Showing results April 2001

  • NORTON HEATH EC, Essex, 8 April

    International Showing Society Llanarth M&M Ridden (Small Breeds). 1, E Arnolds, Wortley Wild Jasmine (Ella Stow) 2, J Bartons Hisley Sainter (Rachel Barton) 3, T Jacksons The Hale Frankie (Henry Jackson). Llanarth M&M Ridden (Large Breeds). 1, S Reeves Seventhorne Merlyns Moon (Sophie-Jane Reeve) 2, E Arnolds Sydsert Atlantic wave (Ella Stow) 3, D. Holt-Atkinsons Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick (Claire Cornwell). Novice M&M in-hand. 1, Claire Colliens Font Lisa. 2, S Nobles Goyt Valley Rambler (Jemma Noble). 3 T Capons Hallows Snapdragon. Novice M&M Ridden. 1 E Arnolds Sydsert Atlantic Wave (Ella Smally), 2 K Marriotts Evenkerry Jacor (Jessica Lewis), 3 Mrs Guyetts Enditry Country Music (Terry Guyett). Colne M&M Lead Rein. 1 C Willets Penway Cognac (Chloe Willet),2 A Overton-Ablitts Colne Trisia (Katie White), 3 Mrs Thorpes Vogue Chackmate (Amber Thorpe). Waxwing M&M First Ridden. 1 T Jacksons The Hale Frankie (Henry Jackson), 2 G Barretts Horselode Horatio (Cherrie Mackenzie), 3 J Bloors Bejowans Superstar (Rosie Bloor). Keston Occasion M&M in-hand (Small Breeds). 1 Elizabeth Irelands Idyllic Entrepreneur, 2 M Watkinss Barkway Serenity, 3 J Stevenss Idyllic Soldier Blue. ). Keston Occasion M&M in-hand (Large Breeds) 1 J Maddeuers Croniarth Democrat, 2 S Reeves Seventhorn Merlyns Moon, 3 E Irelands Parudean Dark Secret. Lobster Pot M&M Lead Rein 1 A Overton-Ablitts Colne Trisia (Katie White),2 Mrs Smalls Trisant Bianca (Owen Small). 3 Mandy Buchells Rowjantina Puize Scamp ( George Davidson).CH Mini M&M A Overton-Ablitts Colne Trisia (Katie White). Res Mini M&M C Willets Penway Cognac (ChloeWillet). Open Ridden SP 128cms. 1 L Hillyards Centurion Saraphine (Alix Coster), 2 H Brights Bradmore Bablein (J Loveridge), 3 M Johnsons Thimbley Tom Thumb (Clare Taskis). 138cms 1 R Franciss Pheasant Hill II (Anna Francis). 148cms 1 Allison Show Teams Stambrook Courageous (Imogen Allison), 2 S Larsons Kelsborrow Chauvinist (Hattie Bayliss), H Armstrong-Smalls Spinningdale Ferdinand (Brogan Tavener). Mirage SHP 122cms 1 N Lewiss Royalswood Pageboy (Jessica Lewis), 2 J Bloors Bejowans Super Star (Rosie Bloor), 133cms 1 Mrs Guyetts Edentree Country Music (Terry Guyett), 2 R Franciss Pheasant Hill II (Anna Francis), 3 Mrs Woodards Henley Down Mystical Air (Sophie Weselard). 143cms 1 Allison Show Teams Looking Glass Fantastic (Imogen Allison) 2 S Larsons Kelsborrow Chauvinist (Hattie Bayliss), 3 D Courts Nector Kestral (Rebbecca Court). 153cms Allison Show Teams Comberton Little Owl (Hayley Ironside), 2 E Whites Bonniemount Razmataz (Jessica White). 158cms 1 Mrs Schumanns Snettisham Summer Blues, 2 Allison Show Teams Looking Glass Bedazzled (Imogen Allison), 3 G Gredleys Pebbley Tuff Stuff (Tim Gredley). Small Hunter 1 Mrs Schumans Snettisham Summer Blues (Petrina Theobold), 2 R Gredleys Just You Wait (Holly Gredley), 3 Allison Show Teams Looking Glass Bedazzled (Imogen Allison). Novice SHP 1 M Gilletts Classic Chancellor (Christina Gillett), 2 Allison Show Teams Copybush Catchlight (Imogen Allison), 3 Mrs Schumans Snettisham Summer Blues (Petrina Theobold). Open Lead Rein SP 1 A Beatys Shulas Theo (Sophie Beaty) 2 H Daviess Just Joshua (Chelsea Davies). I.S.S First Ridden SP 1 C Willets Rhoden Lucky Story (Chloe Willet), 2 Mrs Daviess Just Joshua (Roma Leigh Davies) I.S.S. Intermediate S.R.T.Small 1 E. Panayi Bradley Grange Olympic Policy (Emma Panayi 2 Allison Show Teams Comberton Little Owl (I. Allison) 3 Miss S. Osullivan Leesburg Sweet Sorrell (Christina Gillett) I.S.S. Intermediate S.R.T Large 1 C. Willetts Crofts Helious (Fiona Davis) 2 S. Little Maimorne Party Time (Zoe Little)CH. Intermediate C. Willetts Crofts Helious (Fiona Davis) Res Intermediate E. Panayi Bradley Grange Olympic Policy (Emma Panayi) Supreme C. Willetts Crofts Helious (Fiona Davis) Res Supreme Mrs Overton-Ablitt Colne Trisia (Katie White)

