Shropshire Country, 20 May

  • SHROPSHIRE COUNTRY Shropshire & West Midlands Showground, 20 May

    WHP (D Payne, S Fitton) restricted 133cm 1, R Hollingshead’s Bronelli Winston; 2, A Prince’s Red Robbin II; 3, P Ling’s Cornhill Chelsea Girl. 143cm 1 & res, M Steele’s Glacier Fox; 2, A Barnes’ Noble Whos Who; 3, J Wales’ Moonshine Eclipse. 153cm 1 & ch, C Collier’s Carnival Chaos; 2, J Ashmore’s Woodland Amarula. CS 1 & res, M Robert’s Telynau Baruad; 2, L Curbishley’s Rosedale Fresco; 3, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Comett. NS 1 & ch, K Gibbard’s Just William; 2, J Quinn’s Keyhouse Princess Gemma; 3, G Brackshaw’s All About Jazz. SHP (J Hoyle) nov MH1, J Cookson’s Megland Sandstorm; 2, J Moore’s Maybackfast Forward; 3, M Huggard’s Erimus Kiss Me Quick. 153cm open 1 & ch, Y Thompson’s Deja Vu; 2, L Jackson’s Yealand Myth; 3, K Seedhouse’s Was Double Dutch. 143cm1, H Haigh’s Roseberry Seren; 2, S Crane’s Yealand Capulet; 3, S Allen’s Copybush Quiz Kid. 133cm1, M McDonald’s Royal Opposition; 2, K Gribbard’s Cardens Maximillian; 3, Countess of Shrewsbury’s Deanhills Great Expectations. 122cm 1 & res, T Heathcote’s Roseberry Lullaby; 2, M Baybutt’s Glanwna Gringo; 3, S Dennison’s Little Briars April Love. RIHS SHP (D Lloyd-Thomas) LR 1 & members’ ch, M Jackson’s Greuon Ianto; 2, J Carter’s Rohey Master Harry; 3, Team Hollings’ Maestir Leprachan. nov int 158cm1, J Owen’s Tinka’s Flash; 2, A Tweedale’s Diamond Grove; 3, S Massey’s Carnsdale Foxy Lady. do open 1 & ch, Gunsmith; 2, Rapture; 3, R Johnson’s Secret Society. RIHS RH (A Leaver, A Collins) nov1, M Boundy’s Arch Rival; 2, J Brook’s Summer Story; 3, Ryer & Phillips’ Ricardo. small 1 & res, D McCormacks’ Manhatten; 2, C Twiston-Davies’ Royal Mirage; 3, W Thorneycroft’s Secret Society. lge 1 & ch, P Atkinson’s Broadstone Doulton; 2, S Ambler’s Intrepid; 3, H Bink’s Cincinatti. hack nov 1, C Gredley’s Silent Words; 2, T Green’s Was Ma; 3, A Sellar-Smith’s Stormy Reef. sml 1 & res sup, N Hall’s Take Silk; 2, P Brightwell’s Fame Academy; 3, J Gegson’s Perfect Alibi. lge 1 & res, P Hibbard’s The Perfect Gent; 2, Stormy Reef. cob (N Gill) nov 1, McHendry & Cowley’s Basil Brush; 2, S Lowe’s Riley Esquire; 3, M Hyde-Andrew’s Colebrook Lord Of The Manor. lwt 1 & ch, Y Purser’s Blue Print II; 2, G Gale’s Barnabus; 3, M Hinchcliffe’s Lockwood. hwt 1 & res, Colebrook Lord Of The Manor; 2, C Booth’s Equator; 3, A Gregg’s Glutens Maximus. RIHS ridden Anglo/part-bred Arab, 148cm 1 & ch, C Molyneaux’s Kellsborow Creditor; 2 & res, S Cornforth’s Sundew Imprint; 3, A Baybutt’s Whalton Desperado. exc 148cm1, C Wareing’s Greygates Misty Dawn; 2, B Hexter’s Chinook Cameron; 3, M Fenton’s Hindleyhill Kinsman. SP (J Nash) nov MH int 1, K Choynowski’s Fofsway Perdita; 2, D Rogers Maraday May Lily; 3, N Holford’s Lucayan Melody. RIHS lge int SRT 1, L Lloyd’s Marshbrook Sir George; 2, S Harrison’s The Tempest; 3, H Greenhalgh’s Pickmere Heaven Sent. sml 1 & res int, K Mitten’s Whalton High Flyer; 2, M Huggard’s Feilding Femme Noir; 3, R Timpson’s Supernatural. RIHS SP FR 1 & res, P Baybutt’s Thumbelina; 2, S Dennison’s Hightops Dancing Bee; 3, K Gillot’s Nantcol Lady Penelope. LR 1 & ch, S McCullan’s Chinook Eclipse; 2, S Cochran’s Kenilworth Music Boy; 3, L Hulme’s Wentward Royal