Bourne’s Shortwood Sadarahs First Lady. y’ling not exc 154cm at maturity 1, Miss D S Porter & Mr A Pitman’s Wycroft Domingo; 2, Miss M Jansons’Prime Suspect; 3, Kingvean Stud’s Kingvean Celestial Trooper. — 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Millington’s Champagne Charlie; 2, Miss Edwards’ Casanova. — 1, Mrs L D Alexandroff’s Tout-A-Fait; 2, Mrs Hawker & Mrs D Tyler-Davis’ Renelles Regal Romance; 3, Ms Millington’s Bronze Star. 1, ch & sup, Mrs P Byrd Mrs P Hobbs Comberton Clancy; 2, Mrs J Townshend’s Classictop Totty; 3, Miss S Payne’s Pierre De Lune. hunter breeding, b’mare sml 1 & res, Miss S Payne’s Louven Howe; 2, Mr Wareham’s Treawin Leadette; 3, Ms Clack’s Gafros Ruby Tuesday. foal 1, Miss S Payne’s Goodnight Sweetheart; 2, Mr Wareham’s; 3, Mrs L Head’s Lyndell Solar Eclipse. b’mare lwt 1, ch & res sup, Miss Newton’s Bucks Fizz II; 2, Ms E Fretwell’s Luckhurst Limelight. foal 1, Miss Newton’s Kir Royale; 2, Ms E Fretwell’s. y’ling filly 1, Ms R Penn’s Kitza; 2, Mrs Cope’s Victoria Cross; 3, Mr D H Williams’ Lizdale Tickateeboo. colt/geld 1, Mr Coates’ Gladsome; 2, Mr G Buckingham-Bawden’s Double Trouble XI; 3, Gaer Fawr House Stud’s Byrne’s News. 2-y-o filly 1, Mr M Cook’s Dilys Willis; 2, Miss V Scouller’s Roisin; 3, Mr G Webb’s Claudia. colt/geld 1, Mrs S Hookham’s Revelation II; 2, Mrs Bray’s Tullimore Bay; 3, Mr G Phillips’ Evening Rain. 3-y-o filly 1, Ms R Penn’s Winygrafin; 2, Mr W C F Keat’s Fancy Free IX; 3, Mr & Mrs P J Mc Donald’s Silver Pride. colt/geld 1, ch & sup, Miss V Scouller’s Dacoit; 2, Mrs Edwards’ The Real McCoy III; 3, Mr J L Dunlop’s Man On The Moon. Anglo Arab/part-bred y’ling 1 & res, Mrs P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Celebration; 2, Mr C R Sandison & Mrs A D Eccles’ Bankswood Mimosa; 3, Mr & Mrs M Wrighton’s Moorgate High Hopes. 2-y-o 1, End House Stud’s Thursden Vallye Raphael; 2, Miss J Laffey’s Deanshill Sweet Rhapsody; 3, Mr & Mrs M Hounsom’s Coveham Admiration. colt/geld exc 147.3cm 1 & ch, Mrs Hawker & Mrs D Tyler-Davis’ Renelles Regal Romance; 2, Mrs Wilkie’s Pendley Simplicity; 3, Mrs C H Guise’s Sandhills Scallywag. Appaloosa, 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Halstead & Miss L Halstead’s EBA Piont Noir; 2, Mrs Quick’s Rowberton Casanova. y’stk 1, Lawlor’s Perfect Storm; 2, Ms J Shakespeare’s Divine Edition; 3, D Bell’s EBA Northern Light. part-bred 1, Mrs Quick’s Rowberton Demelze; 2, Mr Curnow’s Hot Spot; 3, Miss Heath’s Dancing Wolf. ridden 1, Hot Spot; 2, Mr Field’s Solar Shadow; 3, EBA Piont Noir. pony breeding, b’mare 148cm 1 & ch, Mrs Mansfield’s Rotherwood Peek-a-Boo; 2, Miss D S Porter & Mr A Pitman’s Clonageera Sunflower; 3, Miss L J Fry-Lockier’s Bradmore Lalique. foal 1, Mrs Mansfield’s; 2, Miss L J Fry-Lockier’s Kenbourne Sensation; 3, Mrs J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Surprise. y’ling 141cm 1, y’stk ch & res, Bradmore Celebration; 2, Mr Reeves’ Cuddington Catwalk; 3, Ms Lee’s Deanhills Nutkin. 