Suffolk Show 2 – 3 June ’04

  • SUFFOLK Ipswich, 2-3 June

    Suffolk gelding 4-y-o & over 1, DW Arbon & VA Ecclestons Tollemache Bertie; 2, Banham Zoos Samford Edward; 3, Banham Zoos Bazoo Luke. filly 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs JW Flemings Eyke Amber. mare 1, N Bradley & J Purses Fenland Glen; 2, R Cooke & Sons Somerleyton April; 3, CK Spaldings Tollemache Angy. foal 1, Mr & Mrs JW Flemings Eyke Samphire; 2, Kentwell Halls Kentwell Bugle. mare foal at foot 1, Mr & Mrs JW Flemings Eyke Opal; 2, Kenwell Halls Kentwell Celandine. stallion 1 & ch, PC Morleys Samford King Louis; 2, Mr & Mrs JW Flemings Colony Millenium; 3, N Syretts Robeck Classic The First. hunters in-hand: filly yling 1, Mr & Mrs C Clarks April Showers VII; 2, C Coathupes Lennox Daisy. do colt/gelding 1, F Hall’s yling; 2, JK Buckles The Delinquent; 3, JK Buckles Love Shambles. filly/gelding 2- y-o 1 & res, W Embletons Grand Baie; 2, M Larkins Rococo VI; 3, P Braces Midsummer Dream. filly 3-y-o 1, E Steptoes Maatilda; 2, JK Buckles Wipeout. gelding 3-y-o 1 & y’stck ch, Lady Kelvedons Sir Jasper II; 2, ML Hennessy & RG Crebers Cold Mountain; 3, C Charnicks Dundeal. yling/2/3-y-o colt/filly/gelding 158cm at maturity 1, I Finchs Lalique III; 2, CA Constables Clareb First Edition; 3, P Unwins Baythorne Knighthawk. mare likely to breed competition horse 1, AJ Welchs Atlantics River Dance; 2, A Williamss Missed The Boat; 3, AM Sturgess Redpath Georgina. sml hunter brood mare 158cm with foal at foot 1 & ch mare and res hunter, Atlantics River Dance; 2, C Osbornes Etherow Absolutely Fabulous. hunter foal, produce of above C Osbornes Etherow foal; 2, AJ Welchs The Dandy. hunter brood mare exc 158cm with foal at foot 1, GA Smiths Broadstone DElegance; 2, Redpath Georgina. hunter foal, produce of above 1, GA Smiths Fritz Debutante; 2, AM Sturgess Redpath foal. ridden hunters: lwt 1, JM Jerrams Rosenbright; 2, NA Heseltines Kozee; 3, MA Prags On Parade II. mwt 1, Mr & Mrs J Rawding & Mr & Mrs J Wilsons Reaction; 2, M Stevenss Romany King; 3, J Armstrong-Smalls Justine-Piolus. hwt 1 & res, L Kelbies Milov; 2, JF Tanners Hermes; 3, Mr & Mrs AJ Williamss Owen Bouy. sml hunter 1, Mr & Mrs M Underwoods Paddington VI; 2, Mr & Mrs D Stennetts Omega; 3, W Kings Cloud Nine V. hunter b2000 1, C Brookings Moreton Maverick; 2, F Mainwarings Dagworth Maestro. ladies hunter 1, JM Jerrams Noble Clover; 2, J Blundells Quantro Bay; 3, JR Simpers Mousie Brown. WH exc 148cm 1, Lady K Willss Litchfield Derymor; 2, L Cookes William Bonney II; 3, M Davies’s New York Van Liederkerke. in-hand Irish Draught: pure bred ystck 1, K Gillams Monnybrook If Only; 2, J Mackenzies Sunnymoss Diamond Bienn. pure bred Irish Draught mare/gelding 1 & res, R Jenningss Avanti Gregarious Gloria; 2, C Atkinsons Shanacloon Rose; 3, E Warrs Bullfinches Bay Of Donegal. Irish Draught sport horse 1 & ch, TM Palmer’s Dollys Bricket; 2, TM