GWYNEDD WPCS FOAL & Y’LNG Bryn Derw, Caernarfon, 9 November

(L Hutchins) sec A foal filly 1 ch & res sup, D Griffiths’ Llannor Lady Diane; 2 & res, R Williams’ Criccieth Enid;3, Mr & Mrs Jones’ Islyn Heulwen. colt 1, T Jones’ Nantdywyll Peris; 2, Mr & Mrs Jones’ Islyn Celt; 3, Telynau Stud’s Algarth Senator. sec B foal filly 1 & ch, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Royal Diamante; 2, W Owen’s Seren Nos. colt 1& res, Fydlyn Stud’s Fydlyn Bardd; 2, E Hughes & P Ross’ Treflan Hywyn; 3, E Williams’ Fydlyn Romero. (G Evans) sec C foal filly 1 & ch, I Davies’ Erw-Wasted Awel; 2, C Pygott’s Glynwyn Penelope Pitstop; 3, P Ubysz’s Crickwen Lady Jayne. colt 1 & res, E Jones’ Talyllyn Cayo; 2, T Hughes’ Rydeilian Iarll Mon; 3, O Evans & P Jones’ Tyngwndwn Rancher. sec D foal filly 1 ch & sup, J & H Williams’ Seiont Cerys; 2, A Roberts’ Lynard Victoria; 3, E Jones’ Talyllyn Cadi Ddu. colt 1 & res, J Hughes’ Tysilio Hebog Y Nant; 2, W Roberts’ Ystraddewi Solomon; 3, G Roberts’ Mihangel Flash Jack. (J McLeod) Welsh part-bred foal filly 1 & ch, H Johnson’s Rhosyr Elizabeth; 2 & res, E Hughes & P Ross’ Clenrown Nutmeg. colt 1, E Williams’ Monalaw Royal Pride. foal bred by exhibitor 1, E Jones’ Talyllyn Cayo; 2, E Hughes & P Ross’ Treflan Howyn; 3, D Griffiths’ Llannor Lady Diane. foal not bred by exhibitor 1, J Bryant’s Gellinog Casi; 2, R Williams’ Criccieth Enid; 3, O Parry’s Dolydd Kissy. y’lng: sec A filly 1, B Hughes’ Carylmai Posy. colt 1, R Williams’ Criccieth Danny Boy. sec B filly 1, Fydlyn Stud’s Fydlyn Breeze; 2, E Williams’ Fydlyn Carina. sec C filly 1, K Holmes’ Torlan Last Of The Summer Wine; 2, I Davies’ Gweunydd Bronwen; 3, E Williams’ Keeshen My Fanwy. colt 1, J & H Williams & E Hughes’ Seiont Brychan. sec D filly 1, J & H Williams’ Seiont Rebecca; 2, S Miriam’s Seiont Miriam; 3, J Wagstaff’s Tysilio Cai. colt 1 & ch, M Jones’ Foryd Victor; 2 & res, D Jones’ Pantstreimon Ogwyn; 3, D Moore’s Sharmon Rolant. Welsh part-bred colt 1, P Bates’ Mybella Sinatra. y’lng bred by exhibitor 1, Foryd Victor; 2, Torlan Last Of The Summer Wine; 3, Fydlyn Breeze. y’lng not bred by exhibitor 1, Pantstreimon Ogwyn; 2, Sharmon Rolant; 3, Carylmai Posy. ridden sec B 1 & res, P Edwards’ Wian Mab Spruce. sec D 1 & ch, S Miriam’s Seiont Rhyn; 2, J & H Williams’ Seiont Gwytheyrn; 3, W Roberts’ Trevallion Demitrius. Welsh part-bred 1, P Edwards’ Rohey Spectacular Premier; 2, P Bates’ Waxwing Mini.