2/3-y-o 124cm 1, Miss J Laffey’s Deanshill Sweet Rhapsody; 2, Miss Sherard’s Parkhill Little Aria; 3, Mrs Hawker & Mrs D Tyler-Davis’ Deanhills Calendar Girl. exc 124cm 1 & y’stk res, Mr & Mrs J R Careless’ Fairley Tranquility; 2, Mrs Hawker & Mrs D Tyler-Davis’ Deanhills Sweet Dreams; 3, Miss L J Fry-Lockier’s Thornsett Royal Romance. 2/3-y-o exc 134cm 1, Mr P Tsoflias’ Bryncadoc Navigator. miniature horse 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Mr Semmens’ & S Nashvilles Tsunami; 2, Ujenik, Pallatts’ Lucky Four Classy Dude; 3, Mrs J Morris & Miss J Morris’ Ujenik Bustinos Buck. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch & 2, Ujenik, Pallatts’ Ujenik Exstasys Alpine Boy & Ujenik Dare To Dream; 3, M Semmens’ CS Royal Toros Sunny Boy. y’ling 1, Ujenik, Pallatts’ Ujenik Exstasys Starlet; 2, Miss Thompson’s Scott Greek My Key To Fashion; 3, Mrs C Lindsey’s Apollos Joy. Morgan, 2-y-o & under 1, P J B Ruby Tuesday; 2, Mr J Bulmer’s Monnington Charisma. mare 3-y-o & over 1, Mr J Bulmer’s HVK Belle Hill. geld do 1, Miss Critchlow’s Chestfield Caracara; 2, Ms D Fleming’s Shermandell Kaizen; 3, Mr Macleod’s Pennington Drummer. stallion do 1 & ch, Mr J Bulmer’s Charlestown Supersonic; 2 & res, Miss J Critchlow’s M M Unanimou. harness pleasure 1 & res & 2, Mr J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture & Monnington Aura; 3, Mrs C A Reading’s Starwood Whisperin’ Jesse. ridden hunt seat 1, Mr J Bulmer’s Monnington Whizzkid; 2, Pennington Drummer. ridden classic pleasure 1, Chestfield Caracara; 2, Mrs S Poole’s Belmont The Gigalo; 3, Ms G Jones’ Landside Music Man. ridden road hack 1, Mrs S Poole’s Willowwater Nokomis; 2, Ms G Jones’ Landside Mi Lord of the Flies; 3, Pennington Drummer. ridden pleasure 1, Monnington Aura; 2, Monnington Overture; 3, M M Unanimou. ridden park 1 & ch, Charlestown Supersonic; 2, Shermandell Kaizen. snr/jnr youth equitation 1, Pennington Drummer; 2, Belmont The Gigalo; 3,Willowwater Nokomis. BSPA trad/native 153cm 1, Ms W Bartlett’s Brennins’ Premo Boy; 2, Ms V Masters’ Centurian; 3, Mrs Fews’ Southill Farm Gee Whiz. pony not exc 153cm 1, Mrs Lanz’s Misty Blue; 2, Mrs J Thompson’s Miss Money Penny II; 3, Mrs J S Shellard’s Rainbow II. lwt/mwt exc 153cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Djerkallis’ Blaze; 2 & res, Mrs Lanz’s Spot The Fox; 3, Mrs A K James’ Basil Brush. 1, Mr Hosgood’s Challenge Sweet William; 2, Mr Hancock’s Noble Warrior; 3, Mrs C M Carter & Miss K L Carter’s Brother Tobias. 1, Ms W Bartlett’s Toopala Too; 2, Ms Jones’ Royal Colours; 3, Mrs Kellard-Smith’s Wild Man. exc 153cm 1, Mrs Hunton’s Chaseford Dylan; 2, Basil Brush; 3, Mrs James’ Chan Cy Deal. BSPA combined horse/pony 1 & ch, Mrs S Walker’s Thistletowers; 2 & res, Mr P Rabin’s Kalini; 3, Ms Smith’s Master Cracker. Connemara ridden 1, Mrs K E Sheppard’s Rudgeway Silver Belle; 2, Miss S Hodgkins’ Golden Island Star; 3, Mrs A K James’ Lord Tresleigh Nevicata. y’stk 1 & res, Mrs C Ireland’s Haselor Cormack. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs J Webb’s Bunowen Castle Ri; 2, Mrs H M L Lomas’ Holiday Double Cream; 3, Miss S Hodgkins’ Spinway Jay. Dartmoor ridden 1, Mr Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Nutcracker; 2, Mrs Suffling’s Briars Amaretto; 3, Miss R Garland’s Uppacott D’yquem. mare in-hand 1 & ch, Mrs J Grant’s Fairmarsh Candytuft; 2, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & Daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Hazy Day; 3, Miss G Rossall & Wright’s Vean Tatyana. foal 1, Miss G Rossall & Wright’s. filly/colt 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs D Marshal’s Moortown New Romance; 2, Miss G Rossall & Wright’s Treworgan Serenade; 3, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & Daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Sweet Talk. y’ling 1, Miss G Rossall & Wright’s Treworgan Sandpiper; 2, Miss R Garland’s Pantmanr Journey Man; 3, Mrs S Williams’ Moortown Honey. stallion/colt 1, J & D Jordan’s Moortown Countryman; 2, Mrs S Reid’s Moortown Commander; 3, Mr & Mrs A H Brewington’s Crowndale Cricket. Exmoor 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Mrs Poulter’s Flying Buttress; 2, Mrs J Webb’s Blackthorn Sea Poacher; 3, Misses M R Williams & I Nash’s Waltersgay Kingfisher. y’stk 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs D O Thomas’ Coedywern Harebell; 2, Mrs Langford’s Buttondown Emily; 3, Mr S Wharton & Miss J Churchill’s Snelsmore Common Barney. ridden 1, Miss L C Larkman’s Elsinore Simon Sparrow; 2, Mesdames Price & Please’s Woodmans Sheena; 3, Waltersgay Kingfisher. Highland, Fell, Dales 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Miss A Carslaw’s Neath Rose Georgie Girl; 2, Miss L Waite’s Stony Gill Will O’ Th’ Wisp; 3, Mr T B Capstick’s Heltondale Magic XV. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs C M Allin’s Sunnybrowe Mick; 2, Mr T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Princess; 3, S Osborne’s Geordans Bryony. ridden 1, Miss L C Larkman’s Gordon Highlander Of Armoury; 2, Mrs Pound’s Drummersdale Josh; 3, Mrs C M Allin’s Faraday Barney. New Forest ridden 1, Mrs M E Bryant’s Wayland Loganberry; 2, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 3, Mrs Pound’s Moorcorner Minstrel II. stallion 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, L A & L E Booth’s Woodrow Portman; 2, Miss E M Collis’Vernons Toyboy; 3, Sabinas Gold Sovereign. mare/geld 1, Mr J H Young & Nineham’s Brock Baccarat; 2, Mr & Mrs D Dewdney’s Priory Sherbert.
    foal 1, Mr J H Young & Nineham’s. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, Mrs Key’s Rodlease Spring Joy; 2, Mrs Moxon’s Sabinas Northern Light. y’ling 1 & res, D Bevill & P Mc Guirk’s Mallards Wood Saint Peter; 2, P Armitage’s Willoway Madeline; 3, L A & L E Booth’s Hurtstock Bronze Token. Shetland mare 1 & ch, Mr J M Walters’ Schivas Pepsi; 2 & res, C Webb’s Bincombe Pearli Queen; 3, Mr & Mrs S Cozens’ Pasha of Auckhorn. foal 1, Allens Hill Shetlands’ Allens Hill Sheridan; 2, E Smith’s. stallion 1, Mr & Mrs J A T Hodge’s Kerswell Cavalier; 2, Mr M G Arden & Mrs S A Nadin’s Abbotsbury Zak; 3, Ms A Francis & Mr R Francis-Evans’ Southfieldgate Valiant. 