Palmers Oscar IV. ridden pure bred Irish Draught stallion/mare/gelding 1, Shanacloon Rose; 2, Avanti Gregarious Girl; 3, Bullfinches Bay Of Donegal. Irish Draught sport horse stallion/mare/gelding 1 & ch, R & D Kemps Lucky Skip; 2 & res, S Tutchers Skipover; 3, J Carrolls Said Alice. side saddle concours d’elegance 1, P Rouses Mister Picnic; 2, A Watess Hunter Moon II; 3, A Fennells Crusading. in-hand hack brood mare in foal/foal at foot 1 & res, Atlantics River Dance; 2, Etherow Absolutely Fabulous. lge hack/RH yling 1, J Graces Stambrook Sensation. lge hack/RH 2/3-y-o 1, A Chataway & F Meads Bring Me Sunshine; 2, LD Alexandroffs Regardez Moi; 3, S Salmons Mels Sweet Solo. sml hack/RH yling 1, EM Pitmans Aztec Blue; 2, ME Carrs Dancing Gem. sm hack/RH 2/3-y-o 1, A Sherriffs Broadstone Dolca Vita; 2 & ch, JM Jerrams Bridget Jones. ridden sml hack 1 & ch, S Churchs Catwalk Little Star; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs D Stennetts Little Nell; 3, Z Littles Maimorne Party Time. ridden cob lwt 1 & ch, Lady C Tyrrells Beaverbrook; 2 & res, Lady Benton-Joness Venture Gold; 3, LM Kidners Another Pippin. do hwt 1, W Kings Churchill III: 2, Lady C Tyrrells Frost Jack; 3, JF Tanners Tuppence. cob type 1, J Van Praaghs Eirins Clover; 2, JP Boyds System Two-Touch And Go. ridden sml RH 1 & ch, HL Cowleys Questionaire; 2, Mr & Mrs D Stennetts One Better; 3, V & A Lucass Litton Magical Mistral. do lge 1 & res, RD Colsons Cynthia; 2, P Irelands Dolphin Aristocrat; 3, S Nobles Kesrah Royal Oliver. in- hand warmblood brood mare cert in foal/foal at foot 1, Woodcroft Studs Pr St OHara; 2, Redpath Georgina. do yling 1, Woodcroft Studs Woodcroft Florence II; 2, C Beamishs Oppostion Bequest; 3, A Whites Lanzetta. do 2-y-o 1 & ch, J & RMK Shenfield’s Overstones Matisse; 2 & res, L Smiths Kaiser Jubilee. do 3-y-o 1, C Charnicks Dundeal. Anglo/part bred Arab yling 1, Miss Fry-Lockiers Whinfell Anastasia; 2, ME Carrs Dancing Gem. do 2/3-y-o. 1, Aquarius Studs Aquarius Ice Masterpiece; 2, D Herrons Castanya Moonlite; 3, Miss Fry-Lockiers Fidra Double O Seven. pure bred Arab y ‘ling 1, Mr & Mrs P Atkinson & N Howard-Prices Aaraminta; 2, V Tyler’s Czanthera. do 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs Grant & Mrs Grant Chiverss Miriam Bey; 2, Mr & Mrs TJ Mattockss Shaheil Ibn Sadik. Anglo/part bred Arab 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, H Haggers Comberton Classic; 2, Etherow Absolutely Fabulous; 3, J Worsleys Karuna. pure bred Arab 4-y-o & over 1 & res, V Tylers Khazmeara; 2, Mrs Grant & Mrs Grant Chiverss Bint El Nil; 3, A Bevans Raydon Prince. ridden Arabs: anglo/part bred 4-y-o & over 148cm 1, SJ Welbys Hollyhill Julianne; 2, PM Gussins Renmark Master Mason; 3, J Brownes Phoenix Blue Star. do exc 148cm 1 & res, V & A Lucass Litton Magical Mistral; 2, M Spellers Cratfield Magic Lantern; 3, N Wilkess Stanley Grange Encore. pure bred Arab 