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  • BSPS AREA 6 WINTER Solihull, W Midlands, 8 February

    WHP (D Thomas, C Greenwod) CS 1, G Stoddard’s Pantycoed Robin; 2, A Beaty’s Cefn Charmer; 3, R leavesley’s Isley Walton Sandstone. nov NS under 133cms 1, J Thompson’s Hayne Valley Pickwick; 2, C Crumpton’s Brynoffie Sophie; 3, J Saunmder’s Little Dandy Man. nov under 133cms 1 & ch, Hayne Valley Pickwick; 2, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine; 3, J Schofield’s Latheshill Ariel. do under 143cms 1 & res, J Greens’ Carnsdale Hot Shot; 2, K Towler’s Stoneriver Blue Apollo; 3, M Newling’s Sannon Valley Ovation. do exc 143cms 1, C Igoe’s Sylvester II; 2, T Collett’s Noble Springtime; 3, Fowler & Horton’s Harlequin Rose. do int WH 148/158cms 1, M James’s Bellevue Highlander; 2, Sylvester II; 3, J Schofield’s Johhny Hero. open WHP (A Sheppard, J Lewis) rest open int 148/158cms 1, C Igoe’s Beckett; 2, S Gilbert’s Royal Replica; 3, J Green’s Highland Harry. open 143/153cms 1 & ch, B Whit’s Crystal Jade; 2, J Atkin’s Irish Diplomat; 3, A Bracey’s Flightpath Maxwell. open 133/143cms 1 & res, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, S Beaveridge’s Longriver Foxglove; 3, E Lee’s Irish Dragoon. open under 133cms 1, M Sargeant’s Austens Drummer Boy; 2, J Saunder’s Greenfields Willow; 3, M Durrant’s Cornfords Topaz. do NS under 133cms 1, Drummer Boy; 2, G Morgan’s Tuton Kitty Fisher; 3, Ryder Phillips Harwel Wizard. M&M Heritage Nov Ridden (J Nash) over 138cms 1 & res, M Clifford’s Wize Kim; 2, F Cork’s Deoriath Max; 3, J Crangle’s Curraghnakeely Fernagh Hill. do not exc 138cms 1, V Sidaway’s Be Of Garcomnock. do not exc 128cms 1 & ch, J Dunn’s Red Pool Maestro; 2, M Jordan’s Heaton Princepal; 3, J Averes’s Lemonshill Out Of The Blue. open Heritage MH 1, S Challinor’s Cwmllwyd Georgie Porgie; 2, S Smith’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, F Cork’s Nebo Garault. SHT (J Illsley) open 143/153cms 1 & res, M Waring’s Billy Big Time; 2, S Widle’s The Artist; 3, A Martin’s Dual Gold. do 133/143cms 1 & res, Ryder Phillip’s Mooncoin; 2, W Pluck’s Wolverlow Nevada; 3, S Danby’s Kilykeen Kate. do 122/133cms 1, A Jackson’s Shamrock Pivotal; 2, P Collier’s StychlandsBeau Geste; 3, L Robertson’s Warleigh Wishful Thinking. do 122/133cms rest 1, P Collier’s Stychlands Beau Geste; 2, M Sargeant’s Hastens Drummer Boy; 3, W Hartley’s Woodview Terracotta. do under 122cms 1, A Jackson’s Bronheulog Charmer; 2, L Gaunt’s Pebbly Pepperpot. rest open int 148/158cms 1, A Jackson’s Red Admiral II; 2, D Church’s Shades Of Blue; 3, C Igoe’s Beckett. LR not exc 122cms 1, S Austen’s Barkway Oberon; 2, A Prince’s Brooklands Nicholas Nickleby; 3,K Always’s Bradmore Raindance. do FR 1, G Ackrill’s Twinkletoes; 2, D Hayman’s Cordon Eirin Playboy; 3, Pantycoed Robin. nov SHP (J Nash) 143/153 1 & ch, B Whit’s Last Chance; 2, C Crutchley’s Wax Lyrical II; 3, Z King’s The Tempest.do 133/143 1, Mooncoin; 2, L Robertson’s Foxholm Royalist; 3, M Sayer’s Dinsdale King Of Clubs. do 122/133 1 & res, Stychlands Beau Geste; 2, T Collett’s Driffield Milestone; 3, M Sayer’s Celebrity Girl. do 148/158 1, Wynmore Shades Of Blue; 2, Beckett. do LR (A Doughty) 1 & ch, P Rushton’s Eugad Solero; 2, S Sander’s Randam Hetti; 3, E Meer’s Islyn Morgan. do FR 1 & res, P Rushton’s Sunrising Frisky; 2, M Sargeant’s Tyfy Syke Red; 3, Cefn Charmer. nov sml breeds ridden 1, J Hutchinson’s Chagford Natasha. do Welsh sec B&C ridden 1, K Marriott’s Brimstone Shan; 2, M Crumpton’s Lala; 3, S Challinor’s Blaengwern Sparrow Hawk. do lge 1& res, K Marriott’s Drumford Sargeant Major Pepper; 2, S Smith’s Pontzgreen Cameron; 3, S Challinor’s Cwmllwyd Georgie Porgie. open mixed breeds ridden 1, C Issac’s Parvadean Gellert; 2, F Clark’s Nebo Gellart; 3, P Cook’s Eyarth Cossack. CHAPS (S Illsley) rest MH Col Ridden 1, The Artist; 2, A Prince’s Billy Whizz III; 3, Pebbly Pepperpot.

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