    PONIES(UK)SCOTTISH, Rowallan, 14 April

    M&M open ridden (T Best) 1 & ch & M&M inhand res sup, C TwistonDavies Wortley Cavalier; 2, S Hoggans Maxwelltown Misty Flight; 3, M Warrens Riccalton Flight. lge 1, res & sup, J Arnolds Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, L Woods Vaynor Cara; 3, S Smith & W Irelands Kilmannan Black Piper. jnr ridden M&M (Miss P Rennie) sm. 1 & ch, Wortley Cavalier; 2, Maxwelltown Misty Flight; 3, E Crates Phildon Brandy lge. 1 & res, R Averys Silverlea Sandstorm; 2, E Milligans Caergwrie Champion. con nov ridden M&M (S Clark) sm. 1 & res, H Meikles Fayre Jessica; 2, P Cliffords Hector Of Transy; 3, R Dudgeons Roseisle Pippin. lge.1 & ch, Lady Hemples Tulira Robuck; 2, L Russells Beenleighford Echo; 3, J McKnights Tyreos Sir Ken. con nov M&M (A Overton Ablitt) LR. 1 & ch, J Cousens Cosford Chearmella; 2, B Moores Varda Sirius; 3, D Hibberds Greenfern Simeon. FR. 1 & res, HMeikles Fayre Jessica; 2, Hector Of Transy; 3, R Averys Langfield Beverley Hills. open M&M (R Runcie) LR. 1 & ch, D Hibberds Greenfern Simeon; 2 & res, V Swinburns Roseisle Pannikin; 3, Varda Sirius. FR. 1, R Averys Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, R Dudgeons Whatehall Miranda; 3, G Thompsons Heaton Right Royal. con nov M&M inhand (R Runcie) sm1, J McKnights Weston Exquisite; 2, L Cormacks Kirkhill Autumn Gale; 3, G Ralstons Ceannaiteach Sultan. lge. 1 & ch, V Swinburns FourwaysMerlin; 2 & res, Vaynor Cara. open M&M inhand (S Clark) sm. 1, M Warrens Riccalton Flint; 2, G Thompsons Heaton Right Royal; 3, G Ralstons Ceannaiteach Sultan. lge. 1, ch & res sup, J Cranes Sleddale Jeffrey; 2 & res, Vaynor Cara; 3, S Smith & W Irelands Kilmannan Black Piper. RP ystk inhand (J Coltart). 1, ch & sup, Dr P Smiths Colbeach Quartet; 2, res & ch, C Robertson & M Browns Rotherwood Peep Toes; 3, S Wadeliks Heart Of Gold. 4yo & over. 1, A Allisons Stambrook Courageous; 2, L Blackwells Wildside Choirboy; 3, Mrs Lloyds Amabilis Concerto. HP inhand (J Coltart) 4yo & over. 1 & ch, A Allisons Looking Glass Light Fantastic; 2 & res, Mrs F Lloyds Amabilis Concerto; 3, R Chassels Day Dream Solo. open ridden SP (D Whiteman) 128cm. 1, Dr P Smiths Meadowland Best Man; 2, R Templetons Barkway Bridesmaid; 3, J Heatons Bylands Dawn Chorus. 138cm. 1 & ch, A Blackwells Thornsett Spellbound; 2 & res, Pattersons Horseboxes Starlyte Bright Emerald; 3, R Templetons Reamoir Darling Buds Of May. 148cm. 1, A Allisons Stambrook Courageous; 2, Mrs Goodyears Hurstead Palm; 3, V Hesfords Trelloch Guinevere. SP (J Careless) FR. 1 & ch, Dr Smiths Meadowlands Best Man; 2 & res, R Templetons Barkway Bridesmaid; 3, F Paprezs Thimbleby Georgina. LR. 1, R Templetons Lilac Park Saskia; 2, J Cousens Cosford Chearmella. con nov SHP (S Clarke) 143cm. 1 & ch, D Mortons Fairholme Rosettas Rhapsody; 2, R Templetons Holtess Virtuoso; 3, C Heatons Odins Dance Of Destiny. 158cm. 1 & res, M Paterson & K McCalls Chiddock Rocketman; 2, F Johnstones Celtic Surprise; 3, L Cloys Irish Fayre. open SHP (P Thompson) 122cm. 1, J Goodyears Starlyte Niniskie. 133cm. 1, F Papiezs Radway Midnight Magic; 2, A Brewsters Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, Pattersons Horseboxes Highmead Graduate. 143cm.1, ch & res sup, M Sweeneys Tamarind Star Attraction; 2, Looking Glass Stambrook; 3, I Browns Greenacres Mountain Air. 153cm. 1 & res, V HesfordsPageboy; 2, V Hesfords Lucky Miller; 3, A Allisons Comberton Little Owl. style & performance (Miss Connolly, J Morgan) M&M. 1, Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, A Hoggans Maxwelltown Misty Flight; 3, D Banks Duntarvie Indication. open (C Lomas, P Rennie) 143cm. 1 & res, C Meikles Kitevale Serendipity; 2, R Rodmans Latheron Aristocrat; 3, C Kyles Oldcourt Staccato. 158cm. 1 & ch, A Boswells Swedish Rhapsody; 2, L Cloys Irish Fayre; 3, G AitkenSmiths Tibeau Julis. NS (Miss Connolly, C Lomas). 1, V Gairs Deacon Blue. con nov WHP (J Morgan, C Lomas). 1, F Rodmans Latheron Aristocrat; 2, D Meikles Kitevale Serendipity; 3, J Carberrys Guardians Girl. open WHP (P Thompson, C Lomas) 133cm. 1 & res, A Brewsters Rosevale Silver Sonnet. 143cm. 1 & ch, A Boswells Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 2, C Kyles Oldcourt Staccato; 3, J Carberrys Guardians Girl. 153cm. 1, A Boswells Swedish Rhapsody; 2, L Cloys Irish Fayre; 3, A Brewsters Latheron Loyalty. con nov M&M WHP (P Thompson, J Morgan). 1, Lady Hemples Tulira Robuck; 2, H Meikles Fayre Jessica; 3, R Dudgeons Roseisle Pippin. open M&M WHP (J Careless, P Rennie) 138cm. 1, S Banks Duntarvie Indication; 2, S Hoggans Maxwelltown Misty Flight; 3, R Dudgeons Whatehall Miranda. exc 138cm. 1 & ch, Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2 & res, Tulira Robuck. open RH (A Overton Ablitt, C Patrick). 1, J Mathisons Celtic Warrior; 2, Latheron Loyalty; 3, L Murphys Paddys Gold. equitation (D Whiteman) jnr. 1, V Swinburns Dwyfor Thor; 2, E Crates Phildon Brandy. snr. 1, E Milligans Caergwrie Champion; 2, V Sinclairs Breeze. young handler (J Careless). 1, G Thompsons Heaton Right Royal; 2, E Crates Phildon Brandy; 3, L Govans Juliet IV. partbred ridden(A Overton Ablitt) not exc 148cm. 1 & res, D Mortons Fairholme Rosettas Rhapsody; 2, A Allisons Looking Glass Stambrook; 3, S Hoggans Moonacre Pipes Of Pan. exc 148cm. 1, ch sup & res sup, M Paterson & K McCalls Chiddock Rocketman; 2, Latheron Loyalty; 3, A Allisons Comberton Little Owl. int SH type (A Overton Ablitt) 158cm. 1, J Mathisons Celtic Warrior. partbred inhand (A Overton Ablitt) 1/3yo. 1 & ch, Colbeach Quartet; 2, C Robertson & M Browns Rotherwood Peep Toes; 3, HeartOf Gold. 4 & over. 1 & res, Lloyds Amabilis Concerto; 2, J Gilchrists Wentward Loving Touch. con nov ridden competition horse & pony (J Morgan, Miss Connolly). 1, A AitkenSmiths Tibeau Julis; 2, F Johnstones Celtic Surprise; 3, S McNeils Winter Fayre. do open. 1 & ch, V Swinburns Dwyfor Thor; 2 & res, J Mathisons Celtic Warrior; 3, V Gairs Bankswood Black Pepper.

    GOLDEN CROSS ECHailsham, E Sussex, 15 April

    nov hunter. 1, M Bates Cool Dude; 2, L Saunters Densvalley Spirit Of The Dance; 3, K Miles Highland Dance. open hunter. 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds Playstation; 2, H Hallidays Dickens. side saddle. 1, S Truscotts Clear Vision; 2, S Boxalls Foxy; 3, E Boxalls Cassie. nov sml RH. 1 & ch, Lady Hedgerleys Constellation; 2, M Baldwins Rosie; 3, J Downs Fools Pride. do: lge. 1, Mr & Mrs Benjamins Cloudy Bay; 2, L Duvals Just Savannah; 3, G McFagans Senna. open RH. 1, K Whittings Double Take Again; 2, Mrs J Adkins Rajar; 3, H Bakers Highland Sing Song. ridden part bred/anglo arabs. 1, C Clarkes Ace Of Base; 2, J Greens Easter Mistral; 3, P Viewegs Hereward Eclipse. side saddle concours delegance. 1, S Truscotts Clear Viksta; 2, S Boxalls Foxey; 3, H Matthews Worth Watching. nov cob. 1& res, Baileys Horse Feeds Krypton; 2, A Bartolomys Rose Of Tralee; 3, B Harveys The Entertainer. open cob. 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds Pyxis; 2, L Saunters Capella; 3, L Cluttons MaCauley. M&M sml in hand. 1& ch, Mrs O Barrs Waitwith West Wind; 2, Mrs L Buchanan-Jacksons Ulverscroft Capacino; 3, C Headys Twyford Nicholas. lge. 1, S & R Turners Whitefield Lord Zaire; 2, Mr & Mrs T Goods Underwoods Icarus; 3, N Bunces Claymore Black Pride. M&M sml ridden. 1, J Loms Thornberry Grenadier; 2, Mrs R Thackers Farchynys Penri; 2, Mrs D Brights Cwmbachstel Dion. lge. 1 & ch, A Hoares Beanoak Perfect Flyer; 2, J Somersets Falfield Honey Bear; 3, J Prichards Drum Major Of Whitefield.

