SWPA supporters brave the gales at qualifying show

  • Despite a horrendous night of gales, large numbers were on parade for an early start at Coombe Park Equestrian Centre for the SWPA’s in-hand and ridden affiliated show with Ponies (UK), Royal London and SWPA Winter Festival and Summer Championship qualifiers.

    Old faces intermingled with new to create an atmosphere of great expectations and revived memories.

    Danielle Balsdon had a good day on her Shetland Hollydell Sensation taking the mountain and moorland ridden championship, having won the small breeds Ponies (UK) Llanarth qualifier and reserve championship in the open section after winning the ridden coloured class against strong competition from the larger horses. She then entered the ring on her new pony, Skywood Springboc, and achieved a creditable third place in the Ponies (UK) Waxwing First Ridden class.

    Christine Knowles from Hunterswood Riding Centre began her season by bringing Debbie Willing’s wonderful coloured cob Harlequin Kerryor to contest veteran classes, where he won his ticket to the SWPA finals in September. Christine also bought her new mount for the season, Debbie Willing’s coloured Waltersgay Lady In Red, and won the Ponies (UK) Springfield Part-bred Ridden qualifier and was second in the ridden coloureds. She then went on to take the open ridden championship.

    Jessica Sayers, who arrived without her pony because parents Lucy and Andrew Sayers’s lorry broke down on the way to the show, missed her early classes. SWPA committee members launched a rescue mission and Jananda My Valentine arrived later in the day to win the mountain and moorland junior ridden section. He then went champion, none the worse for his long adventure.

    Clare Selway also missed her early Arab classes, due to her horse Suneagle “feeling that a stable was better than a moving trailer with such a wind still blowing”. Clare enjoyed the morning classes as a spectator and returned with “Freddie” later in the day to get a second in the veteran horse and third in the competition horse classes.

    Tessa Morgan had a good outing with her miniature Shetlands taking a first in a strong mountain and moorland yearling class, and a second in the 2-3 yrs class. New competitor Neave Stone, 5, won the 4- to 7-year-old young handler class with one of Karen Hodge’s Shetlands. She then became reserve champion to teenager Jessica Sayers.

    Helen Woolley and her home-bred lead rein pony Cherrytop Blaze of Glory won the show hunter lead rein, was second in the novice division and took the reserve championship in the mini ridden section. The championship went to Peter Hendy’s Rhydspence Renown from the mountain and moorland first ridden class.

    SWPA will hold their next show at Poltimore on 21 March. A copy of the schedule can be downloaded from their website www.southwestponyassociation.co.uk or by sending an A5 [49p] SAE to Mrs M Broad, 7 Sand Farm Lane, Sandbay, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS22 9UF