1-3-y-o 1, Ms A Francis & Mr R Francis-Evans’ Earlswood Jules; 2, Mr M G Arden & Mrs S A Nadin’s Claylands Princess Isla; 3, Mrs Langford’s Carmilo Ginger. ridden 1, Mr N True’s Toprock Valua; 2, D Hollinshead’s Follgate Ant; 3, Ms A Francis & Mr R Francis-Evans’ Blossom of Crafton. Welsh sec A novice b’mare 1 & res, Friars Stud’s Friars Lili Loa; 2, Mrs K & J Sheil’s Dukeshill Ma Larkin; 3, Miss J M Reed’s Haverford Icicle. b’mare 1, Mrs Waller’s Idyllic Tosca; 2, Mr R Miller & Mr D M Davies’ Sunwillow Yasmin; 3, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s Cledwyn Red Rose. foal 1, Mrs M Whittington’s Papplewick Luigi; 2, Mrs K & J Sheil’s; 3, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s. barren mare/geld 1, Mr Thomas’ Brynrodyn Sioned; 2, Penech Stud’s Flydon Eos; 3, J Bowerman’s Friars Abigail. y’ling colt 1, Mrs K & J Sheil’s Dukeshill Double Diamond; 2, Mr & Mrs S R Heppenstall’s Blackhill Humming Top; 3, Mr S Anderson’s Thistledown Vierra. filly 1, Mrs Crump’s Wernderris Clarissa; 2, M & S Evans’ Pentyrch Jewel; 3, Mr A Fletcher & C J Stein’s Dhanak Royal Velvet. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & ch, Mrs Waller’s Delami Arabella; 2, Mrs Summerfield’s Glyncoch Kelly; 3, Mrs H Hopkinson’s Blackhill Glamour Puss. colt 1, Mrs Scott’s Tamevalley Sahara; 2, J & L Abrahall’s Flydon Lwcus; 3, Mr C Johnston’s Sunwillow Kinglake. stallion 1, Mr W Frank & Mrs V Dyvig’s Sunwillow Galong; 2, Mr E J Evans & Owens’ Crumpwell Lewis; 3, Miss Philipson-Stow’s Pendock Mirage. sec B barren mare/geld 1, Mrs L Wilson’s Paddock Penny Royal; 2, Mrs C Thrower’s Fontmell Bold As Brass; 3, Mrs L A Symon’s Lemonshill Athene. y’ling colt/geld 1, Miss V Stephens’ Annandale Motivator; 2, Mrs J Gibbons’ Kilmorie Danoli. filly 1, Mr & Mrs B Butterworth’s Paddock Priscilla; 2, Mrs J Mansfield’s Paddock Portia; 3, Miss V Stephens’ Annadale Pebbles. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, Mrs J M Hill’s Hilin Tahiti; 2, Mr & Mrs B Butterworth’s Paddock Porcelain; 3, Mrs Butters’ Russetwood Ecstacy. colt 1, Mrs L Davis’ Llanarth Scout; 2, Mrs Mansfield’s Newtonhill Prince Bertie. stallion 1, Mrs Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy. ridden sec A/B 1, Skellorn Choirboy; 2, Miss Pipe’s Karsl Mohican; 3, Muskerry Applejack. sec C barren mare/geld 1 & ch, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs’ Tyngwydwn Moonlady; 2, Mr P Sulsh’s Hywi Rhian; 3, Mr & Mrs S Crutchley’s Synod Lucky Lucy. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs S R Heppenstall’s Henfynyw Mattie; 2, J Bowerman’s Trenewydd Megan. foal 1, Mr & Mrs S R Heppenstall’s Glynwyn Predicts A Riot. y’ling filly 1, Mr & Mrs D Morris’ Neuaddparc Welsh Anthem; 2, Mr Moffatt’s Pwllmelin Dancing Queen; 3, J Bowerman’s Drodega Moonshadow. colt 1, Mr & Mrs Robinson’s Tyreos Sundowner; 2, Mr P Sulsh’s Little Beechen Rascal; 3, Mrs Bodily & Mrs J Williams’ Glebedale Miri Mawr. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Kirk’s Donys Fancy That; 2, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs’ Nebo Honey Bee; 3, Mr & M Crutchley’s Synod Sweet Celina stallion/colt 2-y-o & over 1, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs’ Nebo Liam; 2, Mr R G Mcneal’s Leyeswick The Poacher; 3, Mr J Scammell’s Washingpool Llywelyn. sec D barren mare/geld 1 & ch, Mr L Breeze & E Gant’s Gerrig Unique; 2, Mr & Mrs Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm; 3, Praters’ Penstrumbly Norma Jean. b’mare 1, Mr R G Mcneal’s Hillgarth Wendy; 2, Mr R G Hunt’s Penn Beauty. foal 1, Mr R G Hunt’s; 2, Mr R G Mcneal’s Hillgarth Rosie Ribbons. y’ling 1, Praters’ Rhencullen Juliet; 2, Miss Coppins’ Taraco Fiasco; 3, Mr J Merrick’s Brynithon Free Spirit. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, Mrs Ferris’ Rotherdale Xsara; 2, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs Nebo Julie Ann; 3, Mrs S Watkins’ Horeb Undeg. colt 1, Mr Smith’s Trevallion Black Harry; 2, Mr J Merrick’s Brynithon The Invinsible; 3, Mr Eynon’s Crumpwell Bori. stallion 1 & res, Mr Llewellyn James’ Avonvalley Cardiff Arms; 2, Mr & Mrs Jones’ Menai Sparkling Imperial; 3, Mr Watts’ Trixies Black Prince. ridden sec C/D 1, Mrs P Burnie’s Sydenham Elderberry; 2, Mrs Reed’s Derwen Sea Captain; 3, Mrs B Wessely’s Panstacan Primrose. HOYS M&M LR 1 & ch, Mrs A Smalley’s Eikens Fifer; 2, Mr M G Dixon’s Crossways Amethyst; 3, Mrs Boyles Colne Tantivy. 1 & res, Mrs E L Conway’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelett; 2, Ms Gould’s Spring Bourne Emanuel; 3, Mrs S Perham’s Rosemarche Hollyoak. — 1, Mr M Pannell & Miss S Carpenter’s Woodrow Prince Harry; 2, Mrs L A Hughes’ Nyton Mister Mistofolos; 3, Mrs Rees’Manorbeir Daniel. 138cm 1 & res, Mrs S K Smith’s Ponts Green Uist; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Starcrest Mel Aur; 3, Mrs Underwood’s Castanau Knave of Hearts. 122cm 1 & ch, Countess of Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 2, Miss Barnett’s Skywood Hi-Mac; 3, Mrs Williams’ Bunbury Czar. M&M nov WHP 122cm 1, Mrs Stewart’s Waitwith Connie; 3, Mrs E Williams’ Crumpwell Folly; 3, Mrs M Nevin’s Swinford Smart Man. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs Bloor’s Hesworth Topaz; 2, Mrs Davies’ Fenrose Foolsday; 3, Mrs L David-Jenkins’ Stourton Jethro. exc 138cm 1 & res, Mrs E J Launder’s Morlyn Welsh Joy; 2, Ms Remmen’s Finnes; 3, Mrs E J Launder’s Skelwith Rocket’s Queen Of Oaks. NPS Templeton/O’Neill M&M ridden sec C/D 1 & ch, Mr Marston’s Cathael Miss Lauren; 2, Miss Wheatcroft’s Sydenham Forget-Me-Not; 3, Ms Gould’s Peasedown Pinging Popcorn. Highland, Fell, Dales 1, Drummersdale Josh; 2, Mrs C M Allin’s Faraday Barney; 3, Miss A Tweedale’s Dene Shooting Star. New Forest, Connemara 1 & res, Mrs K Evans’ Mr O’Neil; 2, Mr & Mrs D B Dewdney’s Merrie Monksilver; 3, Mr Knowles & Jackie Josey’s Buttslawn Gemini. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland 1, Uppacott D’yquem; 2, D Lacey’s Narnia; 3, Waltersgay Kingfisher. Haflinger ridden 1, Mrs R Bailey’s Oxnead Act One; 2, Miss S O’leary’s Millslade Strasse; 3, Mrs H Davies’ Earendil Ahoshta. male any age 1 & ch, Oxnead Act One; 2 & res, Mr A Mogridge’s Amos; 3, Millslade Strasse. female any age 1, Mrs A J Barrett’s Oxnead Sonia; 2 & 3, Mr Clark’s Lykia & Fiona. ID & ID sport horse b’mare 1, Mrs R Jennings’ Avanti Gregorious Gloria; 2, Mrs D E Davies’ Kilcommon Clover. foal 1, Mrs R Jennings’; 2, Mrs D E Davies’. y’ling 1, Miss V Scouller’s Dame De Flandres; 2, Miss Marshall’s Milligans Will be; 3, Mrs George’s Indigo Rambo. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs List’s Deards Catchphrase; 2 & res, Mr G Phillips’ Lodge Hill; 3, Mr & Mrs J Swift’s Munfin Rubie Lowe. sport horse y’ling 1, Miss E B Langford’s Tysons Diamond Cove. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs Kingham’s Royal Gem; 2, Mr Mc Girr’s Tyrone Ballyridge; 3, Mrs C Rankin’s Oldhouse Kalamoon. ridden ID 1, Mrs J Sarsfield’s True Blue; 2, Mrs Roche’s Mister Percival; 3, Miss Limburn’s Wickhams Gulliver. sport horse 1 & ch, Mr Evans’ Millennium Lad; 2 & res, Mrs G Doble’s Jet Rocket; 3, Hot Spot. — 1, Mr Harris’ Foxholm Moondance; 2, Mrs Rose’s Silver Saphire; 3, Mr Little’s Croft Limited Edition. — 1 & res, Mrs M R Cartlidge’s Tidesbrook Roger Rabbit; 2, Mrs Boyles’ Nantcol Sir Galahad; 3, Mrs A S Lobb & Mr P J Lobb’s Cosford Charmaine. — 1 & ch, Mrs E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2, Mrs Dent’s Chinook Chanelle; 3, Ms Curbishley’s Barkway Misty Morn. — 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Satelitte; 2, Mr G Warren’s Rubber Ball; 3, Mrs Jones’ Mix & Match. — 1 & ch, Miss Hooper Smith’s Lucky Limmerick; 2, Mrs Snedker’s Camblin Boy; 3, Mrs Glasgow’s Rosscarbarys Royal Flush. 1 & res & 2, Miss J K Smith’s Charisma & Felton Aus; 3, Miss Hooper Smith’s Out Of Bounds. 1 & res, Miss Harvey’s Chaseford Chanel; 2, Mrs Maycock’s Chaseford Aspen; 3, Mrs A Harris & Mrs R Proud’s Elwell Master Periwinkle. 1 & ch, Mrs Jago & Mrs Carvosso’s Posh Spice II; 2, R Templeton & D O’Neill’s Huntroyde Perfection; 3, Mrs M E Davey’s Ninfield Love Story. 148cm 1, Mrs Salter’s Braeglen Masquerade; 2, Ms J Templeton’s Courtvale Dark Secret; 3, Mrs Thomas’ Holltess Little Sweet Melody. open WH lwt 1 & ch, Mrs J Snedker’s Storming Norman; 2, Miss Walsh’s Kurarz; 3, Miss J Smith’s Beach Baby. WH hwt 1 & res, Felton Aus; 2, Mr S Norris’ Beinn Bhan; 3, Mr Clarke’s Pipers Ovation. palomino y’stk 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s Sameon Golden Virtue; 2, Mrs D May’s Roundhills Maysong; 3, J W Nunn’s Sirnunn Royal Hope. 3-y-o & over mare/geld 1, Mr & Mrs & Miss D & J Stokes’ Blaencanaid Indiana; 2, Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s Sameon Golden Cashmere; 3, Mrs Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold. stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs D J Watkins’ Atinska Blaze A Trail; 2, Mrs Stowe’s Selestial Sun Dial; 3, J W Nunn’s Pewit Dancing Movie Magic. ridden 1, D West’s Sandygold Coppermine; 2, Mrs H M Thomas’ Perryditch Lightning Touch; 3, Mr & Mrs A L Lowth’s Pippins Golden Isabella. Arab mare 1 & ch, Mrs M Waring’s TR Coco Chanel (US); 2, Mrs H M L Lomas’ Mona Lisa Bey (US); 3, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Rusila. y’ling filly 1 & res, Woodbank Arabians’ Maliana. 2/3-y-o colt/geld 1, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Saudee; 2, B Lewis’ Kazeme El Mystral. geld 4-y-o & over 1, Mrs M Waring’s Petron; 2, S Cruise’s Galoul; 3, Mrs K Hall’s Shariq. stallion 1, Mrs Bint’s Distinkt; 2, Miss C Gardner’s Crystearos. Racehorses to Riding Horses nov show 1 & ch, Miss R Thomas’ Sherkhan; 2 & res, Mrs Hammond’s Peacetown; 3, Miss F Tibbetts’ Luks Akura. nov perf 1, Sherkhan; 2, Miss C Burrington’s Volontiers; 3, Mrs V A Reynolds’ Belles Rives. open show 1, Peacetown; 2, Allen’s Hanbrin Rose; 3, Mrs Owen’s Storm Man. open perf 1, Mr Jackson’s Billy Bird; 2, Storm Man; 3, Miss Herrington’s Nashville Star. Arab ridden 1 & ch, Mrs A S Hooley’s Toman; 2, Mrs K Hall’s Shariq; 3, TR Coco Chanel (US). Anglo/part-bred ridden 1 & res, Mrs A L Sanders’ Top Of The Bill II; 2, Miss C A Brookes’ Rosedale Dominion; 3, Ms I Thomas’ Pricklegate Marimba. BSPS SHP 122cm 1 & res, Mrs J Hawkins’ Rodham Sir Thomas; 2, Mrs L Card’s Littlebriars Told You So; 3, Mrs J Harvey’s Rillaton Trade Fair. 133cm 1, Mrs L Edwards’ Hindleap Choir Boy; 2, Mrs Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 3, Mrs Thackray’s Duntarvie Catcher. 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs D Thomas’ Crafton Waltz Of The Toreador; 2, Mrs K J Neachell’s Van Gogh; 3, Patterson Horseboxes’ Roseberry Spanish Conquest. 153cm 1, Mr N Haynes’ Sukhothai; 2, Mr & Mrs Miller’s Regal Dancer; 3, Mrs K A Manning’s Noble Diamond. side-saddle 1, Miss Dawson’s Shadow Of Doubt; 2, Mrs E Rogers’ Bold Sky IV; 3, Miss S Hayward’s Burlington Bertie. costume concours d’elegance 1, Shadow Of Doubt; 2, Mrs J Leighton’s Calvary Clover; 3, Miss C French’s Parkmead Songbird. spotted ponies y’stk not exc 147.3cm 1, ch min & ch, Ms J Martlew’s Hermits Tiger Lily; 2, Miss S Francis’ Halstock Star Struck; 3, Miss Evans’ Hollowmoor White Teddy. stallion/mare/geld 1, res min & res, Miss S Francis’ Lilleshall Cosmos Pearl; 2, Ms L Welch & A Bray’s Just Five; 3, Miss L Cullingford’s Glenfall Tintagel’s Legend. BSPS WHP NS 1, Mrs Ryder & Mr J Phillips’ Northlight Solero; 2, Mrs Horton & Mrs J Clayton’s Joey B; 3, Mrs J A Meyrich’s Penmaric Miss Moppet. 133cm 1 & ch, Northlight Solero; 2, Mrs C A Horsley’s Lowfold Quids In; 3, Joey B. 143cm 1, Mrs C A Horsley’s Carnsdale Casper; 2, Mrs Straume-Brown’s Fantastic Mr Fox; 3, Howells’ Eye Catcher. 153cm 1, Mrs S Grose’s Bombay Mix; 2 & res, Mrs L A Hughes’ Nyton Mister Mistofolos; 3, Ms J Owen’s Chiddock Spot Check.

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