    NEWTON HALL EC, Swilland, Suffolk, 16 April

    nov WHP 1, Mrs C Stennett’s Dykebeck Wild Falcon; 2, T Webb’s Kynersley Purple Star; 3, Mrs S Greenwell’s Templebready Finale. Woodhouse Newcomers WHP 1, Dykebeck Wild Falcon; 2, Mrs R Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter; 3, J Marlow’s Special Draft. Downland Smuggler WHP 1, Mrs Scumann’s Snettisham Summer Blues; 2, Mrs I Pendred’s Rising Star II; 3, Mrs P Norton’s Goldford Toby. nov M&M WHP 1, A Howard’s Sylton Davina; 2, Mrs J Barton’s Whinberry Alliance; 3, K F Cole’s Aberath King. Woodhouse Newcomers M&M WHP 1, P Nicholls’ Dungannons Lady; 2, Mrs S Greenwell’s Summer Park Bobby; 3, Mrs L Sykes’ Thistledown Lady’s Man. Mirage SHP 1, K F Cole’s Wynnemere Piccolo; 2, Mrs A Whitehead’s Denzil Duke; 3, Mrs A Basham’s Sheer Charisma. Llanarth Ridden M&M Small 1, Mr D Bright’s Cwmbachstei Dion; 2, Mr J Ellis Millen Horselode Horatio; 3, Mrs J Barton’s Whinberry Quality Alliance. Llanarth Ridden M&M Large 1, Mr D Bright’s Townend Callum; 2, K F Coles Aberath King Flyer; 3, Sylton Davina. Allerton Equitation 1, Mrs S Lee & Mrs S Bland’s Senruf Galaxy; 2, Sheer Charisma; 3, Horselode Horatio.

    FOUR WINDS, Merrist Wood, Surrey, 16-17 April

    working cob (J Lewis)1, E Bury’s Irish Jig. novice 1, E Bury’s Waterford; 2, J Tanner’s Ten Bob; 3, J Mastrioanni & P Towler’s dudley Bay. l’wt 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Dandini III; 2, V Macrae’s Halifax II; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Pyxis. h’wt 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Betelquese; 2, Miss Allpress’ Madam Chalais; 3, C Tyrrell’s Trunk Call. novice riding horse (S Fisher) 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Soldier Brave; 2, S Hollidays Bourne Spring; 3, V Smith’s Oso Fair. sm 1, C Willett & P Baker Beall’s Crofts Helios; 2, L Clemence’s Doctor Doolittle; 3, H Baker’s Highland Sing Song. lrg 1, D Parker’s Safari Tiger; 2, S Holliday’s Nutwood Exhibitionist; 3, C Bardo’s Las Vegas. novice hack 1 & res, Lady Hedgerley’s Constellation; 2, J Watts’ Apple Blossom; 3, Z Little’s Maimorive Partytime. sm 1, K Whiting’s Badger Boy; 2, R Cheetham’s Pavarotte. lrg 1 & ch, J Watts’ Diamonds Are Forever; 2, R Cheetham’s Moonlite Serenade; 3, J Jerram’s Way Out Yonder. Cherif Anglo & P-B Arab (V Macrae) 1, H Whiteley John’s Midday Phlight; 2, Miss Allpress’ Wolvers Heritage; 3, H Orr’s Saxen Master Bruno. PUK ridden cob ch’ship (D Gooch) 1, F Keeling’s Kelston Madam Butterfly; 2, J Tanner’s Mr Sixpence; 3,C Tyrrell’s The Friar. PUK riding horse n/e 15.2hh 1, Crofts Helios; 2, Dell Park Stud’s Rouge Noir; 3, E Nolan’s Royal Quartz. do exc 15.2hh 1, V Macrae’s PPS; 2, Mes Grisdale & Hughes’ Milan; 2, Arde. ladies hunter (A Sturgeon & D Gooch)1, J Hallett’s VIP; 2, A Derby’s Buster III; 3, J Cooper’s Wlliams VI. l’wt (D Gooch & R Mills)1, D Parker’s Sandy Lane; 2, Integrated Packaging¨s Windy Ridge; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Play Station. m’wt 1, Mr & Mrs Williams’ Owen Bouy; 2, K Rowe’s Priory Plume; 3, K Walsh’s Diamond Day. h’wt 1, A Newell’s Otter Point; 2, N Moon’s Dooleys Green Hill; 3, J Tanner’s Hermes II. sm 1, E Humpston’s Seamus IV; 2, N Callaghan’s Young Oliver. amateur l’wt 1, A McCarthy’s Mountain Road; 2, N Moon’s Tailor Made; 3, Seamus IV. amateur h’wt 1, N Moon’s Dooleys Green Hill; 2, Hermes II; 3, D Arbuary & B Breakwell’s Luck’s Lane. novice. 1, Owen Bouy; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Classic Call; 3, J Barrett’s Granduca. PUK Precision sml hunter of the year (V Macrae) 1, Seamus IV; 2, D Scott’s Mr Pastry. novice WH (A Sturgeon) 1 & ch, J Armstrong Small’s Zin Zan; 2, K Payne’s Avengeance; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Noble Imp. young WH 1 & res, J Snedker’s D’Ardagnon; 2, J Armstrong Small’s Snap Judgement; 3, J Cooper’s William VI. open WH 1, J Armstrong Small’s Carra Gold; 2, J Snedker’s Coolattin; 3, N Collins’ Rubicon. CHAPS ridden (S Holliday) 1 & ch, M Wadworth’s Madam Butterfly; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 3, E Watson’s Downsends Houdini. Cherif Anglo & p-b not exc 153cms 1, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonaire; 2, K Sarling’s Westcourt Classic Touch; 3, J Blundell’s Stanley Grangeway Above. pure Arab – males 1, S Creede-Miles’ Chivalry; 2, M Burr’s Rush Kar. Anglo & p-b in-hand 1, P Smedley’s Step Aside; 2, K Benn’s Tanzivan Tradewinds; 3, S Nundy-Hamlet’s Harvards Panache. cradle stakes (J Lewis) 1 & res, A Prebenson’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, Y Dixon’s Cefn Charmer; 3, J Bloor’s Bejowans Super Star. nursery stakes (J Lewis & J Middleton)1, W Watherston’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 2, P Ryder & J Phillips’ Fofsway Optimist; 3, T Collet’s Baverstock Talissa. novice WHP 1, A Skillman’s Champlers Springtime; 2, E Cousins’ Bleanhills Surtees; 3, Mr & Mrs Williams’ Saran Spring Morning. WHP 13hh 1 & res, V Wooldridge’s Harwell Wizard; 2, Y Dixon’s Stockman Stonechat; 3, A Skillman’s M. class 37 1 & ch, B White’s Murphy Dunnit; 2, R Gredley’s Grange Homeward Sparrow; 3, S Hard’s Downland Gunga Din. WHP 15hh 1, S Hard’s Pistols At Dawn; 2, R Gredley’s Boycott Tonic; 3, D Strang’s Harvest Sun. LR (V Millwood)1, K Whitell’s Dilly Daydream; 2, K Barr & S Davis’ WestonWyseman; 3, J Edwards’ Pendley Eternity. FR 1, J Harvey’s Escley Sweet Emma; 2, A Lucas Small-land Rosella; 3, S de Boinville’s Barkway Black Magic. novice pony (R Marcus)1, S Morton’s Courtland County Fair; 2, N Salvidge’s Pendley Tip Top; 3, Mrs Kelly’s Sanderling Dream. open int SRT 1, Mr & Mrs Williams’ Saran Lady Gayle; 2, P Bibby’s Whispering Grass; 3, G Fry’s Calder Impressionist. 12.2hh pony 1 & ch, S Smith’s Basford Forget Me Not; 2, J Blundell’s Greenlinks San Moritz. 13.2hh pony 1, J Godden’s Rohos Elite; 2, Allison Show Team’s Derwent Firebird. 14.2hh pony 1 & res, Calder Impressionist; 2, Mr & Mrs Coates’ Romany River Pharoah; 3, Mrs Jago & Mrs Carvosso’s Cusop Domino. PUK 12.2hh pony (J Elston)1, Basford Forget Me Not; 2, L Hillyard’s Centurion Saraphine. 13.2hh 1, P Maras’ Necta Nutmeg; 2, K Lee’s Jupiter’s Bonner; 3, Mrs Russell-Wood & Mrs de Freitas’ Towy Valley Carousel. 14.2hh 1, G Obbard’s Champlers Little Lord; 2, K Patterson’s Coppicebrook Cascade; 3, Romany River Pharoah. open int SHT (S Osborne) 1, Irish Lights; 2, A Rains’ Callina Fercy Dark Snipe. pony of SHT 13hh 1, S Deary’s Wharf Peter Pan; 2, Fofsway Optimist; 3, J Woodard’s Henley Down Mystical Air. 14hh 1, B Rees’ Copybush Catchpenny; 2, E Skelton’s Harroway Rainbow; 3, C Willett’s High Point. 15hh 1, A Fowler’s Stepaside; 2, A Winbourne’s Cherrington Spotlight; 3, W Edgar’s Northford Blue Eyed Boy. SHP LR Ch’ship 1, J Edwards’ Millay Margarita; 2, J Harvey’s Pentwick Marcus; 3, S Deary’s Helsington Might Mouse. M&M WHP n/e 122cm 1, J Barton & F Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks Snowfox; 2, V Link’s Penucha Maurice; 3, Hisley Saunter. n/e 138cm 1, T Collett’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, Harwell Wizard; 3, Mr & Miss Marriott’s Hilin Prince David. exc 138cm 1, D Holt Atkinson’s Hungry Hall Come Quick; 2, R Weller’s Llanina Malgwyn; 3, S Challiner’s Rebel’s Flight. M&M novice WHP 1, T Collett’s Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 2, J O’Halloran’s Pentrefelins Enfys; 3, Rebel’s Flight. M&M LR 1, L David’s Lippens Nightjar; 2, S Cook’s Colne Tantivy; 3, D Hayman’s Uffington Celeste. M&M FR 1, J Lom’s Thornberry Grenadier; 2, A Prebenson’s Farchynys Pererin; 3,Mrs Firth’s Cotrell Lavender. novice M&M ridden (Mrs & Miss Monaghan) 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Crutchley’s Blaengwen Mell B; 2, Mr & Mrs Baker’s Starcrest Discovery; 3, T Collett’s Glenwood Caradog. M&M ridden lrg 1, E Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear;2, S Reeve’s Seventhorn Merlyns Moon; 3, D Bright’s Taifurgan Benheddwr. sml 1, Horsequest UK’s Rotherwood Spycatcher; 2, S Cranston & S Roberts’ Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop; 3, J Edwards’ Cammac Dracma. jnr M&M ridden lrg 1, Walstead Hunny Bear; 2, Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick; 3, S Hird’s Achtriochtan Ruaraidh. sml 1 & res, Glenwood Caradog; 2, S Dennis’ Linksbury Sensation; 3, L White’s Fayre Delight. M&M in-hand sml 1 & res, Shilstone Rocks Snowfox. sec A&B 1, Mr & Mrs Capon’s Hallows Snapdragon; 2, A Coulburn’s Penlrefelin Surprise; 3, M Palmer’s Priestwood Diva. lrg 1 & ch, Barton & Arnold’s Mackenziedene; 2, J Preichard’s Drum Major of Whitefield; 3, W Eastwood’s Dartdale Bobbie. sec C&D 1, S Turvey’s Somerlord Granville; 2 & 3, A Conner’s Henwyn Trumpeter & Kenlalarch Crusader.