Secret. RIHS Pretty Polly SP MH 1, L Jackson’s Pendley Gold Dust; 2, Fenton & Michaelides Holtess Elixer; 3, D Horsley’s Kowas Super Star. BSPS nov MH SP 1, L Edward’s Stanley Grange Revelation; 2, N Horsfall’s Baybrook Mr Perfect; 3, C Francis’ Harlaw Simply The Best. open SP (L Partridge) 148cm 1 & sup, D Lacey’s Radway All Talk; 2, Whalton Desperado; 3, Harlaw Simply The Best. 138cm 1 & res, S Baybutt’s Pickmere Answer; 2, K Butt’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 3, unlisted. 128cm 1, L Curbishley’s Mullucas Saffron Surprise; 2, E Conway’s Daldorn Victoria Plum; 3, N Steven’s Brocklehurst Brambling. RIHS Pretty Polly SP LR 1, K Hulme’s Wentward Royal Secret; 2, T Jones’ Mybella Sweet Cinnamon. FR 1 & ch, L Curbishley’s Barkway Misty Morn; 2 & res, Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, J Haskins’ Chaseford Ashling. RIHS open (A Doughty) LR1, J Rushton’s Rochedo Beach Boy; 2, L Casell’s Waxwing Paintbrush; 3, E Meer’s Mountcalm Harry Brown. FR 1 & ch, S Oldfield’s Georgian Dante; 2 & res, Bureside Quake; 3, unlisted. M&M nov (A Doughty) FR 1 & ch, A Prince’s Kyregate Peter Pan; 2, P Wilding Davies’ Fayre Carenza; 3, S Meakin’s Sianlee Deseret Dancer. LR 1& res, M Hampton’s Cwmllynfell Fantasia; 2, M Rothwell’s Hengwys Cymro; 3, J Rushton’s Rochedo Beach Boy. nov Heritage mixed1, P Moore’s Rowan Of Balfields; 2, P Jackson’s Fronarth Twysogs Last; 3, C Francis’ Top Rock Vienetta. open Heritage M&M ridden small 1 & ch, G Atkinson’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, J McCormack’s Bemborough Donald; 3, P Jackson’s Netherfield Mr Darcy. Welsh 1 & res, W Ellis’ Sianwood Amelia; 2, T Heathcote’s Roseberry Lullaby; 3, E South’s Valba SPG Poseur. do int1, D McDonald’s Hungry Hill Coronet; 2, S Jones’ Rudgeway Paso Doble; 3, A Marsh’s Cloonoran Mystery. lge breeds 1, S Wood’s Dunedin Mackaskin; 2, J Evan’s Cwmgwemdraeth Magic; 3, Fronarth Twysogs Last. CHAPS native/cob/tradional ridden exc 148cm 1, S Samuel’s Just Huff & Puff; 2, S Pine’s Stilton. exc 153cm1, S Joyce’s Back To The Drawing Board; 2, J Tandy’s Indiana Tonto; 3, N Holford’s Two Tone Tia. non-native 153cm 1, R Slinn’s Eorocentre Cleo; 2, M Harrison’s Tom Brown. exc 153cm 1 & ch, Pattersons Horseboxes’ Copybush Chuckles; 2 & res, A Boyle’s My Blue Eyed Boy; 3, S Coates’ Catwalk II. BSPS WHP (M Worthington) nov 133cm 1 & ch, A Prince’s Red Robin; 2, C Walker’s Bailey Rae; 3, P Ling’s Cornmill Chelsea Girl. 143cm 1, M Higgin’s Pebbly Honeypot; 2, A Barnes’ Noble Whos Who; 3, J Whale’s Moonshine Eclipse. 153cm 1 & res, C Collier’s Carnard Chaos; 2, A Taylor’s The Little Traveller; 3, L Windsor’s Charlie Cool. int 158cm 1, B Cranston’s Kyrocally Rambler; 2, C Allin’s Max; 3, C Barnes’ Noble Mo. BSPS Heritage WHP (H Thomas) nov MH 1, P Ryder’s Senruff Gin Fizz; 2, H Brown’s Willoway Caberet; 3, M Robert’s Tallynau Baraud. Heritage WHP exc 138cm 1 & ch, E Barnes’ Noble Allines Henry; 2, J Evan’s Cwmgwendrealt Magic; 3, Willoway Caberet. 138cm1, Ryder-Phillip’s Bunbury Best Man; 2, C Collier’s Annandale Matador; 3, J Fletcher’s Oakhouse Kittiwake. 122cm 1 & res, Senruff Gin Fizz; 2, Smoketree Caesar. members’ 1 & ch, P Jackson’s Greoun Ianto; 2 & res, A Windsor’s Carsdale Class Act.

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