    PUK Keston Royal Occasion [Mrs S Zebadee] Yrling Sml Brds – 1, T Morgan’s Halstock Colleen Sox; 2, K Hodges’s Kalamara Debutant; 3, P Paton’s Woodybottom Honey Bunny; Yrling Lge Brds – 1, L Jeffery’s Clandon Pireot 6th; 2, J Woodbury’s Caerddawiel Lady Lara; 2/3 yrs Sml Brds – 1 & Ch, C Taylor’s Cristea Midnight Cowboy; 2, T Morgan’s Halstock Bear’s Honeycombe; 3, K Vicary’s Briervale Cassandra; 2/3 yrs Lge Brds – 1 & Res Ch, L Morris’s Mardledale Tilly; 2, J Woodbury’s Kylebeck Custer; 3, J Westlake’s Baytor Samson; 4 yrs+ Sml Brds – 1, P Cleaver’s Trefursdon Ring of Bells; 2, B Hodge & J Walters’s Schivas Amber; 3, T Atherton’s Gwaundarll Rene; 4 yrs+ Lge Brds – 1 & Ch, J Wyman’s Walstead Willow Warbler; 2, Cherrytop Stud’s McIlveen Mattie; 3, W Heller’s & R Pink’s Kirtle Noble Fir; M&M Owner Bred 1/2/3 yrs – 1, Baytor Samson; 2, Kalamara Debutant; 3, Woodybottom Hunny Bunny; SWPA In-Hand Qualifiers [Ms G Edgar] M&M PB 1/2/3 yrs – 1, J Busch’s Danwood Little Star; 2, D Newton’s Kate; 3, B Brooks’s Corringdon Even Song; 4 yrs+ – 1, A King’s Dawhills Natterjack; 2, S Thompson’s Oaklyvaile Gentleman in Suede; 3, T Budd’s Chinnook Cameo; Pure, PB, AA Arab 1/2/3 yrs – 1 & Ch, C Bishop’s Newoak Spice; 2, T Atherton’s Rusadia 4 yrs+ – 1, Corbett’s Firsland Cheynerre; Riding Pony 1/2/3 yrs – 1, Newoak Spice; 2, Danwood Little Star; 3, B Brooks’s Corringdon Even Song; 4 yrs+ – 1, Dawhill Natterjack; 2, L Wilson’s Solstice Sunrise; 3, J Penrose’s Diptford Royal Level; Hunter Pony 1/2/3 yrs – 1, C Hood’s Uppacott Magnum Opus; 2, P Munk’s Granite Queen of War; 4 yrs+ – 1, Clinnick’s Indee Anna; 2, Dawhills Natterjack; 3, Solstice Sunrise; Comp Horse exc 148cms – 1, R Shearer’s Millie; 2, E Ludd’s Honeypot Shenanigan; 3, Oaklyvaile Gentleman In Suede; Comp Pony n/e 148cms – 1 & Res Ch, Kirtle Noble Fir; 2, M Lawrence’s Riverford Love In The Mist; 3, C Selway’s Suneagle; RH – 1, Millie; 2, S Eccles’s Salome; 3, T O’Connor’s Maverick’s Cape Caracus; Hunters – 1, J Densham’s Mr Smartie Pants; 2, Oaklyvaile Gentleman In Suede; 3, Indee Anna; Veteran Hrse/Pony – 1, Cherrytop Stud’s Trewithian Kelpie; 2, Suneagle; 3, Diptford Royal Lover; Ex Racehorse – 1, M Cooper’s Access Overseas; Coloured Hrse/Pony 1/2/3 yrs– 1, Riverford Love In A Mist; 2, Uppacott Magnum Opus; 3, S Back’s Brokefill Merry Meg; 4 yrs+ – 1, S Wright’s Geronimo Tornado; 2, Mr Smartie Pants; 3, A Fairhead’s Arnie; Owner Bred [non M&M] – B Brooks’s Corringdon Even Song; 2, M Sewell’s Soady Sweet Ebony; SWPA Young Handlers [Mrs M Arrow-Smith Brown] 4 –7 yrs; 1 & Res Ch, Neave Stone; 2, S Meer; PUK Chesham Handler 7 – 14 yrs; 1& Ch, Jess Sayers; 2, C Hood; 3, Fiona Wilson; 14 yrs+ – 1, Clare Selway; 2, Debbie Murch; 3, F Back; SWPA Ridden [Mrs M Arrowsmith-Brown] Nov LR – 1, M Sewell’s Drakelands Celicia; 2, Cherrytop Stud’s Cherrytop Blaze of Glory; 3, S Hayes’s Khaya China Doll; Beginners FR – 1, J Pitman’s Rothiemay Olympus; 2, L Hutchinson’s Poppy; 3, B Pennington’s Barkway Morning Glory; Open LR – 1, L Hutchinson’s Sainthill Daisy Belle; 2, L Opperman’s Nantcol Quizacal; 3, C Pooley’s Danibeck Thumbelina; Open