    NCPA EASTER FESTIVAL, Winsford, Cheshire, 22 April

    M&M winter qualifiers (Mrs R Eastwood) small breeds y’stk 1, J Hancox¨s Sunrising Minstrel; 2, S Cannon’s Bunbury Subaru; 3, R Wilson’s Tiverton Pudsey. lge 1, 1 & ch, J Crane’s Governor Of Whitefield; 2, N Edwards’ Tirclyn Ovation; 3, S Kamaldin’s Pentrecoed Minstrel. M&M small breeds 1, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 2, J Thomas’s Rosedale Crystal Fairy; 3, J Woolley’s Monarchill Cercfan. lge 1 & res, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 2, D Morland’s Lunesdale Henrietta; 3, A Denny’s Bwchllan Royal Warrior. M&M novices (Mrs R Eastwood) LR 1, Helliwell & Hazeldine’s GwynwellanFell Dixie; 2, Monarchill Cercefan; 3, B Moore’s Vadras Sirius. FR 1, P Collier’s Yealand Bay Leaf; 2, Monarchill Cercefan; 3, S Martin’s Barkway Oberon. small 1, 1 & res, P Taylor’s Holyoak Genevive; 2, C Phillips’ Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler;3, Yealand Bay Leaf. lge 1, 1 & ch, Lunesdale Henrietta; 2, Mrs Jackson’s Porchin Rhiannon; 3, R Avery’s Seloc Mr Finn. M&M open (Mr J Nash) LR1, A Bevis’s Wharley Calypso; 2, S Wood’s Colne Tara; 3, H Turner’s Brierdene Benjamin. FR 1 & ch, H Turner’s Vean Hobajon; 2, D Bright’s Cwmbachstel Dion; 3, Mrs Neachall’s Langfield Binth. small 1, J Barton’s Anri Piccolo; 2, J Corbett’s Pantmanrs Jog On; 3, Cwmbachstel Dion. lge 1 & res, Seloc Mr Finn; 2, E Milner’s Kerbeck Lunar Fire; 3, H Cherry’s Helton Dell Boy. riding horse/hack (Mrs R Eastwood & Mr J Nash)1, N Corris’s Rufforth Olympic Light; 2, N Holford’s Marston Malibu; 3, C Payne’s Louven Howe. pure, Anglo & part-bred Arab 1, 1 & ch, Mrs Vines’ Sianwood Honeycomb; 2 & res, A Boyle’s Brimblemere Valiant; 3, J Halliwell’s Emscote Marble Magic. SHP RIHS qualifiers (H Barton & C Baxter) LR 1 & ch, H Bright’s Pendley Pageboy; 2, J Clorley’s Grelion Ianto; 3, J Edwards’ Millay Margarita. 122cm 1 & res, A Baybutt’s Oaklands Minetta; 2, Mrs Vines’ Millay Senorita; 3, Mrs Cuddy’s Millay Manoleto. 133cm 1, D Thomas’s Fairholme Rasputin; 2, Patterson Horse Boxes Highmead Graduate; 3, Templeton & Rowlands’ Warleigh Small Talk. 143cm1 & ch, J Findlow’s Sion St Daniel; 2, K Thomson’s Pitchwood Playboy; 3, D Taylor’s Stanley Grange Puppet. 153cm 1 & res, A Fowlers’ F Step Aside; 2, K Caesar’s Starswood Bradley; 3, L McCall’s Double Dutch. mixed ht novice small 1, D Thomas’s Chiddock Spot On; 2, R Templeton’s Radway Chit Chat; 3, S Cubitt-Smith’s Skipady Of Lawford. lge 1, D Morton’s Fairholme Rosettas Rhapsody; 2, B Barr’s Willowhill Prelude; 3, J Cook’s Duntarvie Catcher. show pony RIHS qualifiers LR 1 &res, Tomorrows Office’s Cnapton Tambourine; 2, Mrs Southwell’s Fenwood Bobby Dazzler; 3, D Springfield’s Rosedale Marquesite. FR 1 & ch, Mrs Dent’s Chinook Chanelle; 2, C Crumpton¨s Hammonds Precocious; 3, Dr Smith’s Meadowlands Bestman. 128cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs T Ward’s Colbeach Sensation; 2, H Rowe’s Riseways Mooncharm; 3, D Morton’s Morehall Cats Whisker. 138cm 1 & ch, J Cook’s Colbeach Soloist; 2, J Blundell’s Roslyn Spring Meeting; 3, B Baxter’s Kelsborrow Cressida. 148cm 1, Patterson Horse Boxes’ Blue Habit; 2, P Morris’s Rotherwood Peekaboo; 3, Jones & Turnbull’s Sarnau Dixie. mixed ht novice 1, G Twitchett’s Hollyhill Mystique; 2, M Sweeney’s Hampton Encounter; 3, J Rushton’s Blaircourt Glamour.