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, V & A Lucass Grenade; 2, H Budges Ikoni; 3, PS Pinkerton’s Kancarnas Platinum Crown. in-hand skewbald & piebald: best colour & markings 1, L Wisemans American Apache; 2, S Whitehands Winston; 3, unlisted. coloured ystck & foal 1 & ch, K Smiths Puzzles Mothers Pride; 2, SA Harveys Brookfarm Mr Chips; 3, S Wrights Heywood Harlequin. best skewbald & piebald 1 & res, K Barretts Pawneese; 2, T Olivers Harlequin Dream; 3, Winston. coloured cobs/vanners/traditionals exc 153cm 1, Winston; 2, American Apache; 3, L Benningfields Mallen. ridden skewbald/piebald: open pony 153cm 1 & res, J Blundells Money-Penny; 2, VA Jenkinss Nijinski Derma. do horse exc 153cm 1, Harlequin Dream; 2, J Armess Mr Right; 3, Mr & Mrs MR Underwoods The Midnight Sun. cobs/vanners/traditionals exc 148cm 1 & ch, Mitchell/Harriss Beswick Bertie; 2, S Greens Total Eclipse III; 3, SA Forwoods Athena. in-hand Lusitanos: part-bred Lusitano/Portugese horse 1 & 2, Pine Lodge School Of Classical Equitations Galan & Mafioso. pure bred Lusitano 1, Sussex Lusitanos Numerario; 2, SJ Caves Oasis; 3, Pine Lodge School Of Classical Equitations Xerife. ridden Lusitanos: part-bred Lusitano/Portugese horse 1, Mafioso; 2, Galan; 3, Pine Lodge School Of Classical Equitations Marmello. pure-bred Lusitano 1 & ch, Numerario; 2, Oasis; 2, G Oppenhiems Pruivel. parade horse in traditional Portugese dress – pure bred or part bred Lusitano or Portugese horse 1, Mafioso; 2, SJ Caves Golfinho; 3, Pine Lodge School Of Classical Equitations Infinito. in-hand Spanish horses: part-bred 1, P Lee’s Jaranero; 2, J Parkmans Panadero; 3, S Chattings Campero. pure bred mare/filly 1, Sky Pre Studs Dichosa. pure bred stallion/colt/gelding 1, E Thomass Averroesi; 2, T Goddards Zafiro 4; 3, C Clinkards Balastro. ridden Spanish horses: pure or part-bred 1, L Oulds Zurito XXIII: 2, Campero; 3, Balastro. pony 148cm riden, owned, stabled & exhibited by child residing in the County 1, M Banks- Brownes Lanson; 2, R Wrights Spinning Dale Alicia; 3, I Clarkes Rosslyn Muskrose. LR 1, J Armstrong-Smalls Prince Charming VI; 2, Michell/Harriss Brookwood Fern; 3, A Marling & G Taverner ‘ s Barkway Twinkle Berry. open FR 1, V Wiggss Firle Squirrell Nutkin; 2, J Judges Abbeyvale Titania; 3, J Watts Springdale Superstar. SP 128cm 1, Lady Benton-Joness Daldorn Skye Dancer; 2, K Browns Ballyloughan Highland Fling; 3, Hightopps Show Teams Hightopps Royal Blue. do 138cm 1 & res, J Scrivens Small Land Allscott; 2, Mr & Mrs Salters Chiddock Pillow Talk; 3, A Loves Sheraton Georgette. do 148cm 1 & ch, Lady M Benton-Joness Daldorn Spring Whisper; 2, K Ramseys Hamptowne Dream Catcher; 3, M Banks-Brownes Talpowciau High Society. LR of HT 1, K Hirsts Colby Starglow; 2, I Clarkes Bengad Wheel Of Fire; 3, J Crisps Barkway Soprano. SHT 122cm 1, Colby Starglow; 2, J Armstrong-Smalls Southhill Farm Chipmonk; 3, NJ Blosss Gullfields Nuthatch. do 