NPS AREA 4 FOAL Mill Lane Stables, Selby, 10 November

foal SP (Mr P Brightwell) 122cm 1 & res, A Batley & S Shuker’s Haighend Aristocrat; 2, S Kersey’s Littlebriars April Louise; 3, R Hubert’s Highbent Kiara. 128cm 1, K Young’s Eskdale Dark Minata; 2, D Evans’ Hardwickview Moneyman; 3, M Wardropper’s Woodend Toystory. 138cm 1, M Wardropper’s Woodend Tempo. 148cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Langtree’s Kitty Kelley. HP 1, S Kersey’s Littlebriars April Louise; 2, J Thomas’s Panbree Hazel; 3, L Robson’s Milborne Kittiwake. part-bred 1, Kitty Kelley; 2, Littlebriars April Louise. coloured (Mr K Hopkins) 1, A Pygott’s Popcorn. Welsh sec D colt 1 & ch, S McNeal’s Hillgarth Rocky; 2 & res, J Knowlson’s Cascob Excaliber. sec C 1 ch & res sup, S McNeal’s Hillgarth Lygon; 2 & res, A Dyson’s Tranmoor Edwardo; 3, S Greenwood’s Coedgwyrdd Lady Rhianans. sec A (Mr P Brightwell) colt 1, G Heppenstall’s Putwell Golden Gift; 2, H Brough’s Wellbank Mascot; 3, S Kersey’s Friars Mr Confusion. filly 1 ch & sup, GM Farrow’s Waitwith Di-Do; 2 & res, G Hartley’s Waitwith Choice; 3, A Pygott’s Dyfed Sally. sec B colt 1 & res, S Sanderson’s Colandra Sea Campion; 2, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Volvo; 3, L Harrison’s Glaisdale Whisky Mac. filly 1 & ch, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Galaxy; 2, C Braimbridge’s Braymill Solitaire; 3, K Walker’s Brynoffa Michelle. M&M (Mr K Hopkins) lrg breeds 1 & ch, T Fawcett’s Kilimazing Red Kite; 2 & res, C Sanderson’s Holling Holly; 3, Roberts & Fairclough’s Ladarna Of Langley. LR/FR foal (Mr P Brightwell) 1, S Kersey’s Friars Mr Confusion; 2, J Thomas’s Panbree Hazel. nov foal (Mr K Hopkins) RP/SHP/part-bred 1, Eskdale Dark Minata; 2, Haighend Aristocrat. M&M 1, Colandra Sea Campion; 2, A Bruce’s Telynau Moonriver; 3, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Boy Blue. foal bred by exhibitor 1 & ch, Hillgarth Lygon; 2, Gipsyville Volvo; 3, Haighend Aristocrat. bred by exhibitor 1, Telynau Moonriver; 2, D Wheeldon’s Birkinbrook Destiny; 3, S Firth’s Wrentnau Golden Jem. M&M ridden open (Mr P Brightwell) LR 1, K Gibson’s Dukeshill Madonna; 2, T Whittle & D Hinde’s Denholme Star Attraction; 3, T Parkin’s Mermaid. FR 1, D Roberts’ Waitwith Diego; 2, J Sigworth’s Holyoake Sweet Dream; 3, T Allingham’s Micklhill Aquarelle. nov sml breeds 1, S Rose’s Rolston Larkspur; 2, J Staveley’s Foulsyke Royal Velvet; 3, F Turner’s Eskdale Valencia. do lge 1, V Webster’s Glenmead Mannequin; 2, L Shackleton’s Broughton Dictator; 3, C Jackson’s Jackayt Drum Major. open sml breeds 1, S Rose’s Hisley Connosieur; 2, Foulsyke Royal Velvet; 3, C Cawkwell’s Cnapaton Mr Chips. do lrg 1, D Cockroft’s Bardsey Elaine.