    LIME TREE EQUESTRIAN, Kington Langley, Wiltshire, 22 April

    Riding Pony1, Ferramor Requisition (K Ferriman); 2, Barny (Ellie Timbrall); 3, Beau (Sara Jane); Riding Horse1, Irish Jig (Pauline); 2, Foxy (Michelle); 3, Eclair (Nigel Mills). Youngstock1, Ferramor Requisition (Karen Ferriman); 2, Eclair (Nigel Mills); 3, Kiltinare Norma (S Brailey). Partbed M&M1, Ferramor Requisition (Karen Ferriman); 2, Beau (Sarah Jane); M&M (large & small)1, Ferramor Request (Karen Ferriman); 2, Barny (Ellie Timbrall); 3, Kiltinare Norma (S Brailey ). Potential Competition Horse1, Eclair (Nigel Mills); 2, Ferramor Requisition (Karen Ferriman); 3, Meri . Coloured1, clair (Nigel Mills); 2, KingsHeath Mastermind (Sarah Carless); 3, Toffee (S Brailey). Hunter Pony1, Barny (Ellie Timbrell); 2, Beau (Sarah Jane); 3, Stinky (Terhi Ikonen). Hunter1, Humble Pie (Dawn Bacchus) ; 2, Duncan (Suzanne); 3, Foxy (Michelle). Supreme Champion Ferramor Requisition (Karen Ferriman)Reserve Champion clair(Nigel Mills)