133cm 1 & ch, V Whites Radway Midnight Magic; 2, C Williamss Whalton Minstrel Boy; 3, K Browns Stanley Grange Stormdancer. do 143cm 1 & res, L Guyetts Stambrook Romany Fayre; 2, K Neachells Van Gogh; 3, A Howards Warleigh Serenade. do 153cm 1, S Parrotts Ring Of Fire; 2, J Burroughess Ravenhill Tarian; 3, B Bayess Clifton Graffiti. WHP 153cm 1 & ch, DJ Whites Black Monday; 2, S Curtiss Full Circle; 3, ME Cranmers Mr Bo-Jangles. do 143cm 1 & res, R Gredleys Mytilene; 2, I Clarkes Templebready Finale; 3, N Majors Smartie III. do 133cm 1, Mr & Mrs PWJ Edmundson’s Brocks Minstrel; 2, J Hunnables Weggs Last Chianti; 3, Mitchell/Harriss The Diamond Smuggler. NS 1, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Harwel Wizard; 2, Mr & Mrs PWJ Edmundsons Rookwood Dundoolie; 3, Weggs Last Chianti. breeding ponies: yling 121cm on day of show 1, Balanced Horse Feeds & SJ Corbys Ridings Principe; 2, Whinfell Anastasia; 3, S Palmers Palmfields Romantic Dream. do 141cm 1, unlisted; 2, E Chalcrafts Sparnbrook Eternity. 2-y-o 144cm on day of show 1 & res, Lady Benton-Joness Daldorn Fairy Tale; 2, Fidra Double O Seven. 3-y-o 146cm on day of show 1, CA Constables Bracon Top Cat; 2, Castanya Moonlite. brood mare 138cm with foal at foot 1, Basford Forget-Me-Not; 2, J Newnham & M Goddens Moor Hall Serenade. do 148cm 1 & ch & in-hand pony ch, M Daveys Ninfield Millionaires Dream; 2, Mr & Mrs BP Rennockss Kingvean Gypsy Star. in-hand HP: yling 153cm at maturity 1, Sparnbrook Eternity; 2, Clareb Special Edition. 2/3-y-o 153cm at maturity 1 & ch, Castanya Moonlite. brood mare 153cm in foal/foal at foot 1, L Knights’s Rhydhowell Miss Oliver. barren mare/gelding 153cm 1 & res, J Parkers Soliloquy; 2, H Fooks & S Veales Deben Peter Pan; 3, J Crisps Barkway Soprano. ridden M&M: exmoor 1, C Bulls Hawkwell Hannibal; 2, M Webbs Frithesden Chiffchaff; 3, C Bulls Tawbitts Popeye. dartmoor/exmoor/shetland 1, JS Bartons Hisley Saunter; 2, K Szostak’s Whinberry Florin; 3, A Bromwichs Thrandeston Sasha. dartmoor/shetland 1, JS Bartons Vean Westwind; 2, FM Harrisons Hopelaws Flamingo; 3, JS Bartons Springwater Intermetzo. dales/fell/highland 1 & ch, EJ Arnolds Mackenziedene; 2, KA Manning’s Wellbrow Jacko; 3, L Jollys Glenn Gissing Zebedi. connemara/new forest 1 & res, M Hares Oaklands Cloudburst; 2, BF Martins Irish Atlantic Comedee; 3, EJ Arnolds Gevaudan. Welsh sec A & B 1, DE Parkers Dykebeck Wild Bullrush; 2, A Franciss Bureside Quake; 3, FM Harrisons Serock Lily. sec C & D 1, A Franciss Waxwing Reward; 2, VA Jenkinss Khan James; 3, D Murrays Rectory Tegan. sec A & B mare/gelding 1, VA Jenkinss Tirfelin Hector; 2, J Debenhams Merrydown Pandora; 3, I Clarkes Bengad Cocos. in-hand M&M: dartmoor: 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, JS Bartons Vean Westwind; 2 & res, JS Bartons Yeoland Frolic; 3, Mr & Mrs P Brightwells Cosford Castaway. yling/2/3-y-o 1, J Grants Treworgan Golden Jubilation; 