NW WPCS FOAL & Y’LNG Adlington EC, Cheshire, 10 November

(Mrs S Saunders) foal: sec A colt 1 & sec ch, A Murray’s Min-y-Don Merlin; 2, M Willis’s Pengraig Daniel; 3, C Thompson’s Weston Golden Star. do filly 1 & res, I Gilbert’s Littlestones Scarlet Lady; 2, Mr & Mrs Ward-Burton’s Llanai Poetry; 3, Mr & Mrs P K Walton’s Guywood Maisie. sec B colt 1 & res, Fydlyn Stud’s Fydlyn Barrd; 2, K & P Cheetham’ Carrwood Seraph; 3, J Elliott’s Mompesson Sea Sprey. do filly 1 ch & res sup, J Baigent’s Mompesson Party Thyme; 2, Mrs Johnson’s Ellwood Charm; 3, P Clapham’s Farfield Ellano. Welsh part-bred foal filly 1, B Critchlow’s Pendyffryn Saffon; 2, B Critchlow’s Pendyyfryn Serren Mist. (Mr I J Everitt) foal: sec C colt 1 & res, D Bennett’s Bluehaven Requiem; 2, N L MacCarter’s Fwrog Dafydd; 3, C Morris’s Ilar Cardi Bach. do filly 1 & ch, I B Davies’s Erw-Wastad Awel; 2, Mr & Mrs P K Walton’s Saethydd Pride; 3, Anthony Family’s Foxheys Marilyn Monroe. sec D colt 1 & res, J Evans’s Haighmoor Caradog; 2, Mrs J Crane’s Bradbrook Royal Magic; 3, C Thompson’s Tai Forgen Warlock. do filly 1 ch & sup ch, J Evans’s Haighmoor Gwenllian; 2, H Murphy’s Kaybrook Camri. (Mrs S Saunders) y’lng: sec A 1, J W O’Shaughnessy’s Littlestones Red Devil; 2, A Foy’s Hywi Playboy; 3, L Holland’s Glenmead Trudy. do sec B 1 & ch, Mrs J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choir Boy; 2, J Baigent’s Mompesson Late Night Party; 3, Mrs J Goldsmith’s Dryfe Apache Sundancer. Welsh part-bred y’lng 1 & res, Miss L Mitchell’s Caithness Celestial Orb. (Mr I J Everitt) y’lng: sec C 1, L McEvoy’s Cheshmere Red Admiral; 2, Mrs J Barrington’s Caerneudd Hywel; 3, C Morris’s Croftvale Rascal. do sec D 1, Miss T M Oughton’s Penstrumbly April Rose; 2, Anthony Family’s Foxheys Black Superstition. (Mr I Dickinson) PUK in-hand: KRO sml breeds 1, Mrs J Crane’s Ruthley Wild Spartacus; 2, Mrs C May’s Skellorn Imperial Consort; 3, Marshan Tamarind. KRO: lge breeds 1, R Penny’s Hesket Willow; 2, unlisted; 3, L Ennett’s Cefn Mumble. PUK ridden Colne LR 1 & ch, M J Cookson’s Foxtrot Gemma; 2, C Dent’s Gwauanill Katie; 3, D Warman’s Dyfed Angelica. Waxwing FR 1 & res, R Anderson’s Roseisle Bewildered; 2, Mrs L Hexham’s Penric Vision; 3, Mrs J Mansfield’s Wian Oasis. Llanarth sml breeds 1, A Baker Astbury Springtime; 2, Mrs C May’s Templedruid Rafsanjarni; 3, Mrs L Hexham’s Penric Vision. do lge 1, R Penny’s Hesket Willow; 2, L Craven’s Oaklands Lord Of The Rings; 3, R Dickinson’s Glanffydrni Rhodri. nov sml breeds 1 & ch, E Thakaray’s Roseisle Something Blue; 2, J Barton’s Hulme Signal Lady; 3, D Warman’s Langthwaite Red Robin. do lge 1, Hesket Willow; 2 & res, Oaklands Lord Of The Rings; 3, M Bowley’s Penstacan Calon Lan.