FR – 1, Drakelands Celica; 2, Brine’s Glebedale Phantom; 3, J Rayner’s Finglebridge Figurehead; SHP LR – 1 & Res Ch, Cherrytop Blaze of Glory; 2, C Pooley’s Toya Tortella; 3, Sainthill Daisy Belle; PUK Confined Novice M&M LR – 1, H Andrews’s Chytodden Principal Boy; 2, Rothieman Olympus; 3, L Hutchinson’s Sarum Romeo; M&M FR – 1, Sarum Romeo; 2, J Matthews’s Gangsdown Troubadour; 3, H Andrews’s Sarum Jessamine; PUK Colne M&M LR [Mrs H Houseman] – 1, Webster’s Chetwynd Rollo; 2, S Meer’s Bryndanst Denbeigh; 3, D Canham’s Ronswood Gambler; PUK Waxwing M&M FR – 1 & Ch, P Hendy’s Rhydspence Renown; 2, Gangsdown Troubadour; 3, T Balsdon’s Skywood Springboc; Pure/AA/PD Arab – 1, K Honeywill’s Firsland Cheynerre; Show Pony – 1, P Hendy’s Bluegate Punchline; 2, L Wilson’s Charlgrove Ebonita; PUK Mirage SHP Exc 122-158cms – 1, Firsland Cheynerre; PUK Springfield PB Ridden n/e 148cms– 1 & Res Ch, Bluegate Punchline; 2, Chinook Romeo; 3, C Stacey’s Kizzy; exc 148cms – 1 & Ch, D Willing’s Waltersgay Lady In Red; 2, Oaklyvaile Gentleman In Suede; SWPA Junior Open Ridden n/e 138cms– 1 & Res Ch, Charlegrove Ebonita; 2, Bluegate Punchline; exc 138cms – 1, A Huxtable’s Centyfor Coloured Creation; M&M Sml Brds – 1 & Ch, L Sayers’s Jananda My Valentine; 2, J Matthews’s Coedpoeth Jessica; 3, T Balsdon’s Hollydell Sensation; Lge Brds – 1, V Gilbert’s Golden Kings Express; PUK Con Nov M&M Sml Brds [Mrs M Arrowsmith-Brown] – 1, P Hendy’s Linksbury Razzamatazz; Lge Brds – 1, H Perry’s Fochnant Lia; 2, M Booth’s Ashgrove Redrose; PUK Llanarth M&M Sml Brds [Mrs H Houseman] – 1 & Ch, Hollydale Sensation; 2 & Res Ch, Rhydspence Renown; Lge Brds – 1, Fochnant Lia; 2, Golden King’s Express; SWPA Novice Ridden [Mrs R Brueford] M&M Sml Brds – 1 & Res Ch, M Tooze’s Thistledown Busy Bee; 2, Coedpoeth Jesica; 3, Linksbury Razzamatazz; Lge Brds – 1, J Jones’s Sherways Flora Flodigary; 2, M Ingham’s Maemynach Jet; 3, McIlveen Mattie; Nov Show Pony – 1, Kizzy; Nov SHP – 1, G Tooze’s Toya Whispering Band; 2, Kizzy; 3, C Staceys’s Knivers Meadow Freedom; Nov Hack/RH – 1, M Coopers’s Access Overseas; 2, Indee Anna; Nov LR – 1, Drakeland’s Celica; 2, G Pople’s Whispering Summers Breeze; 3, B Rae’s Samber Speculation; Nov FR – 1 & Ch, Drakelands Celicia; 2, Barkway Morning Glory; 3, J Jordan’s Cayberry Quite Unique; Nov Combinations – 1, C Moor’s Russian Roulette; 2, M Ingham’s Maesmynach Mandy; PUK Watson Comp Hrse/Pony [Mrs S Zebadee] n/e 148cms – 1, Charlegrove Ebonita; 2, Centyfor Coloured Creation; 3, Chinnok Cameo; exc 148cms – 1, Oakvaile Gentleman In Suede; 2, Royal Occasion; Coloured – 1 & Res Ch, Hollydell Sensation; 2, Waltersgay Lady In Red; 3, Mr Smartie Pants; Col LR – 1, S Bennette’s Littlepark Melchoir; Hack – 1, N Walters’s Foreign Field; Hunter – 1, Oaklyvaile Gentleman In Suede; Veteran – 1 & Ch, D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor; 2, Diptford Royal Lover; 3, Bryndansi Denbeigh; Cob – 1, J Brooks’s William The Conqueror; Ex Racehorse – 1, Foreign Field; 2, Access Overseas; Senior Riders – 1, M Cooper’s Access Overseas.

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