2, LA Calcutt’s Shilstone Rocks Fandango; 3, SA & E Gills Maltings Winters Dream. exmoor: 4-y-o & over 1, E Barkers Treeshires Mercia; 2, M Frithesden Chiffchaff; 3, E Prossers Avarel Angharad. yling/2/3-y-o 1, E Barkers Threeshires Claire. dales/fells & highland: 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mackenziedene; 2, Writtle Colleges Rozamie Arron; 3, JM Roses Clandon Goerdie. yling/2/3-y-o 1 & res, Writtle Colleges Greenholme Tony; 2, Writtle Colleges Greenholme Terry; 3, D Barfield & VA Redgrave’s Glenwestcastle Little Miss Thyme. connemara/new forest: 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Gevaudan; 2, K Turners Maximillian; 3, P Maestranis Eastland Fawn Sike. yling/2/3-y-o 1 & res, RC Buxtons Hearnesbrook Neptune; 2, A Notts Pilgrims Sorcerer. sec A: stallion 1, J Etheridges Minsmere Pioneer; 2, E Smiths Dyfrdwy Seren Danbaid; 3, P Shepherd & C Johnsons Vervale Grenade. brood mare 1 & res M&M ch, M & L Kilbeys Idyllic Privalova; 2, J Waless Springlane Evensong; 3, K Paynes Synod Calendar Girl. barren mare/gelding 1, C Meadss Farmbrook Quince; 2, D Marvens Pontsarn Sadie. ylings 1, A Overton- Ablitt & Mrs Devenishs Colne Tiara; 2, A Overton-Ablitts Colne Nerina; 3, E Wallers Delami Rebel Red. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, P Shepherd & C Johnston ‘ s Vervale Galileo; 2, L Burts Idyllic Nimrod; 3, A Overton-Ablitts Colne Natalma. sec B: stallion 1, G & L Etheridges Barham Skulduggery. brood mare 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs GAR Fillinghams Horsegate Gigi; 2, K Webbers Lewlawrem Royal Mistress. barren mare/gelding 1, MR & MA Rodds Marons Heiress; 2, J Harrisons Wotfield Rose Marie; 3, LC Knightss Rhydhowell Miss Oliver. yling 1, Mr & Mrs JR Greenleafs Brookhall Anemone; 2, MA Butterss Russetwood Ecstasy; 3, A & G Grummitts A Nutters Ernford Bellair. 2/3-y- o 1 & res, Locksbit Studs Lemonshill Firebird; 2, Mr & Mrs GAR Fillinghams Stockham Melody; 3, Wotfield Studs Wotfield Satisfaction. sec C: brood mare 1 & res, S & V Garlick & M Russells Newhouse Ballard. barren mare/gelding 1, H Hawards Parvadean Dark Secret. yling/2/3-y-o 1 & ch & in-hand pony ch & M&M ch, J Maddevers Synod Relegance; 2, SM Woollards Bryngaer Cock Robin; 3, A Thomass Broughton Mastermind. sec D: stallion 1 & res, J Jenkinss Tyhen The Best. barren mare/gelding 1, TJ Chalmerss Sunroyd Dafydd; 2, Mr & Mrs Saunderss Weltons May Queen; 3, G Farrars Brettvale Kind Of Magic. yling/2/3-y-o 1 & ch, C Meadss Cledlyn Sionedd Mai; 2, Mr & Mrs JE Lynns Quaife Miranda; 3, L Smiths Trevallion Ritz. Shetland 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, SM Cowie-Blands Valley Whiskers; 2 & res, A Bromwichs Claylands Lady Jeanette; 3, Thrandeston Sasha. yling/2/3-y-o 1 & 3, Mr Fairweather & Mr Chenerys Rose Villas Milly & Rose Villas Fern; 2, A Hinchleys Brandeston Honeyman.

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