    P(UK) WINTER CHAMPS & SPRING FESTIVALArena UK, Lincs, 27-29 April

    Woodhouse Newcomers M&M LR (Mr M Chadwick). 1 & res, B Moores Vardra Sirius; 2, M Toulsons Boston Bo Peep; 3, A Burchell-Smalls Wharley Swan Song. FR. 1 & ch, J Sonnexs Brandsby King of Diamonds; 2, DGregsons Cayberry Lieutenant; 3, A Brayshaws Bynoffa Sophie. sml breeds (Mrs A Daunt). 1 & ch, S Cranston & Mrs S Robertss Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop; 2, T Crawfords Rowfantina Simply Sarah; 3, P Moores Measham So Fair. lge. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Crutchlys Blaengwen Mel B; 2, V Websters Goosemoor Eros; 3, J Lindleys Glencarrig. Woodhouse Newcomers WHP (Miss J Grummitt, Mr P Hilton) 158cm. 1, K J Farrar-Frys Robdale Sweet Talking Guy; 2, D Walkers Gems Ballykissangel; 3, P Theobalds Snettisham Summer Blues. open (Mrs A Daunt, Mr G Barrett). 1, J S Bartons Moortown Lord; 2, O Tooles Trefaes Serog; 3, M Hoares Ernford Beauman Woodhouse Newcomers SHP (Mrs J Griffin) 133cm. 1 & ch, K F Coles Wynnmere Piccolo; 2, R Templetons Warleigh Tittle Tattle; 3, S M Board Joness Thamesbourne Bethwyn. 143cm. 1 & res, N Mitchells Kilykeen Kate; 2, S Nelsons Dorlyn Mojo; 3, J Rushtons Royal View. 153cm. 1, D Frankss The Swagman; 2, V Flemings Leases Esquire; 3, P Theobalds Snettisham Summer Blues. Keston Royal Occasion M&M in hand yling (Miss J Grummitt). 1, E Irelands Idyllic Entrepreneur; 2, C Kilshaws Seiont Ana; 3, L Wards Triad richochet. 2/3-y-o. 1, R Gredleys Priestwood Burlington Bertie; 2, P Goods Underwoods Icarus; 3, R Hobbss Broxdown Mayhem. 4-y-o & over sec A. 1 & ch, E Irelands Knodishall Geraint; 2, Mrs S Coopers Dwee Concerto; 3, S Days Blethyn Rhudaur. sml breeds. 1, A Burchell-Smalls Rowfantina Heaven Sent; 2, S A Potters Whisperdale Flamenco; 3, J Thomass Rosedale Crystal Fairy. lge. 1 & res, J Cranes Sleddale Jeffrey; 2, Lady Hemphill¡s Tulira Robuck; 3, J Cranes Karasilen Brigadier Llanarth ridden M&M (Mr Tilley) sec B. 1, D J Holt & Caley Hall Studs Mynach Moonwalk; 2, J M Bartons Anri Piccolo; 3, S Cranston & S Robertss Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop. sml breeds. 1 & res, J S Bartons Shilstone Rocks Snowfox; 2 H Turners Vean Hobajon; 3, J Sonnexs Brandsby King of Diamonds. sec C & D. 1, J Arnolds Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, D Bakers Starcrest Discovery; 3, D Brights Taiforgan Bonheddwr. lge breeds. 1 & ch, W R Ireland & S Smiths Kilmannan Black Piper; 2, B A Paynes Langsett Tearlach; 3, D Holt-Atkinsons Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick. Colne M&M LR Welsh A (Mr D Puttock). 1, A Overton Ablitts Colne Trisca; 2 & ch, L K Jacksons Rookery Souffle; 3, G M R Homfray-Joness Roseisle Tudyr Melody. sml breeds. 1 & res, S Granges Rothiemay Beach Boy; 2, A Burchell-Smalls Rowfantina Heaven Sent; 3, T Neals Harwel Marigold. Waxwing M&M FR (Mr D Puttock). 1, Vean Hobajon; 2, A Hayness Oldmere Holly; 3, Brandsby King of Diamonds. Download Smuggler WHP (Mr P Hilton, Mr J Bradley)133cm. 1 & ch, S A Brook-Shanahans Parkhill Bobby Dazzler; 2, P Nortons Goldford Toby; 3, C Anguishs Homelands Angela. 143cm. 1, Lady Tyrrells Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 2, D Edmundsons Liquid Amber; 3, R J R Allans Oakhills First Flight. 158cms. 1 & res, Snettisham Summer Blues; 2, M A Bigleys Llamnarth Quickstep; 3, K Runacress Dewi Horselode M&M WHP 138cms (Mr L Selby, D Hinde). 1 & ch, S Barnetts Pease Down Party Popper; 2 & res, T Colletts Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 3, O Tooles Trefaes Serog. exc138cm. 1, Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, R G Wellers Llanina Malgwyn; 3, Tulira Robuck. Mirage SHP 122cms (Mr C Baxter). 1 & res, N Lewiss Royalswood Pageboy; 2, K Meekinss Morwyn Bronze Heir; 3, A Hayness Lemington Cliquot. 133cm. 1, D. Gregsons Northforld Steady Eddie; 2, L Guyetts Edentree Country Music; 3, L Johnsons Cedar Farm Top. 143cm. 1, F M Sweeneys Holtess Virtusoso; 2, N Mitchells Kiilykeen Kate; 3, A Allisons Looking Glass Light Fantastic. 153cm. 1, D Christies Elgon Albany; 2, V Flemings Leases Esquire; 2, L Cooks Sir Oliver. inter. 1 & ch, Snettisham Summer Blues; 2, The Swagman; 3, JM Matthisons Celtic Warrior. HP in hand, 4-y-o & over (S Hide). 1 & ch, M Beestons Noble Heir; 2 & res, Glanhayl Studs Glanhayl Galaxy of Lace; 3, J Rushtons Royal View Occasion. ystk. 1, T McKays Crimson Night Light; 2, J K Bushells Samavic Callemachus; 3, S Kings Kings Krisana. part bred in hand 4-y-o & over (S Hide). 1 & ch, Stychlands Noble Hier; 2 & res, M A Bigleys Llanarth Quickstep;3, H Brights Pendley Pageboy. yling. 1, L J Fry-Lockiers Cosford Mousec; 2, J Hugills Basford Sandalwood; 3, L J Fry-Lockiers Brookwater Trend. ystk. 1 & ch, A Allisons Looking Glass Light Fantastic; 2, G Streets Croftcourts Belmont; 3, E Mayhews Elegant Boy of Quarles. ridden 148cm. 1 & res, L Minchins Courtland JP Blue Peter; 2, N Corriss Rufforth Olympic Light; 3, A Allisons Comberton Little Owl ridden competition horse/pony (A Edmunds, Mr G Barrett). 1, D Walkers Gems Ballykissangel; 2, V Swinburns Dwfor Thor; 3, P Hinckss Night Warrior. over 148cm. 1 & ch, Lady Tyrrells The Friar; 2 & res, N Corriss Rufforth Olympic Light; 3, J Marlows ILPH King Cole. Templeton International handler 7-11 yrs (Mr M Chadwick). 1 & res, J M Staveleys Barnell Adonis; 2, J Hugills Talachddu Celebrity Son; 3, S Martins Barkway Enigma. 11-16yrs. 1 & ch, A Barness Cliffvilee Barnaby; 2, E. Arnolds Sydserff Atlantic wave; 3, K Pitchers Bejowans Heidi. 16-25yrs. 1, JCranes Blackthorn Panache; 2, I Webbs Great Bradley Henry Bell; 3, J Scoreys Goldbrook. Allerton equitation, under 16yrs (Miss J Grummit). 1 & res, L Cloys Irish fayre; 2, D Walkers Gems Ballykissangel; 3, D Edmundsons Bureside Snickers William. over 16yrs. 1 & ch, The Friar; 2, K M Sadlers Galways Prima Donna; 3, L Johnsons Starsholme Jessica. confined novice M&M sml breed in hand (Mrs R Eastwood). 1, S Thomsons Cromagtir Dylan; 2, R Hobbss Hisley Peeress; 3, Glanhayl Studs Glanhayl Galaxy. lge. 1 & ch, J Cranes Governor of Whitefield; 2 & res, J Maddevers Croniarth Democrat; 3, C Kilshaws Seiont Ana. ridden sml breeds (Mr M Chadwick). 1 & ch, S Cranston & S Robertss Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop; 2 & res, T Colletts Glenwood Caradog; 3, J Schofields Laithehill Ariel. lge. 1, Glanhayl Studs Rangeview Romance; 2, M A Sweeneys Townend Breeze; 3, M Harveys Mac Allisterdene. LR (Mrs Eastwood). 1 & res, Rowfantina Heaven Sent; 2, A Burchell-Smalls Trisant Bianca; 3, G M Eastwoods Townbent Emerald. FR. 1 & ch, J M Staveleys Barnell Adonis; 2, J Mansfields Ringcourt Sinatra; 3, K M Pitchers Bejowans.WHP 143cm (Mrs C Whiteway, Mr G Barrett). 1, C Westrops First Impulse; 2, A C Newlings Janinos Little Blue; 3, V Chadbourns Beckside Step Ahead. 158cm. 1 & ch, M A Bigleys Llanarth Quickstep; 2 & res, L Cooks Sir Oliver; 3, J Stokess Parks. M&M WHP (Mr R Barrett, Mrs K Doyle). 1 & res, T Colletts Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 2, Rowfantina Simply Sarah; 3, S Barnetts Peasedown Party Popper. over 138cm. 1 & ch, Tulira Robuck; 2, G Dunns Drydun Drummer Boy; 3, J Rands Sylton. SHP 133cm (Mrs P Clifford). 1 & res, R Templetons Warleigh Tittle Tattle; 2, N Lewiss Royalswood Pageboy; 3, J Heads Covenham Sophie. 143cms. 1 & ch, Mrs Williamss Nightime; 2, V Myronidiss Spinningdale Alicia; 3, M J Gilletts Classic. 158cms. 1, V Flemings Leases Esquire. ridden competition horse (Mr G Barrett, Mrs P Clifford). 1, P Theobalds Snettisham Summer Blues; 2, Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop; 3, A Peels Talent Scout. Lee-Smith Keston Royal Occasion sml breeds (Mr D Puttock). 1, H Caudreys Rothiemay Winterland; 2, TA McTiernans Skellorn Prince Charming; 3, R Hobbss Broxdown Mayhem.lge. 1 & ch, J Cranes Sleddale Jeffrey; 2 & res, D Chadwicks Severnvale Hector; 3, T Walkers Oliverdene. Lee-Smith Llanarth M&M ridden, sml breed (Mr R Templeton). 1 & res, H Turners Vean Hobajon; 2, J M Bartons Anri Piccolo; 3, J Sonnexs Brandbsy King of Diamonds. lge. 1 & ch, W R Ireland & S Smiths Kilmannan Black Piper; 2, J Spillers Allins Welsh Robert; 3, C Evanss Yswain Saul. Lee-Smith winter HP in hand, ystock (Mrs R Rennocks). 1 & res, J K Bushells Samavic Callemachus; 2, T & M Carswells Paddock Paragon. 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, A OHallorans Boston Brabinger; 2, A OHallorans Forestmoor Figaro; 3, S Lists Glenallen Symphony. Lee-Smith part bred pony in hand ystock. 1 & ch, M T Russells Kouros Sweet Rose; 2 & res, J Hugills Basford Sandalwood; 3, Samavic. 4-y-o & over. 1, Glenallen Symphony. Lee-Smith Colne M&M LR sec A (Mrs A Doughty). 1 & ch, J Durrs Wharley Rosanna; 2 & res, W Hewitts Merrydown Caddock; 3, Mr & Mrs Rushtons Sunrising. sml. 1, S Granges Rothiemay Beach Boy; 2, L A Woods Ulverscroft Carlton; 3, Mr & Mrs Rushtons Langfield Zigith. Lee-Smith Waxwing M&M FR. 1, G Homfray-Joness Roseisle Tudyr Melody; 2, G Mortons Twyford Maelgwyn; 3, F Bowerys Ringstead LittleGem. Lee-Smith Mirage SHP 122cms (Mr R Templeton). 1 & res, A Hayness Lemington Cliquot; 2, K Meekinss Morwyn Bronze Heir; 3, R Franciss Rosedale Moonbeam. 133cm. 1 & ch, K F Coles Wynnmere Piccolo; 2, L Johnsons Cedarfarm Top Man; 3, S Lists Glenallan Symphony. 143cm. 1, N Mitchells Kilykeen Kate; 2, P Martins Fair Springsong; 3, C Bagnalls Barham Aramis. 158cm. 1, A Whiteheads Denzil Duke; 2, L Cooks Sir Oliver; 3, H Crippss Stambrook Benjamin Brown. Lee-Smith Downland Smuggler WHP 143cm (J Hailes, Mrs K Doyle). 1 & res, P Martins Fair Springsong; 2, J Rowes Odd Sight; 3, L Percys Chinook Nemesis. 158cm. 1 & ch, A Boswells Swedish Rhapsody; 2, J Stokess Astella; 3, M Brysons Marchroes Serian. Lee-Smith Horselode M&M WHP 138cm (A Overton Ablitt & J Hailes). 1 & res, K Wheways Bronheulog Honey Bee; 2, A Remmens Somerford Lady May; 3, S Greenwells Templebready Finale. exc 138cms. 1 & ch, A Duffs Llansantffraed Seren; 2, C Gornalls Cocum Caliph; 3, J Carters Rhydypandy Black Prince. Lee-Smith competition horse/pony (J Griffin, Mrs Overton Ablitt). 1, P Coxs Brookvale Super Trouper; 2, L Percys Sandcrest Seaspray; 3, D Walkers Gems Ballykissangel. sup ch.Kilmannan Black Piper; res, Snettisham Summer Blues. Spring festival. Glyn Grenwood M&M in hand, sml ystk (Mr D Puttock). 1, R Gredleys Priestwood Burlington Bertie; 2, H Caudreys Rothiemay Winterland; 3, R Hobbss Broxdown Mayhem. 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, Knodishall Geraint; 2 & 3, R Hobbss Hisley Peeress & Cosdon Bracken. lge ystk. 1, J Cranes Governor Of Whitefield; 2, A Denneys Harringworth Beethover; 3, J Suttons Innellan Merlin. 4-y-o & over. 1 & res, Sleddale Jeffrey; 2, DJ Chadwicks Severnvale Hector; 3, J S Bartons Mackenziedene. D J Risely RP in hand yling (Mrs Stewart-Johnson). 1, Messrs J Rice Taggart & J Robertss Brookwater Kiki Breeze; 2, J Laffeys Deanhills Tequila; 3, Messrs J Rice Taggart & J Robertss Isley Walton Torquise. Bankswood Lee-Smith D J Risely ystk (A Daunt). 1 & ch, B Smiths Fenwick Rose Of Tralee; 2, & res C Starrs Pearson Dainty Doll; 3, J B Hugills Basford Sandalwood. D J Risely RP; 2/3-y-o (Mrs Stewart-Johnson). 1 & ch, Dr P Smiths Colbeach Quartet;2 & res, P Notts Chasecroft Dandini; 3, K Allens Chaceside Contradiction. Bankswood Lee-Smith D J Risely RP 4 yrs (A Daunt). 1, D Coless Lechlade Melissa; 2, A Parks Glaisdale Glenfiddich; 3, N Crosss Strinesdale Sweet Justice. D J Risely RP 4-y-o (Mrs Stewart-Johnson). 1, H Bright & S Loveridges Bradmore Bobkin; 2, S Skinner-Matthews Kewlake Fable; 3, A Souths Premiere Diplomacy. Bankswood Lee-Smith Midas ystk (A Daunt). 1 & ch, A Fradleys Kouros Just William; 2 & res, Kouros Sweet Rose; 3, C Starrs Pearson Rosetta. Midas SHP, ystk (Mrs Stewart-Johnson). 1 & res, Messrs J Rice Taggart & J Robertss Isley Walton Limestone; 2, T & M Carswells Paddock Paragon. 4-y-o. 1, A OHallorans Boston Brabinger; 2, D Coless Lechlade Melissa; 3, A Butlers Castellau Merlyn.4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, F E Lloyds Amabilie Concerto; 2, Mrs Simmonss Pennway Montovani; 3, A OHallorans Forestmoor Fiagar. Colne confined M&M LR Welsh A (A Grummitt). 1, L Davids Lippens Nightjar; 2, H Cooks Rinnes Playmate; 3, I Rusts Gilmans Gwydion. sml. 1 & ch Rowfantina Heaven Sent; 2 & res, J Howarths Senruf Jubilate; 3, R Jordans Heaton Principle Boy. Lobster Pot M&M LR (A Daunt). 1, & res, A Overton Ablitts Colne Trisca; 2, L K Jacksons Rookery Souffle; 3, V Swinburns Roseisle Pannikin. Microponies confined novice M&M FR (A Doughty). 1, N Lewiss Foxcroft Jeepers; 2, H Cooks Rinnes Playmate; 3, J Bloors Bejowans Super Star. open M&M FR (A Daunt). 1 & ch, Vean Hobajon; 2, J B Hugills Talachddu Celebrity Son; 3, A Hayness Oldmere Holly. M&M first year FR ( A Grummitt). 1, G M R Homfray-Jones Roseisle Tudyr Melody; 2, J Thomass Rosedale Crystal Fairy; 3, J L Bournes Haven Justine. confined novice Kingsford M&M ridden sml. 1, M Hoares Ernford Beauman; 2, S M Board Joness Thamesbourne Bethwyn; 3, J Waterhouses Northlight Galliano lge (R Eastwood). 1 & ch, E. Arnolds Sydserff Atlantic Wave; 2, M Stanfords Niall Of Croilla; 3, M Harveys Macallisterdene. Kingsford mixed M&M sml (N Clayton). 1, T Colletts Glenwood Caradog; 2, L A Stevenss Deri Julian; 3, Mrs Marston/Tuckers Yaverland Carlo. sec B. 1 res, Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 2, Thamesbourne Bethwyn; 3, B Vaughans Downland Ruskin. lge. 1 J Glasss Woldswoodscock; 2, M Stanfords Niall Of Croilla; 3, J Spacey Woodss Croxton Portia. sec C & D. 1 & ch, J Arnolds Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, C Evanss Yswain Saul; 3, U Marcels Murrayhall Faithes Reward. RP first year FR (A Doughty). 1, D Coless Rosslyn Floral Dance; 2, Mrs Cumberlands Melissas Pippa; 3, S Furbys Tollerhayes Bowlyne. Prestfield Rosettes SP LR (S Berry). 1 & res, J Shieldss Nectar Zenash; 2, P Derricks Barkway Happy Returns; 3, A Enticotts Perryditch Cornelious. Prestfield Rosettes open FR. 1 & ch, L Goodyears Madenlie Rag Doll; 2, A Beatys Shulas Theo; 3, S Furbys Tollerhayes Bowlyne. Pretty Ponies open SHP LR (L Selby). 1, H Brights Pendley Pageboy; 2, S Flavells Fylde Majestic Prince; 3, J Clorleys Greuon Ianto.confined nov SP (C Whiteway). 1, Mr Brewsters Oakley Spring Full Of Fun; 2, K S Lees Queensdale Blue Magic; 3, S Hodgsons Crafton Pink Panther. Brineton Engineering SP 128cm (Mrs Lee-Moignan). 1 & res, M Toulsons Ainsty Fair And Square; 2, L Hillyards Centurion Saraphine; 3, R Bosworths Kouros Sapphire.138cm.1, C Bearders Barkway Love Affair; 2, K Burkins Ainthorpe Morning Surprise; 3, R Bosworths Parks Looking Glass. 148cm. 1 & ch, P M Morriss Rotherwood Peek-A-Boo; 2, A Allisons Stambrook Courageous; 3, J Howellss Fleetcroft Nomination. confined novice SHP (C Whiteway). 1, L Minchins Courtland JP Blue Peter; 2, J Rushtons Royalview Occasion; 3, N M Mitchells Kilykeen Kate. Timberwolf SHP 122cm (M Cartlidge). 1 & res, Lemington Cliquot; 2, A Jacksons Beamish Jiminey; 3, B Simcoxs Bellebaulk Pink Champagne. 133cm. 1 & ch, D L Thomass Highmead Graduate; 3, S E Dearys Wharf Peter Pan. 143cm. 1, S Curtiss Rambling Christopher Robin; 2, C Bagnalls Barham Aramis; 3, A Alisons Lydgate Giovani. 153cm. 1, A Whiteheads Denzil Duke; 2, Courtland JP Blue Peter; 3, A Bashams Sheer Charisma. intermediate SRT (P Cook). 1, Lady Benton Joness Daldorn State Melody; 2, LKelbies Devils Advaocate; 3, A Allisons Litton Magical Mistral. ridden part breds 148cm (H Turner). 1 & ch, S Blakes Cusop Artist; 2 & res, C F G Bagnalls Barham Aramis; 3, K S Lees Jupiters Banner. over 148cm. 1, P Wilsons Special Secret;2, S Paynes Louven Howe; 3, H M Coles Maimorne Party Games. nov sml hunter (J Morgan, S Turner). 1, P Theobalds Snettisham Summer Blues; 2, S Paynes Louven Howe; 3, J Hargreavess Guardsman. Brineton Precision sml hunter. 1, E Trembaths Dinky Toy; 2, Snettisham Summer Blue; 3, JM Matthisons Celtic Warrior. Commanchee coloured ridden (G Barrett). 1 & ch G Rices Splash Of Colour; 2, A Blowmans Hallykeld Stella; 3, J Marlows Special Draft. Kempley cob (A Edmunds, S Turner). 1, AMacKenzies Highlander; 2, P Coopers Tellytubbs; 3, J Burnss Roger. Blue Chip Feed Balancer style & performance (Mrs H Turner, J Bradley ). 1 & ch, W E Finneys Watercolour; 2 & res, Snettisham Summer Blues; 3, B Crosbie Starlings Greenlinks Lucky Rascal. Blue Chip Feed style & performance M&M.1, M Hoares Ernford Beauman; 2, Bronheulog Honey-Bee; 3, J Smiths Farriers Fair Game. red rosette mini Badminton 143cms (F Sheffield, D Bright). 1, Lady Tyrrells Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 2,J Rowes Odd Sight; 3, D Walkers Gems Ballykissangel. 143cms.1, G Rices Splash Of Colour; 2, S M Browns Chiddock Wordsworth; 3, A Boswells Swedish Rhapsody. sml (J Hailes, D Bright). 1, J Schofields Laithehill Ariel; 2, D Tanns Northlight Solero; 3, Mrs Marston/Tuckers Moortown Bramble Boy. lge.1, Farriers Fair Game; 2, Tulira Robuck; 3, D Megsons Bletchendon Fanfare. sup chs, Maestir yling. Kulross Just William. sup ch in hand. Knodishall Geraint; res Fenwick Roseof Tralee. sup ch M&M. Rhydfendigaid Daniel; res Moelgarnedd Bwrlwym. sup ch ridden. Highmead Graduate; res Dinky Toy.

    BRITISH ELITE SHOW Preston, Lancs, 28 – 29 April

    SP (E Worthington) 148cms 1, Trellech Harvest Moon (L Miller); 2, Romany River Pharoah (S Coate); 3, Trellech Guinevere (C Twiston-Davies). 138cm 1 & ch, Sianwood Honeycomb (K Vine); 2 & res, Highmead Set Free (Patterson Horseboxes); 3, Haighend Special Edition (P Ahern). 128cm 1, Moorhall Cats Whiskers (D Morton); 2, Riseway Mooncharm (E Rowe); 3, Millie Rose (J Draper). Int SRT (B Lears) large 1 & res, Ma Cherie (C Fagan); 2, Royal Mint (J Fitzgerald); 3, May Kitten (S Deary). small 1, Cosford Royal Review (LMiller); 2, Chinook Capricorn (R Helliwell); 3, Chiddock Rocketman (M Patterson). FR (Mrs M Worthington)1 & res, My Little Secret (J Keepe); 2, Meadowlands Best Man (J Steven); 3, Barkway Honeybee (F Smith). LR 1 & ch, Colne Heiress (Dent); 2, Roseisle Rebecca (J Rosebury); 3, Forgeland Lanson (A Peet). SHP (P Aldred & B Lears) 153cm 1 & res, Page Boy (C Twiston-Davies); 2, Valour (P Underwoods); 3, Cosford Royal Review. 143cms 1, Taramelyns Showtime (K Saunder); 2, Comley Panache (S Rowland); 3, Pitchwood Playtime (K Thompson). 133cms 1 & ch, Radway Midnight Magic (F Papiez); 2, Fair Julian (S Manning); 3, Tamarind Little Roger (R Jackson). 122cm 1, Fayre Calypso (J Barr); 2, (S Manning); 3, Millay Senoretta (K Vine). LR 1, Borderland Caprice (M Wrighton); 2, Whinfell Tom Thumb; (O Barr); 3, Woodshaw Jessica (M Hobday). int SHP (M & E Worthington)1 & ch, Montana (Bink); 2, Overdrive (H Clubley); 3, Treverva Mirage (A Gibson). HPLR (E Worthington & P Aldred) 1, Forgeland Lanson; 2, Roseiesle Rebecca; 3, Glanymor Dilys (P Prickett). FR 1, My Little Secret; 2, Barkway Honey Bee; 3, Moonbeam (M Wrighton). SP 1, & res, Sianwood Honeycomb; 2, Greenacres Poem (A Shaw); 3, Brilliant Blue (L Stubb). HP SHP (B Lears & E Worthington) 1 & ch, Taramelyns Showtime; 2, Yealand Psalm (J Bradwell); 3, Cruwys Blue Eclipse (N Hancock). 122cms (Mrs M Worthington) 1, Com Poppy (S Scott); 2, Milford (P Potter); 3, Millay Senoretta. WHP (A Hulme) NS 1, Robdale Sweet Talking Guy (K Farrar-Fry); 2, Dryll Sandpiper (K Russell); 3, Stockham¨s Stonechat (Y Dixon). 143cm 1 & ch, Stambrook Pavorotti (P Underwood); 2, Hey Presto (T Fitton); 3, Fair Snape calla Star (A Green). 153cms 1 & res, Full Circle (S Conroy); 2, Peeping Tom (T Janion); 3, Avalanche (N Baxter). nov 1, Dartans Red Robin (B A Walker); 2, Duval Midnight Rhapsody (A Tweedale); 3, Eyarth Amigo (A Singleton). WHP (Mrs M Worthington) 1, Glendarius (K Phillipson); 2, Peeping Tom; 3, Enough Done (H Wyslych).

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